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Guide to the VALORANT Controller Agents and Their Abilities

By Chris Majot in Esports
| September 3, 2020 9:36 am PDT
Guide to the VALORANT Controller Agents and Their Abilities

Of VALORANT’s four different classes, Controller Agents are the ones who can best manipulate the battlefield and effectively “control” how enemy teams position themselves. They can force entire teams to rotate, apply pressure on an enemy team for staying in an area too long, and even take away their vision. Oftentimes, their abilities can be used defensively or aggressively depending on the situation you’re in.

It’s safe to say that if you’re a strategically minded player who has a knack for spotting opportunities on the battlefield, then Controller Agents are for you! Let’s break down the available options in this VALORANT Controller Agents guide.


Brimstone (codename Sarge) is a hardy battlefield commander who uses militaristic-themed abilities to tear up the battlefield. He is an unmatched, boots-on-the-ground Agent who can deliver utility to precise locations on the map, and he’s a force to be reckoned with by any team.

His first Basic Ability is Incendiary. It costs 200 creds, and when used, it equips Brimstone with an incendiary rocket launcher. When fired, a grenade is launched and detonates on the ground, temporarily lighting it ablaze and creating a zone of fire. Enemies who walk into the zone will begin to take damage.

His second Basic Ability is Stim Beacon. It costs 100 creds, and when used, it equips Brimstone with a stim beacon. The stim beacon can be tossed in front of Brimstone, and upon landing, it will create a zone on the battlefield that grants allies the RapidFire buff.

His Signature Ability is Sky Smoke. It costs 100 creds, and when used, it equips Brimstone with a tactical map. Brimstone can use the map to set locations for smoke clouds to land, which will block vision in affected areas.

His Ultimate Ability is Orbital Strike, and it costs 6 points. Using Orbital Strike equips Brimstone with a tactical map, which is then used to fire an orbital laser at the specified location. The laser lingers and deals damage-over-time to any players caught in the blast.


Omen (codename Wraith) is a mysterious man with even more mysterious origins. Not much is known about him, but his assassin-like nature is clear. Omen is a master of deception and stalks from the shadows, and he knows how to put these skills to use on the battlefield.

His first Basic Ability is Shrouded Step. It costs 100 creds, and when used, it equips Omen with a shadow walk ability. Players can fire the ability to teleport to the indicated location after a brief channeling period.

His second Basic Ability is Paranoia. It costs 200 creds, and when used, Omen immediately fires out a shadowy projectile, decreasing the range of vision for each player it touches. This shadowy projectile can even pass through walls, making it a great initiating ability.

His Signature Ability is Dark Cover and is free of cost. When used, Omen equips a shadow orb that can be fired to a marked location. The distance of this marked location can be increased or decreased before firing. Upon reaching the marked location, the orb creates a large shadowy sphere that completely inhibits enemy vision.

His Ultimate Ability is From the Shadows and costs 7 points. When used, Omen equips a tactical map. Once a location is selected on the map, Omen begins teleporting to it. While he is teleporting, Omen appears as a Shade, and if that Shade is destroyed, the teleport is canceled.


Viper (codename Pandemic) preys on her enemies with deadly chemicals and toxins. Her chemicals are some of the most effective in the world and help her control the battlefield while limiting her prey’s vision. If you’re looking for an Agent that knows how to play mind games, then look no further than Viper.

Her first Basic Ability is Snake Bite. It costs 100 creds, and when used, it equips Viper with a chemical launcher. Firing it causes poisonous canisters to shoot forth, which explode on the ground and create a lingering field of poison. Players caught up in the poison are slowed and take damage-over-time.

Her second Basic Ability is Poison Cloud. It costs 200 creds, and when used, Viper equips a gas emitter. When the emitter is thrown, it remains on the ground throughout the entirety of the round. Firing the ability again then causes a toxic gas cloud to emit from the device, but only in exchange for fuel. The ability can be reused as long as there is fuel, and the emitter can even be picked up and redeployed throughout the round.

Her Signature Ability is Toxic Screen and is free of cost. When used, Viper is equipped with a gas emitter launcher that deploys gas emitters in a line. These emitters create a toxic wall of gas at the cost of fuel, and this ability can be reused multiple times.

Her Ultimate Ability is Viper’s Pit and costs 7 points. When used, Viper equips a chemical sprayer that can be fired to create a large chemical cloud around her. Players who get caught up in this cloud have their vision and maximum health reduced.

Control the Battlefield

As you can see, VALORANT’s Controller Agents are experts at creating opportunities for their team by altering the state of the battlefield. Their abilities might not do the most damage, but their influence shouldn’t be underestimated; otherwise, you might find your team backed into a corner. Anyone who is at home with making tough decisions and has great battlefield sense amidst heated encounters is sure to feel right at home on any of these Controller Agents.

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