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Betting Guide for the 2022 Oscars with Odds and Predictions

| March 18, 2022 9:07 am PDT
Oscars logo, Oscar statue/award background, The Power of the Dog and Benedict Cumberbatch to left King Richard and Will Smith to right

The Oscars are coming up fast, and the excitement keeps on growing. There were so many great films over the last year, so this installment is shaping up to be an incredible one for the 94th Academy Awards ceremony.

With that being said, we have to get our 2022 Oscars predictions in before it is too late. As you might have heard, you can bet on the Oscars and other major awards on the best entertainment betting sites.

Let’s look at the 2022 Oscars odds for each award and what we should be betting on.

Where to Bet on the 2022 Oscars

These are the best betting sites for the 2022 Oscars awards ceremony. Signing up for these sites is a quick and easy process that will help get you right into action. Here are some tips for the signup process.

  • First, you’ll want your personal information ready. It is essential to practice legal gambling to be controlled and done in the safest way possible.
  • Next, you’ll want your payment information handy. You’ll want to know what you are comfortable with betting, as you’ll need to enter money in your account to get going.
  • Choosing your site is the third step. This is totally up to you and what you are comfortable with. If you like a certain site layout, you can opt to go that route or take advantage of specific offers.
  • Be on the lookout for welcome bonuses. Certain sites give bigger and better welcome bonuses than others, so keep your eyes peeled for these and follow the instructions to get your full welcome bonus.
  • Finally, choose your bet. This is the fun part; you get to put your money on what you think the outcome of the Oscars will be and win some easy cash from it.

Betting on the Oscars can make watching even more fun. If you loved a film nominated for an award this year, you can bet on it and win some money for yourself.

For example, maybe you loved the movie, Dune. You would be able to bet on whether it wins the ten awards it is nominated for.

Latest Odds for the 2022 Oscars

Oscar MyBookie graphic

Today, we will be looking at all the odds listed on MyBookie. MyBookie is one of the top sites for betting on the Oscars, with great odds of seeing below. We will be looking at some of the major awards that are up for grabs, but you can bet on more.

For example, the popular animated film Encanto is the frontrunner for Best Animated Feature Film at (-800) odds.

Be sure to look for yourself on their site for all their offers. Without further ado, let’s get right into the 2022 Oscars odds.

Best Actor

  • Will Smith (-650)
  • Benedict Cumberbatch (+400)
  • Andrew Garfield (+1000)
  • Denzel Washinton (+2500)
  • Javier Bardem (+5000)

Will Smith has a commanding lead in the odds for Best Actor this year to kick things off. His performance in King Richard was another memorable and incredible one. That put him as one of the heaviest favorites to win any award on this list.

Benedict Cumberbatch is in second here, but his odds are saying that it is unlikely. He played Phil Burbank in The Power of the Dog, which had this top critic say the following.

“Cumberbatch is the catalyst and a terrifying one, but there are layers to Phil’s relationship with his brother, sister-in-law, nephew, himself, and figures from the past that Campion peels away and reveals so deliberately and subtly.”

Garfield, Washington, and Bardem are talented actors who put on great performances in their respective films. With that being said, Smith and Cumberbatch have a firm lead on the top choices for best actor.

Best Actress

  • Jessica Chastain (-165)
  • Nicole Kidman (+250)
  • Kristen Stewart (+500)
  • Olivia Colman (+500)
  • Penelope Cruz (+1800)

The odds for Best Actress are much closer than Best Actor. All 4 of the top choices have odds similar to only the top 2 of the Best Actors.

Kristen Steward and Olivia Colman are tied for 3rd/4th on the list at (+500) odds, while Cumberbatch was second with similar odds at (+400).

The leader in this category was Jessica Chastain for her performance in The Eyes of Tammy Faye. She plays a firecracker who isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, no matter who listens.

She’s got tough competition for the award, though, with Nicole Kidman right behind her in the odds. Kidman played Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos but received mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

It’ll be interesting to see if Kidman is worth the hype in the odds or if other options are a better bet here.

Best Supporting Actor

  • Troy Kotsur (-370)
  • Kodi Smit-McPhee (+225)
  • Ciaran Hinds (+1800)
  • Jesse Plemons (+3300)
  • JK Simmons (+4000)

Troy Kotsur has a healthy lead in the odds for Best Supporting Actor. He played Frank Rossi in CODA, the father of the main character Ruby (played by Emilia Jones).

Frank is faced with many tough challenges as a deaf person in the film. The biggest one in this film is that his hearing daughter wants to sing and go to music school. Kotsur does a great job of playing a loving father who has a challenging task to face.

The Power of the Dog has tons of nominations, and it isn’t a surprise to see Kodi Smit-McPhee in the Best Supporting Actor awards as one of the frontrunners.

He and Benedict Cumberbatch’s characters have a connection that pushes their acting skills. Smit-McPhee is a close second behind Kotsur to win the award, while the other three options here are in the long shot territory.

Best Supporting Actress

Ariana DeBose in West Side Story
  • Ariana DeBose (-2000)
  • Kirsten Dunst (+750)
  • Aunjanue Ellis (+1800)
  • Judi Dench (+2500)
  • Jessie Buckley (+3000)

On to the Best Supporting Actresses, Ariana DeBose has this locked up. Her odds dominate in this field and make every other option a long-shot bet.

She was Anita in the classic film West Side Story. Her character is faced with the challenging task of having her boyfriend’s sister be in love with someone in the rival gang.

DeBose does a great acting job in the film that has been redone many times before and earned her a solid lead for Best Supporting Actress this year.

Kirsten Dunst is the only one remotely close to DeBose, who played Rose in The Power of the Dog. Dunst’s character is questioned for only being in for the money in her relationship with George.

She becomes an alcoholic and faces many tough challenges that she does a great job acting through.

Best Director

Movie Director Jane Campion
  • Jane Campion (-3000)
  • Kenneth Branagh (+1200)
  • Steven Spielberg (+1600)
  • Paul Thomas Anderson (+2300)
  • Ryusuke Hamaguchi (+2500)

Not a surprise to see Jane Campion as the heavy leader for the Best Director award. The critics loved The Power of the Dog, nominated for a leading 12 times, and got a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Campion handles such psychological denseness with virtuoso control, often whittling scenes to snippets of emotion and innuendo.”

Branagh was the director for Belfast, Spielberg was the director for West Side Story, Anderson for Licorice Pizza, and Hamaguchi was the director for Drive My Car.

Campion’s commanding lead makes it hard to consider any other options on this prop.

Best Picture

  • The Power of the Dog (-330)
  • CODA (+450)
  • Belfast (+550)
  • West Side Story (+1600)
  • King Richard (+2000)
  • Dune (+3300)
  • Don’t Look Up (+3300)
  • Licorice Pizza (+4000)
  • Drive My Car (+4000)
  • Nightmare Alley (+10000)

This is a very similar scenario to the Best Director category, with the Power of the Dog leading the charge here. The odds for the film to win this award are favored to no surprise, but not as much as Campion for Best Director.

That could mean that the awards committee might want to give someone else an award since the Power of the Dog is dominating already.

CODA was a touching film and had a good reason to be a close second. Belfast was executed very well and could be an excellent value bet here.

Interestingly, we see a couple of new films on the list, such as Don’t Look Up, Dune, and Nightmare Alley.

Don’t Look Up and Dune had stars in their casts everywhere. Dune had tons of hype around it but seemed to perform up to the task. Don’t Look Up was a solid film and had satire aimed at the US’s political state.

These are the odds for 6 of the top awards up for grabs at this year’s Oscars awards from MyBookie. Remember, you can find more on their site and the other excellent entertainment betting sites you have to choose from.

Bet on the 2022 Oscars at MyBookie
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Other Entertainment Betting Sites to Consider

Best Bets for the 2022 Academy Awards

That brings us to our best bets section. This is where we will decide which bets have the best chance of hitting and have great value.

You could bet on the heavy favorites like Jane Campion (-3000) or Ariana DeBose (-2000), but there will be zero return on your investment if they win. That’s why we need to see bets that have value and will be worth the risk.

Jessica Chastain to Win Best Actress (-165)

In a betting prop where the competition seems close but not too close is Best Actress. Jessica Chastain puts on an excellent performance and leads the way in the odds for a reason.

It makes a lot of sense for her to win the award. Her price is not bad at all when you consider the other favorites.

The reviews coming in mixed and making Nicole Kidman’s performance seem like it’s being overrated could make Chastain an even another favorite here.

This could be a scenario where the realistic odds for Chastain to win the award are around the (-300) range, but she’s being offered at a discounted price of (-165).

Benedict Cumberbatch to Win Best Actor (+400)

Will Smith does have a heavy lead for this award but hear me out. Benedict Cumberbatch’s price seems incredibly valuable given the reviews and nominations for The Power of the Dog.

Smith did have a great performance and could eventually win the award, but we have to look at all options here. The Power of the Dog was nominated 12 times, while King Richard was nominated for half that number at 6.

The critics loved The Power of the Dog, and so many nominations came along with that. Cumberbatch being the leading actor in that movie means he is probably a solid bet to win the award despite his heavy underdog pricing.

Smith has a large lead on this category, but Cumberbatch’s price may be too reasonable to miss out on.

CODA to Win Best Picture (+450)

The Power of the Dog this, The Power of the Dog that. The Power of the Dog will be everywhere for the 2022 Oscars, but does it make sense for them to win every award?

My guess is no, and I will make a run at some serious value here. Jane Campion will lock up Best Directors, which could push the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to another film in Best Picture.

I think that’s a reasonable expectation here, or else we would have to rename the 2022 Oscars as The Power of the Dog awards show.

The Power of the Dog is a heavy leader in this award, to no surprise, but if they take it in another direction, there could be some serious value here.

CODA was a well-done film, and the critics loved it on Rotten Tomatoes. The critic’s consensus, “CODA’s story offers few surprises, but strong representation and a terrific cast — led by Emilia Jones’ brilliant performance — bring this coming-of-age story vividly to life.”

To place these bets with tremendous value, make sure you head over to MyBookie.

2022 Oscars Predictions

Emma Stone as Cruella
  • Benedict Cumberbatch to Win Best Actor
  • Jessica Chastain to Win Best Actress
  • Troy Kotsur to Win Best Supporting Actor
  • Ariana DeBose to Win Best Supporting Actress
  • Jane Campion to Win Best Director
  • CODA to Win Best Picture
  • Encanto to Win Best Animated Feature Film
  • Dune to Win Best Cinematography
  • Cruella to Win Best Costume Design

Here are my final predictions for how the 2022 Oscars awards will play out. I already discussed most of these in the earlier sections, but I threw in a couple of other films that we have not discussed so much yet.

Encanto was a great Disney hit and has been popular since it came out. The fans loved it, and the critics loved it too. It was a great family film and was personally a great film to enjoy.

Dune had tons of hype around it, and the cinematography was nothing short of breathtaking. There were incredible shots throughout the film, and it should be a frontrunner for this award.

Cruella was another fantastic film, with Emma Stone leading the charge. I thought she did well enough to be up there with Best Actress, but Best Costume Design has her name written all over it.

After all, she was in an ultimate battle with one of the biggest fashion icons in the movie and killed it.

BetUS offers even more props to bet on, such as Best Animated Short Film, Best Live Action Short Film, etc. Click the button below to check out some more unique props for the 2022 Oscars awards.

Oscars Betting Tips for 2022

Betting on an entertainment show can be confusing if you don’t know the drill. To help you get along, I’ll hand out some quick and easy tips to help get you going.

Bet on What You Have Seen

This is a straightforward thing to understand, but it should be impactful for bettors. If you have seen a nominated movie for this year’s Oscars and think it has a strong enough chance to win, go for it!

Some of us can’t sit here and watch every movie that comes out, so it’s better to bet on what we have seen rather than what we have not.

And that way you know you love the specific film you watched, which could win after all.

Listen to Fans and Critics Reviews

This is a big thing for betting. Critics’ reviews might be the most important for who is nominated for the award, but the fans could decide who wins.

Be sure to look up the films in question and do your research to see what people say about the movie.

If you often see some glaringly negative reviews, it is probably best to steer away from that film. You can fade that option and bet on another that should have a stronger chance of winning.

Don’t Be Discouraged by the Odds

The odds, like in most betting aspects, are based on probability. But we know how those rare occurrences seem to happen at the perfect times.

Odds can seem scary if there is an absurd favorite, and you could avoid that option in general. Some sportsbooks may do this to get you to steer clear of that option and think that you won’t even look at the longshot bets.

Those rare occurrences could happen, and you can be in for a big payday if you are intuitive enough to predict it.

For more entertainment betting tips, check out our entertainment strategy guide.

Predicting Who Will Win at the Oscars in 2022

The 2022 Oscars awards will be an exciting time for the nominated parties and fans.

These incredible films will get the recognition they deserve by being nominated but winning it will also be extra special.


You can join in on the winners by betting on the Oscars and correctly predicting who gets an Oscar for this year. Think about who you like to win at these awards and stick to your guns.

It is all about the eventual winner, and sometimes the voting committee doesn’t seem to make any sense. I would make sure you really look at the value in each option and bet accordingly.

Anyone thinking about betting on the Oscars should do their due diligence, too. That includes finding the very best sites for betting on the 2022 Academy Awards. For a complete breakdown of the top options, along with further analysis on how to bet on the Oscars, check out the top sites below.

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