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Guide to the VALORANT Sentinel Agents and Their Abilities

By Chris Majot in Esports
| September 9, 2020 8:32 am PDT
Guide to the VALORANT Sentinel Agents and Their Abilities

Of VALORANT’s four different classes, Sentinel Agents tend to be the most defensively minded class players can choose. They are experts at figuring out where enemies are located and protecting their allies however they can, whether that means laying traps to protect against flanks or buying their teammates valuable time to regroup for another engagement.

If you like to serve your team on the battlefield, then Sentinel Agents are for you! Let’s look into the different Sentinel Agents in this VALORANT Sentinel Agents guide to see what each one is capable of.


Cypher (codename Gumshoe or Aamir) is a security specialist who is always watching, no matter if you think he is or not. He can keep track of an entire team’s movements and find the most minute flaws, making him a great asset to any team. Remember, no secret is safe when Cypher is around.

His first Basic Ability is Trapwire. It costs 200 creds, and when used, it equips Cypher with his trapwire. When fired, a tripwire is placed down and spans out to the wall opposite of it. Enemies who cross the tripwire become tethered and revealed immediately. They can then become dazed after a short period if they don’t destroy the tripwire in time. Cypher can pick up this ability and re-deploy it if it hasn’t been destroyed.

His second Basic Ability is Cyber Cage. It costs 100 creds, and when used, it equips Cypher with a cyber cage. Firing will cause Cypher to toss the cyber cage in front of himself, which creates a zone that impairs enemy vision and slows enemies who enter it.

His Signature Ability is Spycam. It is free of cost, and when used, it equips Cypher with a spycam. Firing will place the spycam at the targeted location, which can then be controlled remotely by re-activating the ability. While the camera is controlled, firing will cause it to shoot a dart that sticks to enemies and reveals their location. This ability will recharge after it’s picked up or killed.

His Ultimate Ability is Neural Theft, and it costs 7 points. When targeting a dead enemy player, Cypher can use Neural Theft to extract information from the enemy corpse and reveal the location of all other living enemies.


Sage (codename Thorne) is an Agent who creates safety for herself and her team members wherever she can. She hails from China, serving as a calm front to an otherwise hectic battlefield. If you need healing or protection, you can count on Sage to have your back.

Her first Basic Ability is Barrier Orb. It costs 300 creds, and when used, it equips Sage with a barrier orb. Players can rotate the targeter before firing, and upon doing so, a solid wall will be created that can buy her allies valuable time. Barrier Orb can even be used aggressively to cut off enemy escape routes.

Her second Basic Ability is Slow Orb. It costs 100 creds, and when used, Sage fires out a slowing orb that detonates once it has landed. The detonation creates a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.

Her Signature Ability is Healing Orb and is free of cost. When targeting an injured ally, Sage can fire this ability to activate an effect on them that will heal them over time. Sage can also use this ability on herself.

Her Ultimate Ability is Resurrection and costs 7 points. When targeting a dead ally, Sage can use this ability to resurrect them to full health. This ability does have a small channeling period before the resurrection occurs.

Defend the Battlefield

After looking at their abilities, it’s clear that VALORANT’s Sentinel Agents know exactly how to protect their allies and provide them with valuable battlefield information. They are an integral part of any fight and can give teams the time they need to gather themselves before another big fight. If you’re someone who takes pride in being able to lend your allies a helping hand, then Sentinels are the Agents for you!

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