Ranking the Greatest Female Pool Players of All-Time

By Ben Morris in Sports
| June 26, 2022 11:17 am PDT
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The popularity of women’s pool has skyrocketed in recent years. Thanks to the Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA), countless top female pool players are on the current circuit. But who are the best female pool players of all time?

The WPBA was founded way back in 1976, with the first Women’s World Nine-Ball Championship taking place in 1990. That means there are hundreds of names to choose from when ranking the greatest female pool players ever.

It may seem like a tricky task, but someone’s got to do it, right? Having scoured the archives, here is my take on history’s top 10 women pool players.

10. Jennifer Barretta

Jennifer Barretta burst onto the scene in 2003, becoming Player of the Year on the Chesapeake Area Tour to earn her place in all the professional events that year. The rest, as they say, is history.

Funnily enough, the Pennsylvania native made it into ESPN’s 25 Sexiest Female Athletes of All Time. But she proved that she was more than just a pretty face when she won her first international title – the 2006 Empress Cup in South Korea.

Since winning her maiden international title in front of a record-breaking television audience, Barretta has continued to enhance her status as one of the best female pool players of all time.

9. Jeanette Lee

Jeanette Lee

When it comes to discussing the top female pool players in history, Jeanette Lee’s name invariably gets mentioned in the conversation.

Why? Because she lit up the sport throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

Nicknamed “The Black Widow,” Lee rose to the summit of the WPBA World Rankings in the 90s. Although she never managed to win the WPA World Nine-Ball Championship, she finished as the runner-up in 1993, 1994, and 1996.

After being named the 1998 WPBA Sportsperson of the Year, Lee claimed the gold medal in the 9-Ball Singles event at the 2001 World Games. For pool players, The World Games are practically the Olympics.

The New Yorker continued to enjoy success into the 2000s, winning events such as the Atlanta Women’s Open, China Invitational Championship, and the Empress Cup.

In 2013, Lee was inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame. This confirmed her standing as one of the all-time top women’s pool players.

8. Pan Xiaoting

When your nickname is “The Queen of Nine-Ball,” you would be pretty disappointed if you didn’t make it onto the list of the top female pool players in history, right?

Naturally, I couldn’t leave Pan Xiaoting off my list. The Chinese superstar has won numerous tournaments and titles over the years, consistently demonstrating her deadliness with a cue in her hands.

The first of Pan’s major titles came in 2002 when she won the All Japan Championship. She went on to win the same event in 2005 and 2008, meaning no woman has more All Japan Championship titles than Pan.

  • All Japan Championship (2002, 2005, 2008)
  • WPA Women’s World Nine-Ball Championship (2007)
  • Asian Games Nine-Ball Singles (2010)

Still, her biggest achievement came in 2007. Facing Rubilen Amit in the final of the World Nine-Ball Championship, she claimed a dominant 11-5 victory to secure her maiden World Championship crown.

Pan has even participated in exhibition matches against the legendary Ronnie O’Sullivan, who usually features on the best snooker betting sites. The seven-time World Snooker Champion lost to Pan in 2013 before suffering another defeat in 2018.

7. Karen Corr

Karen Corr

Before Karen Corr became one of the most remarkable women pool players in history, she was one of the world’s top female snooker players.

A day after her 21st birthday, the Northern Irishwoman won the 1990 Women’s World Snooker Championship. That triumph kick-started a hugely successful career for “The Irish Invader.”

Corr reached six Women’s World Snooker Championship finals between 1990 and 1999, winning three and losing three. During that period, she forged iconic rivalries with Allison Fisher and Kelly Fisher (more on them later).

In the late 90s, Corr turned her attention to billiards and pool. Following triumphs at the World Women’s Billiards Championship in 1998 and 1999, she moved to the United States to pursue a career in pool.

But Corr didn’t just pursue a career in pool – she dominated the sport! By the end of 2000, she was ranked #2 in the world. And after becoming the first person to win every WPBA Classic tour event in a single season, she held onto the #1 spot for two whole years.

Having been inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame in 2012, there is absolutely no denying that Corr is among the best female pool players ever.

6. Jasmin Ouschan

It’s fair to say that Austria isn’t renowned for producing good female pool players. However, Jasmin Ouschan is an exception to that notion.

Ouschan picked up her first major title before even turning pro, winning gold in the Nine-Ball Singles event at the 2005 World Games. Two years later, she joined the Women’s Professional Billiards Association – and she hasn’t looked back since.

In 2008, Ouschan became the first woman to earn a medal in an Open World Pool Championship. To this day, she regularly competes against men on the Euro Tour.

The Austrian broke another record in 2010, becoming the first woman to sweep gold medals in all four disciplines at the European Pool Championships. After winning the 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, and Straight Pool events, she cemented her status among the best female pool players ever.

Believe it or not, Ouschan almost replicated the feat the following year. She won the 9-Ball, 10-Ball, and Straight Pool events but failed to get her hands on the 8-Ball title in 2011.

I could spend hours talking about Ouschan’s achievements. But we haven’t got all day, right? Let’s just say she is one of history’s top female pool players.

5. Kim Ga-young

Kim Ga-young

With a whopping 25 professional titles to her name, Kim Ga-young must be viewed as one of the best women pool players of all time.

Kim’s first major triumph came at the 2004 US Open Pool Championship. She went on to clinch back-to-back US Open Pool Championship titles in 2009 and 2010 before winning the tournament for the fourth time in 2016.

The South Korean is also a two-time WPA Women’s World Nine-Ball Champion, having won the event in 2004 and 2007. Since then, she has made one final appearance and one semi-final appearance in that tournament – highlighting her consistency.

Better still, Kim has claimed numerous medals for her country over the years. While representing South Korea, she has secured one gold, five silvers, and two bronze at high-profile events such as The World Games, Asian Games, and East Asian Games.

Oh, and did I mention that Kim is nicknamed “Little Devil Girl”? Yeah, you don’t want to miss with her!

4. Rubilen Amit

Rubilen Amit is the only Filipino on my list of the greatest women pool players. However, she has won more than enough titles to make her country proud.

Amit was something of a late bloomer as a pool player. After studying accountancy at the University of Santo Tomas, it wasn’t certain that she would become one of the best female pool players of all time. But she quickly changed that.

“Bingkay” has dominated the Asian pool scene for the best part of two decades. Across the 8, 9, and 10-Ball formats, she has won ten golds, five silvers, and one bronze at the Southeast Asian Games. She even claimed two gold medals in 2021 – emphasizing her staying power.

  • WPA Women’s World Ten-Ball Championship (2009, 2013)
  • World Mixed Doubles Class (2009, 2011)
  • Southeast Asian Games Nine-Ball Singles (2005, 2007, 2009, 2019, 2021)
  • Southeast Asian Games Nine-Ball Doubles (2019)
  • Southeast Asian Games Ten-Ball Singles (2013, 2021)

But Amit hasn’t just dominated the Asian scene. Elsewhere, she has won two WAP Women’s World Ten-Ball Championships and two World Mixed Doubles Classic titles alongside Efren Reyes.

Having commanded the sport for so long, it is easy to forget that Amit is still only 40. Granted, she is no spring chicken. But she looks set to add plenty more titles to her collection in the coming years.

3. Chen Siming

Chen Siming

Only two players in history have reached more WPA Women’s World Nine-Ball Championship finals than Chen Siming. Naturally, that puts her among the best women pool players of all time.

Between 2011 and 2017, the sharp-shooter from China featured in three World Nine-Ball Championship finals. After losing the showpiece in 2011 and 2014, she finally got her hands on the prestigious prize in 2017.

While some of the names on this list discovered pool later than you would expect, Chen practically grew up in her parents’ pool hall. She initially started playing snooker at the age of eight but quickly turned her attention to pool.

In 2006, when she was just 12, Chen won the 8-Ball and 9-Ball divisions of the Chinese National Youth Championships. Three years later, she was coached by two-time World Champion Wu Jia-qing.

Thanks to Wu’s guidance, Chen claimed her first major title in 2010 – winning the China Open 9-Ball Championship. She won the same event in 2017, a year in which she secured a colossal eight major honors.

Remarkably, Chen is still only 28. If I write about the top female pool players in a few years, the Chinese superstar will probably take the #1 spot.

2. Kelly Fisher

Like many of the best women pool players, Kelly Fisher’s career began with a snooker cue in her hands. In fact, there was a time when Fisher was the top female snooker player on the planet.

The Englishwoman won three consecutive Ladies World Snooker Championships between 1998 and 2000 before claiming back-to-back titles in 2002 and 2003. However, the sport’s governing body soon abandoned the women’s game.

But this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Fisher moved to America to play on the Women’s Professional Billiard Association Tour. By August 2008, she was the world’s #1 women’s pool player. Four years later, she won the first of her two WPA Women’s World Nine-Ball Championships.

The former snooker star has claimed countless other pool titles over the years, including the US Open Nine-Ball Championship, China Open 9-Ball Championship, and International Tournament of Champions.

Fisher picked up her second World Nine-Ball Championship crown in 2019, defeating Ouschan 9-7 in the final. Following that triumph, she is widely regarded as one of the best female pool players ever.

1. Allison Fisher

Funnily enough, another Fisher takes the #1 spot on my list of the top female pool players in history. Stranger still, Allison is another Englishwoman who dominated snooker before moving to the States to tear up the pool table.

But no, Kelly and Allison are not sisters. They just happen to have the same surname AND be two of the best female pool players of all time.

Between 1985 and 1994, Fisher won no fewer than seven Women’s World Snooker Championships in ten seasons. In 1996, she claimed the first of her four WPA Women’s World Nine-Ball Championship titles. Talk about smooth transitions!

Player Championships Runner-Up
Allison Fisher 4 2
Liu Shasha 3
Han Yu 3
Liu Shin-mei 2 2
Kim Ga-young 2 1

As the table above details, Fisher has won more World Nine-Ball Championships than any other woman. She even won three in a row between 1996 and 1998 before adding a fourth crown to her collection in 2001.

“The Duchess of Doom” was the top-ranked player on the WPBA circuit from September 1996 to June 2001, underlining her dominance. She won eight major pro tournaments during the 2000-01 season.

2009 was a special year for Fisher, too, as she won gold for Great Britain at The World Games before being inducted into the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame.

Having clinched three titles in 2021, it’s safe to say the Fisher is still going strong. Given that she won her first pro pool tournament all the way back in 1995, few would argue that Fisher is not the greatest female pool player of all time.

Betting on Pool

Balls on a pool table

It’s official – Allison Fisher is the best women’s pool player in history. Well, in my eyes, at least! If you want to share your thoughts on the top female pool players ever, feel free to leave a comment below.

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