Hall of Fame Mock Draft for 2020, Pick #15 – Who Will the Broncos Choose?

By Michael Wynn in NFL
| April 13, 2020 1:06 pm PDT
Denver Broncos 2020 Hall of Fame Mock

Denver needs to draft a wide receiver in the worst way in 2020. Other than Courtland Sutton looking like a legitimate target, Drew Lock doesn’t have any pass-catchers on the outside to rely on.

But here’s the twist.

Instead of picking between the likes of Henry Ruggs III or Jerry Jeudy — or anyone else in the 2020 Draft Class, for that matter — the Broncos get to choose somebody that’s in the Hall of Fame. Noah Davis and I have replaced the rookies with names plastered in Canton, OH, and have been pushing through the first round. 

With our Hall of Fame mock draft in full swing, Jerry Rice (#11 to the Jets) and Randy Moss (#13 to the 49ers) are already off the board. The good news is some pretty spiffy wideouts are still lurking in the player pool.   

  • Terrell Owens, WR
  • Don Hutson, WR
  • Lance Alworth, WR

Which one of these WRs would help transform the Broncos offense the quickest?

Terrell Owens, WR

Ranked inside the top 3 all-time in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns, it’s impossible to deny the greatness of Terrell Owens. Whether you love him or hate him, you have to respect the fact that the dude showed up day in and day out from 1996-2010 and dominated NFL secondaries.

T.O.’s immense size (6’3”, 225 pounds) allowed him to bully cornerbacks and safeties who tried to contend, and his catch radius remains one of the largest we’ve ever seen in the league.

Not many wideouts can claim that they have caught at least 13 TD passes in a single season. Owens accomplished that feat on seven separate occasions.

Don Hutson, WR

Who is Don Hutson, and what did he do in the NFL?

Don Hutson played for the Green Bay Packers from 1935-1945, but the better question is, what didn’t he do in the NFL?

Hutson was an extremely valuable safety and placekicker for Green Bay after a memorable collegiate career at Alabama. However, let’s not lose sight of Don’s incredible prowess as a receiver — or a “split end,” as they used to call it.

Hutson led the NFL in receiving yards seven times. He led the league in receptions eight times and receiving touchdowns nine times.

In other words, he’s probably the greatest Packers player you’ve never heard of.

Lance Alworth, WR

Nicknamed “Bambi” for the skillful way he used to grace across the field, Lance Alworth was way ahead of his time when it comes to the things he was doing on a regular basis. Alworth made leaping catches look easy, and he was a wizard when it came to exploiting defenders after the catch.

Beginning in his first full season in 1963, Lance ripped off seven consecutive seasons of 1,000+ receiving yards en route to being named a seven-time AFL All-Star. To help put Alworth’s greatness into perspective, think of how many legendary football players Al Davis spent time with during his lifetime.

The longtime Raiders owner and former commissioner of the AFL said the following about Lance.

“Lance Alworth was one of maybe three players in my lifetime who had what I would call ‘it.’ You could see right from the start that he was going to be a super-star.” Al Davis

The Broncos Pick Is In…

John Elway saw first-hand how unbelievably good Terrell Owens was, and I don’t think he would neglect him with the 15th pick in our Hall of Fame mock draft. T.O.’s career might have been a bit overshadowed by playing at the same time as Randy Moss, but there’s no doubt that Owens is the third-best WR of all time right behind Jerry Rice and Moss.

Denver can boost their offensive line with their second-round pick, and they can address their secondary with three picks in the third round.

The 15th pick is destined to be utilized on a wide receiver, and it looks like Terrell Owens is falling right into the Broncos’ lap.

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