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Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl 55 Odds – Are They a Good Bet to Win in 2021?

| May 5, 2020 4:47 am PDT
Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl 55 Odds

A lot has been made about an eyebrow-raising showing by the Green Bay Packers in the 2020 NFL Draft. Not only did the franchise reach for the successor to Aaron Rodgers, but the draft as a whole was pretty questionable.

Green Bay had some of the worst picks in the 2020 NFL Draft if you look at value. Jordan Love was a reach that they traded up to land, while their second- and third-round picks could have been available a couple of rounds after they were selected.

That said, the Packers appear to be tweaking their offense, and if they strive for a run-heavy approach, it’s tough to criticize those moves too much.

But what does reaching for your future quarterback say about winning now? The Packers made it to the NFC title game a season ago. Will the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl in 2021?

There is logic to both sides of that. Let’s take a look at Green Bay’s latest Super Bowl 55 odds and see how likely a title run is.

Packers’ 2021 Super Bowl Odds

  • BetOnline (+2500)
  • Bovada (+2000)
  • SportsBetting.ag (+2500)
  • MyBookie.ag (+1800)

Green Bay’s odds to win it all were better just a few weeks ago, but the supposed lack of “win now” moves have rendered them just another team going into 2020.

MyBookie is the site that is respecting Green Bay’s upside the most. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, though, betting on the Packers at BetOnline makes the most sense right now.

Green Bay’s title odds put them in a nice sweet spot of being a viable contender but also a mild sleeper. Their draft moves could have them floating under the radar a bit, and that’s a good reason to have bettors consider them as a Super Bowl bet.

Let’s play it from both sides and gauge how likely it is that the Packers could win the 2021 Super Bowl.

Why the Packers Can Win Super Bowl 55

Aaron Rodgers, that’s why. The bad man was still plenty good in 2019, and while age brings some natural regression, he’s not Green Bay’s problem.

Rodgers should be even better in year two of Matt LaFleur’s offense, while the selection of Jordan Love could also inspire him to elevate his game.

The arrival of Devin Funchess is also an underrated move, while Green Bay’s obvious shift to a run-heavy attack could make Rodgers much more deadly in smaller doses.

Green Bay’s run defense could benefit from a more ball control offense, too. The Packers did add Christian Kirksey to shore up their linebacking unit, while the pass rush is as good as anyone’s.

If the run defense is at all improved and the Packers can effectively equip Rodgers with a better rush offense and some improved playmaking, Green Bay is a real threat to go the distance.

Why the Packers Won’t Win Super Bowl 55

Well, potentially rubbing Aaron Rodgers the wrong way could do some damage. It can’t really happen in 2020, but could the Packers trade Aaron Rodgers in the not too distant future? Sure.

This team could crumble around a disgruntled Rodgers, while it’s pretty arguable they were a somewhat fraudulent 13-3 team in the first place.

Green Bay’s offense was good in spurts, but it was also remarkably inconsistent. There’s nothing to guarantee they iron out the wrinkles and become more explosive in 2020.

If this shift to a run-heavy approach doesn’t work, everything could blow up in LaFleur’s face. Even if it does, that woeful run defense may still not be something the Packers can overcome.

Will the Packers Win Super Bowl 55?

Green Bay is in it, to be sure. They have Rodgers, and it looks like they believe two things: they can improve from within, and running the ball more effectively will make them even more dangerous.

I tend to agree, but they still could have added some more weapons for the passing game, and that run defense remains an issue.

Green Bay probably feels like they already addressed their chief concerns. They’re still a good bet to win the NFC North, but the likelihood that they did not improve everywhere they needed to may mean they’re not yet ready for that next step.

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