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Guide to the VALORANT Initiator Agents and Their Abilities

By Chris Majot in Esports
| September 12, 2020 1:14 am PDT
VALORANT Initiator Agents Guide – Their Abilities and More

As the name of VALORANT’s Initiators would imply, this class is the best in the business at helping their allies initiate fights against enemy teams. Additionally, they can help counter big advances being made by enemies, making them ideal for any team composition. They can cause a battlefield to erupt into chaos in the blink of an eye, applying enough pressure with their abilities that teams are either forced to fight or run and regroup.

In this VALORANT Initiator Agents guide, let’s see what the available Initiator Agents have to offer for abilities and how they play into their role on a team.


Breach is an Initiator hailing from Sweden, and his hardened personality is conveyed in just how destructive his abilities are. If you’re looking for an Agent who can cause a lot of disruption on the battlefield and set your allies up for a fight, look no further than Breach.

His first Basic Ability is Aftershock. It costs 100 creds, and when used, it equips Breach with a fusion charge. Breach can fire the charge to cause a slow-acting explosion through a wall, dealing incredible damage to anyone caught in the blast on the other side.

His second Basic Ability is Flashpoint. It costs 200 creds, and when used, it equips Breach with a blinding charge. He can fire the charge to create a fast-acting explosion through a wall, with any players looking at the charge being temporarily blinded.

His Signature Ability is Fault Line. It is free of cost, and when used, it equips Breach with a seismic blast. Holding down fire can increase the distance of the charge. When it’s released, it sets off a quake that dazes all players caught up in the targeted zone and in a line up to the targeted zone.

His Ultimate Ability is Rolling Thunders, and it costs 7 points. Using Rolling Thunder equips Breach with a seismic charge, which can be fired to send a quake through all terrain in a cone-shaped area. Anyone who is caught in the quake will be knocked up and dazed.


Sova (codename Hunter) is an Initiator from Russia who specializes in efficiency and precision. He uses his bow and hunting abilities to ensure nobody can run from a fight, at least not without him knowing where they’re at. His abilities are an asset to any team looking for someone to get them the right intel on their enemies to start a fight.

His first Basic Ability is Owl Drone. It costs 300 creds, and when used, it equips Sova with an owl drone. Firing will deploy the drone and give Sova control over it, making it so he can shoot enemies with darts from the drone and reveal their locations.

His second Basic Ability is Shock Bolt. It costs 100 creds, and when used, Sova is equipped with a bow and a shock bolt. Firing will cause Sova to shoot the bolt forward, which explodes and deals damage upon colliding with something. Players can also add up to two bounces to the arrow before firing it, making it so they can shoot it around corners and other obstacles.

His Signature Ability is Recon Bolt and is free of cost. When used, Sova equips a bow with a recon bolt. Firing will cause Sova to shoot the bolt. Upon collision, the bolt will activate in place and reveal the locations of any enemies caught within a direct line of sight to the bolt. The bolt can be destroyed by enemies, and players can add up to two bounces to the arrow as they can with Shock Bolt.

His Ultimate Ability is Hunter’s Fury and costs 7 points. When used, Sova equips a bow and three energy blasts that can pierce walls. Firing will cause Sova to shoot one of the energy blasts in a line in front of him, dealing damage to enemies and revealing their location. Once all three energy blasts are fired or if the ability timer runs out, the ability is spent.

Initiation Is Key

After looking at VALORANT’s Initiator Agents, it becomes apparent they are a huge asset to any team. They can give teams the edge they need to start a fight and come out victorious, but timing is of the utmost importance with these Agents. Those who can appreciate the skill of a well-timed ability and know how to use battlefield information to their advantage are more than ready to try out VALORANT’s Initiator Agents!

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