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Get on These 2020 Six Nations Betting Specials

| January 14, 2020 12:10 am PDT
2020 Six Nations Rugby Logo

Having analyzed pretty much all of the Six Nations 2020 odds and specials I can get my hands on, I am certain that the bets I have for you today should serve you well.

With the championship set to kick off on February 1, there are plenty of eye-catching wagers that you can really make work for you.

Regardless of if you’re a diehard Ireland, Italy, or England fan, I’m sure you’ll find something to get your teeth stuck into.

So, without further ado, feast your eyes on these Six Nations 2020 betting specials!

Six Nations 2020 Winner Odds

All odds below come courtesy of Bovada, unless otherwise noted.

England -125
France +700
Ireland +350
Italy +100000
Scotland +2200
Wales +550

Let’s start off by pointing out that England’s odds to win the Six Nations are a decent -125 with Bovada.

England is the in-form team in the Northern Hemisphere, if their run to the 2019 Rugby World Cup final is anything to go by.

Eddie Jones’ men famously beat the All Blacks in the semi-finals before being overwhelmed by a solid South African outfit. My Six Nations 2020 betting odds and analysis piece breaks down why they should definitely be considered as favorites to win the championship.

Following England at odds of +350 is Ireland, who will be looking to shake off an awfully disappointing 2019. Under the guidance of Andy Farrell for the first time, the Irish will be looking for a solid campaign but will be traveling to both London and Paris.

2019’s Grand Slam champions, Wales, are also entering this year’s championship under a new coach. Wayne Pivac will be hoping for a decent tournament, but injuries could hinder them. Still, at odds of +550, some will see value here.

France at +700 could be worth a shot, but don’t expect much from Scotland or Italy, at +2200 and +100000, respectively.

Grand Slam Winner Odds

No Winner +100
England +150
Ireland +900
Wales +1400
France +1600
Scotland +8000
Italy +200000

Ireland (2018) and Wales (2019) are the last two Grand Slam winners in the Six Nations.

Prior to that, England registered their first Grand Slam in 13 years in 2016. Why is this important? Well, because that was a post-World Cup Six Nations tournament.

If you believe that England can repeat this feat, you can get odds of +150 on them doing it. Now, I’m not sure that the odds here reflect value.

Sure, the English will host Ireland and Wales at home. This will give them advantages, sure, but it doesn’t mean that they will definitely win these games. In fact, Ireland’s last trip to Twickenham (2018) ended in a 24-15 victory for the Men in Green.

I believe England will lose one game this year. I have a feeling that it might be their opener against France in Paris, too.

Ireland (+900) and Wales (+1400) look like excellent prices, but I’m not entirely convinced that either team has what it takes to win every game this year.

France at +1600 could be well worth throwing a few coins on, but don’t go too crazy. The French won a post-World Cup Grand Slam in 2004 and will be the strongest they have been in a decade in 2020.

But the smart money for me is on no winner.

Best Bet: No Winner EVEN

Triple Crown Winner

England +100
No Winner +175
Ireland +600
Wales +1100
Scotland +5000

For those of you who don’t know much about the Six Nations, the triple crown is only contested by England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

The Six Nations used to be the Five Nations before Italy joined in 2000. Prior to France joining in 1910, the four teams from Great Britain and Ireland contested the Home International Championship from 1883.

So, the tradition of the Triple Crown — which is when one eligible team beats all of the other three — still stands.

Now, who is going to win the Triple Crown this year?

Well, it looks like England has the best chance at EVENS. As mentioned previously, England hosts Ireland and Wales, which will give them the advantage on the day. A trip to Scotland will be tricky, but they should win that one easily, right?

Scotland beat England at Murrayfield following the 1999 and 2007 Rugby World Cups. They also beat the English at home in the last tie in Scotland in 2018.

You can’t write Scotland off, especially against England.

Still, England looks the best bet here.

Best Bet: England EVEN

Six Nations Low Odds Specials

Let’s move on to the next batch of Six Nations bets I have in store for you.

All odds from this point come courtesy of Betway. Keep in mind that they are subject to change.

Any Team to Lose Every Match -200
England or Ireland to Win Six Nations -188
Italy to Lose Every Match -175
Any Draw +162
Wales or Ireland to Win Six Nations +187
Italy to Win a Match +200
France or Scotland to Win Six Nations +500

Any Team to Lose Every Match

Should this market be renamed to “Italy to Lose Every Match?”

Of course not, because that market is also available.

But when you think about it, is there a chance of any other team losing every single Six Nations match? Well, of course, anything can happen, but England and Ireland have never finished bottom of the Six Nations. I can’t see them losing every game in 2020.

Wales finished bottom in 2003 and was awarded the Wooden Spoon as a result. But there is no way they will lose every game this year.

So, that leaves us with Scotland. And I’m not sure they will go through the campaign without a win.

I would avoid betting on this market. I will explain why later.

Bet or Avoid: Avoid

England or Ireland to Win Six Nations

At face value, this looks like a decent Six Nations bet.

England’s odds of -125 and Ireland’s odds of +350 to win the tournament would not have you springing out of bed in the morning.

But when you consider that you can get odds of -188 for either of these two to finish top, it could be worth a punt. Especially for any rugby betting fan who is 70/30 or even 80/20 on England winning the championship over Ireland.

If you have a strong belief that Ireland will go all the way, these odds are unlikely to appeal to you. But if you feel that the England vs. Ireland match at Murrayfield will determine the winner of the championship and are a little nervous at this prospect, it might be worth considering.

Sure, this is not a bet for the big odds chasers, but the price is far from terrible.

Bet or Avoid: Bet

Italy to Lose Every Match

Okay, so to follow on from why I have avoided the “Any Team to Lose Every Match” market at -200 above…

Basically, if any team is going to lose every game, it will be Scotland or Italy.

Now, seeing as Italy has failed to win a single Six Nations match since 2015, would you be comfortable taking those odds when you can simply back the winner of Italy vs. Scotland instead?

Bet or Avoid: Avoid

Any Draw +162

Once again, this market does nothing to inspire me whatsoever.

Draws in the Six Nations — or in rugby, for that matter — are ultra-rare.

England’s 38-38 draw with Scotland last year was a freak result, while the Ireland-Wales game that finished 16-16 was surprising, to say the least.

If you believe that any particular game could end in a draw, it would be better to do the research on that fixture and bet it.

You can get some pretty high odds on any match ending in a draw. Sure, the odds here would cover you for 15 games, but I just don’t see it being worth it.

Bet or Avoid: Avoid

Wales or Ireland to Win Six Nations

England’s odds of -125 to win the Six Nations are far from enchanting.

There will be many of you who have no particular allegiance to any of the Six Nations teams, who will be betting as a neutral.

This market could be interesting to those who are torn between Ireland and Wales winning the championship.

This Six Nations rugby bet is definitely worth a shot at +187, in that case.

Bet or Avoid: Bet

Italy to Win a Match +200

The 2020 edition of the Six Nations looks set to be one of the most competitive in recent memory.

England, Ireland, Wales, and France should all be very strong. Scotland will also be desperate to show promise on their potential.

As such, I just can’t see Italy winning a game this year. Especially since they have failed to pick up a win in five consecutive championships.

Bet or Avoid: Avoid

France or Scotland to Win Six Nations +500

Look, Scotland will not win the Six Nations.

Sorry to all of my Scottish cousins, but it’s not going to happen.

France, on the other hand, has a great chance, in my opinion. So, why bother with this market when you can take France’s odds to win the Six Nations? They are currently +700.

Bet or Avoid: Avoid

Six Nations Mid-Range Odds Specials

Any Match to Break the Record for Biggest Winning Margin (57 Points) +1600
France to Lose Every Match +1600
Owen Farrell Top Points Scorer, Johnny May Top Try Scorer and England to Win +1600
Scotland to Lose Every Match +2000
Johnny Sexton Top Points Scorer, Jacob Stockdale Top Try Scorer and Ireland to Win +2800
Any Match to Break the Record for Most Points in a Match (103 Points) +3300
Any Player to Break the Record for Most Points in a Match (35 Points) +3300

Any Match to Break the Record for Biggest Winning Margin (57 Points)

The biggest winning margin in Six Nations history was registered in 2001 when England beat Italy 80-23.

What a high-scoring game that was.

Now, if Italy hadn’t registered 23 points of their own, the margin would probably never be surpassed. As teams have improved — and the game of rugby has evolved to be more phase-oriented than it previously was — huge point deficits have decreased.

This season, the championship is much tighter. Italy might be the whipping boys in terms of losses, but they do not ship huge amounts of points as frequently as they once did.

So, I’d probably avoid this bet this year.

Bet or Avoid: Avoid

France to Lose Every Match

No chance.

If I was going to even dream about taking this bet, I would want better odds than +1600.

In my opinion, France will be up there at the end of the championship. So, avoid this one as if it was an angry wasp and you were prone to anaphylaxis.

Bet or Avoid: Avoid

Owen Farrell Top Points Scorer, Johnny May Top Try Scorer and England to Win

You know, this is not a bad bet at all.

But I do have one reservation regarding Owen Farrell.

Given Saracens’ recent troubles, will he get to play in every England game? For example, would he be rested against Italy?

Surely it would be against the likes of Italy and Scotland that Farrell would have the best opportunities to rack up points.

You can’t do that on the sidelines.

Still, this Six Nations wager is definitely worth considering at +1600.

Bet or Avoid: Bet

Scotland to Lose Every Match

Look, if Scotland loses to Italy, the chances are that they will lose to everyone else in the Six Nations.

You won’t get odds better than +2000 on Italy beating Scotland, so this could be an excellent outside bet to target.

Bet or Avoid: Bet

Johnny Sexton Top Points Scorer, Jacob Stockdale Top Try Scorer and Ireland to Win

Like Farrell, there are question marks over Sexton playing in every game for Ireland.

I can’t see him playing the full five matches of Ireland’s campaign. Actually, let me rephrase that — Sexton DEFINITELY will not play in all of Ireland’s five matches of the campaign.

So, on that basis alone, this bet should be avoided as though you are a rich 90-year-old widower that finds a misplaced banana skin on the top of the stairs.

Bet or Avoid: Avoid

Any Match to Break the Record for Most Points in a Match (103 Points)

England’s win over Italy (80-23) in 2001 shows up again in this market.

Well, I think there is little chance of this record being broken this year, so give this one a wide berth.

Bet or Avoid: Avoid

Any Player to Break the Record for Most Points in a Match (35 Points)

Any guesses regarding the game that had the most points scored by one single player?

Yup, it’s England vs. Italy in 2001. Again.

Johnny Wilkinson was the man who set the record that day, and it is approaching twenty years since he did it. Not bad, eh?

In order for any player to score 35 points in a single game, they would either have to score seven tries (never been done in the Six Nations) or have multiple attempts at conversions and penalties — with a try or two, maybe.

Because England scored so many tries in that game, Wilkinson had the opportunity to fire nine conversions over. Great work.

Will we see another score like this in 2020? It is possible, but don’t count on it.

Put it this way — if you bet $100 on this market in every Six Nations since 2002, you would be down $1800.

Bet or Avoid: Avoid

Six Nations Big Odds Specials

Any Team to Break the Record for Most Tries in a Match (12) +3300
Dan Biggar Top Points Scorer, Josh Adams Top Tournament Tryscorer and Wales to Win +3300
Any Player to Break the Six Nations Drop Goals Record (3) +4000
Any Player to Break the Six Nations Record for Tries in a Match (5) +40000
Wales to Lose Every Match +10000
Ireland to Lose Every Match +12500
England to Lose Every Match +20000

Alright, alright. Step right up and get your hands on the juiciest of juicy odds. The biggest prices await your eyes, so step back and allow me to…

Well, allow me to explain that there is a reason why the odds above are so steep! These are some of the biggest Six Nations longshot bets that you will find anywhere.

In other words, there is a big risk/big reward going on here. But that doesn’t mean that at least a couple are unworthy of considering.

Any Team to Break the Record for Most Tries in a Match (12)

England. Italy. 2001. There is no need for me to expand, is there?

So, will any team make it to 13 tries in a match in 2020? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure that you don’t think it will happen. And if you were to ask every player that will feature in this year’s championship, they will probably agree, too.

So, avoid this one as though it is a gold digger and you’re down to your last one hundred bucks.

Bet or Avoid: Avoid

Dan Biggar Top Points Scorer, Josh Adams Top Tournament Tryscorer and Wales to Win

At odds of +3300, this bet is not bad at all.

One of the greatest things about the Welsh over the past 12 years or so is that they can surprise everyone. Under Warren Gatland, Wales won three Grand Slams, and they were not exactly the favorites each time.

Dan Biggar is a solid out half. He is capable of racking up a decent score this year, especially with Liam Williams returning to the squad. With Williams at fullback, it is likely that former goalkicker Leigh Halfpenny will be on the bench.

Josh Adams knows how to score a try or two. He finished the 2019 edition with three tries and finished as the 2019 Rugby World Cup top tryscorer.

I think this is definitely worth a gamble.

Bet or Avoid: Bet

Any Player to Break the Six Nations Drop Goals Record (3)

The last time anyone scored three drop goals in a Six Nations game, Outkast’s “Miss Jackson” was on top of the Billboard Top 100.

That guy’s name was Neil Jenkins, and he was one hell of a kicker.

The Welshman knocked three drop goals over against Scotland in a 28-28 draw at Murrayfield.

Can a similar feat be repeated this year? Maybe. But can anyone actually break the record and score four?

I don’t think so. But at odds of +4000, is it worth a small bet?

Bet or Avoid: 50/50

Any Player to Break the Six Nations Record for Tries in a Match (5)

George Lindsay scored five tries against Wales in 1887.

Since then, no one has managed to even equal that record.

Come on, it can’t happen, surely?

Bet or Avoid: Avoid

Wales to Lose Every Match

Can you imagine if Wales lost every single game in the 2020 Six Nations championship?

I mean, it couldn’t happen, right?

Well, it did happen in 2003. Granted, Wales were nowhere near as good as they are now.

If Wales lost every single game in the 2020 Six Nations, the Welsh Rugby Union would be ransacked by fans. There would be outrage!

So, yeah. Make of that what you will.

Bet or Avoid: Um…

Ireland to Lose Every Match

Would odds of +12500 tempt you to bet on Ireland losing every single game in this year’s Six Nations?

Well, guess what? I wouldn’t go near it.

Sure, you look at those odds and start imagining how you are going to spend your thousands, but let’s be real here — there is no chance of it happening.

Bet or Avoid: What do you think?

England to Lose Every Match

Do I even need to…?

Bet or Avoid: Come on, man

Choosing the Best Six Nations Bets

Betting on the Six Nations is always fun. This is one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the sports calendar, and it never fails to impress.

With England looking solid as a rock — and Ireland, France, and Wales not too far behind — we should be in for a treat this year.

Choosing the best Six Nations bets can be a little bit of a headache sometimes. But choosing the best rugby betting sites should always take much of that stress away.

Whatever bets you do go for, I hope you’re successful. If you do manage to land one of the real longshots, let me know in the comments section below.

Enjoy the games!

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