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Gambling Industry Payout Report For March 2018

| April 3, 2018 12:00 am PDT
March Monthly Payout
Payout Report Overview

Three months down, just nine to go. The 2019 online gambling year is already flying by, with the industry as a whole providing a lot of fun wagering opportunities and also getting payments out fairly quickly.

Looking back at January and February, there wasn’t a whole lot of negativity. We have updated our monthly gambling payout report in the past few months, trying to really focus on the best betting sites that tend to do a good job with promotions, customer service, wager and of course speedy payouts.

If there is a hiccup at all within the online gambling industry, it’s the constant fluidity of BitCoin. While the value is seemingly in limbo, it remains one of the top methods to deposit and withdrawal just about everywhere.

The main difference is which sites don’t offer it, have issues with it or offer other alternatives that also provide solid safety and speedy payouts. That’s one huge thing we’re hoping to target over the next few months in our report, depending on how things change.

For now, here’s a look back on March and how the top online gambling sites fared with their withdrawal speeds:

BetOnline Logo


February Grade: A+ March Grade: A+

BetOnline remains one of the best sportsbooks online right now. This continues to be one of the top sports betting sites in terms of early lines and prop bets and BetOnline also has a strong history of fast payouts.

This site is fast, secure and offers a wide range of payout options. In addition to being a user-friendly site, BetOnline also covers all of the bases with sports, casino and poker betting available.

Around since 2004, BetOnline has firmly established itself as one of the go-to betting sites online. Even when payout speeds hit snags, this is still one of the top betting options out there.

“We’ll get you your money faster than anyone else”
  • BetOnline usually gets strong reports across the board, but availability in some areas has been a problem with site access issues.
  • That’s clearly a problem for new users as well as anyone trying to deposit, play or withdraw. In their defense, word out there is they’ve been dealing with some pretty brutal DDOS attacks, so they deserve some time to figure things out.
  • BetOnline has added new payment methods, but BTC still remains the most popular and the one getting the majority of the feedback.
  • BitCoin speeds remain solid, as a user at SBR reported a wait of just 12 hours.
  • Another user reported just an 8-hour wait, while a third gave a 24-hour window.
  • The speeds aren’t blazing, but BTC continues to push out at a strong rate for BetOnline.
  • Checks are a distant second for anyone looking for another option and the fastest users can expect is 4-5 days. A full week is a little more typical.
  • Overall, BetOnline continues to deliver a strong product with solid payout speeds. We’ve give them a bit of a break given the site issues they’ve been having, too.

Bovada Logo


February Grade: A March Grade: A+

Bovada is right up there with BetOnline and in a lot of ways, might be the best online betting site you’ll stumble across. This is without a doubt one of the most popular gambling sites on the internet, as they’re known for their competitive sports betting lines and intense poker rooms.

Not every site is as versatile when it comes to both betting options and withdrawal options, but Bovada crushes it in both regards.

The site had previously gotten rid of it’s poker room, but that is now back. Combined with their excellent customer service, promotions and fast payouts, this remains a top-5 gambling site.

“Raise Your Game”
  • Speeds have picked back up at Bovada, which is comforting considering they’d slowed down a bit in recent months.
  • That wasn’t the case in March, with multiple reports of very good speeds around four hours and one user reporting a mere two-hour wait.
  • BitCoin is the preferred method to land those types of speeds, and these are great speeds considering BTC has slowed overall across the industry.
  • You can try checks as well and they take about a week. We’ve seen as fast as three days online, but the norm is closer to five days.
  • Nothing new to see here overall, other than improved speeds that pick Bovada up to an A+ for the past month.

Bookmaker.eu Logo


February Grade: A+ March Grade: A+

Trust is the name of the game when it comes to online betting, and few sportsbooks are quite as reliable as Bookmaker.eu.

Around since 1996, bettors are literally looking at a company that has been completely loyal and eager to improve every step of the way for over 20 years.

Bookmaker has proven over the years that they’re among the best at what they do, as they offer a wide variety of betting options, a slew of engaging promotions and some of the quickest payouts in the industry.

History and continued growth combine to set Bookmaker aside from the rest of the pack. If you’re looking for an honest and reliable book where you can win and get your money, look no further.

“Where the Line Originates”
  • Bookmaker kept the good times rolling in March, with BitCoin leading the way with really good speeds.
  • The industry as a whole has been down with BTC, but things stayed red hot at Bookmaker, with numerous users reporting a wait of mere hours.
  • Several users relayed just 3-4 hours of waiting, while one user reported a turnaround of 30 minutes!
  • Bookmaker has always been a very reliable betting site, but their speeds are also as good as anyone right now.
  • You are free to try checks at Bookmaker as well, but there isn’t much new feedback there because everyone gets such fast withdrawals via BTC.
  • Checks have the usual 7-day window, but we’ve caught much faster in the past. A solid frame might be 4-5 days right now.
  • BTC is still the way to go here and all feedback has been ridiculously positive, keeping BM as one of the very best online gambling sites these days.

Nitrogen Sports Logo


February Grade: A+ March Grade: A+

Nitrogen may very well be the most underrated sportsbook on the web. Die hard sports bettors won’t find many better sports to wager cash on big games, as Nitrogen has an eclectic array of betting options and has a very wide reach in terms of which events, specials and props they can offer.

On top of their impressive betting options, Nitrogen is known for quick, reliable payouts. Their customer service also garners rave reviews, while this sportsbook tops it all off with an on-site chat forum and extra gambling opportunities via online poker and their casino.

“The Future of Betting”
  • There is never anything other than positivity online when it comes to Nitrogen, which continues to work with BitCoin exclusively and excel with it.
  • You’d think they’d crush with it and they absolutely do, with multiple happy users reporting a wait of mere hours and one payout being processed in just one hour.
  • The wait is not long at Nitrogen (highest I saw in March was around 6 hours).
  • Only real knock here continues to be a lack of payout versatility, but it doesn’t really matter given how quickly they push out BTC payments.

5dimes logo


February Grade: A+ March Grade: A+

I probably should have added 5Dimes to this a long time ago, as it’s no secret that this is one of the sports betting staples online. Few sites can match 5Dimes when it comes to their plethora of betting opportunities, while time and time again this is one of the better sites based simply on competitive odds for bettors.

As if versatile and competitive sports betting wasn’t reason enough to suck you in, 5Dimes is also known for elite customer service and reliable, speedy payouts. While largely known for their niche in the sports betting part of the online gambling world, 5Dimes ups the ante by also offering bingo, poker, casino games and live dealer games.

Volume is always impressive, but 5Dimes manages to meet volume with efficiency and substance. You can bet on virtually anything at 5Dimes and there’s a good chance nobody else is going to beat their price.

“Over 1,000 Wagering Options – Every Day!”
  • 5Dimes is another rock solid betting site that just keeps cruising along, offering an elite product and getting people their money on time.
  • There are very rarely any complaints about this site and as far as payouts go, 5Dimes remains among the very best online gambling entities.
  • Users frequently report very good speeds, both for checks and BitCoin.
  • BitCoin has been down across the industry, though and there was a user who reported a multi-day wait. Another user reported a wait of three days, while two others fell inside the 24-hour window.
  • The speeds are not blazing at all, but if you roll with BTC at 5Dimes, the wait isn’t grueling.
  • You can also try checks, which are typically a 5-day wait and among the quickest in the industry.
  • The speeds aren’t amazing, but compared to some other sites, they’re really not that bad. Bookmaker.eu still offers a great product and is getting you your cash in a relatively timely manner.

SportsBetting.ag Logo


February Grade: A March Grade: A

If you’re looking for an all encompassing site that has everything you want as a gambler, Sportsbetting.ag could be for you. Not every site offers both sports wagers and casino games, but Sportsbetting.ag does just that and they also do it all at a very high level.

This site not only keeps your gambling experience all in one safe spot, but they also routinely get pointed out for fantastic customer service, unique prop bets and speedy payouts. It’s never easy to say any one site is “the best” at anything, but Sportsbetting.ag is undoubtedly one of the best “do it all” gambling sites you’ll find.

Started in 2003, Sportsbetting.ag also has a strong history behind it. Longevity combined with elite versatility continue to make this one of the best destinations for all online gaming.

  • ag has had some issues in the past, but they’ve turned it around over the years and are currently one of the better sportsbooks online.
  • BitCoin is a big reason why, as the payout speeds have been strong at Sportsbetting.ag, with users reporting same day withdrawals.
  • The speeds aren’t crazy fast, but users have little to complain about with their funds being deposited on the shorter end of the site’s 48-hour window.
  • Speeds are down overall, but SB is still doing a lot better than several other sites.
  • Bank wires and checks are also in play, but feedback on these is non-existent right now.
  • Checks have gone as quickly as four days in the past, but a 1-2 week for either isn’t out of the norm.
  • ag remains a strong option overall, but the speeds aren’t amazing for March so I’ll drop them down just a bit. 

GT Bets Logo

GT Bets

February Grade: A March Grade: B+

GTbets is among the handful of sites we’ve really only been covering for about half a year now, but they’ve passed the eye test with flying colors to this point. This is another fairly young site that arrived in 2011, but has gotten the job done with solid bonuses, promotions and a nice variety of payment methods.

GTbets is best known as a fantastic sportsbook, but they are another site that is also known for their awesome casino games. This site does take a step back due to lame withdrawal fees, but it’s otherwise been one of the better performing gambling sites and also offers some very competitive lines when it comes to sports betting.

  • GTbets has turned things around lately, as some of the previously negative feedback has gone away.
  • One main issue here is the lack of payout versatility, as really just BTC and bank wires are viable.
  • There have been decent BitCoin speeds here in the past, but nothing in 2018 has consistently beaten the quoted 24-48 hour window.
  • There is no new feedback for bank wires, but they’ve been quotes for a 7-10 day window.
  • This continues to be a solid site for competitive odds and betting options, but the lack of payout feedback is a bit troubling. I’m dropping them again with a quiet March.

Ignition Casino Logo

Ignition Casino

February Grade: B+ March Grade: B

We have a few young gambling sites on this list, but Ignition Casino is easily the one that’s been around for the smallest amount of time. Don’t automatically assume it’s a site that isn’t impressive or one you can’t trust, however, as IC has actually quickly risen to prominence in the industry.

There is no denying this is a young gambling site that needs to prove itself, but thus far the feedback has been mostly positive. IC bares a resemblance to Bovada, while also providing users with everything a casino site should, from online poker tables to slots and more.

Ignition Casino has only been around since 2016, but this site proves itself worthy of your money with each passing month.

  • Ignition Casino is one of the hardest online gambling sites to get payout information for. They align with Bovada, though, so you can guess how the speeds will play out.
  • The only real feedback anywhere refers to customer service and how the site processes payments. Users have direct issues with verification.
  • You’re still looking at checks or BTC at Ignition Casino, with checks taking about a week and BTC processing within the 48-hour window most of the time.
  • Speeds are down for BitCoin and IC hasn’t been immune to that. While there’s nothing amazing to report here, there hasn’t been any negativity in March, either.
  • It’s business as usual for IC, but with merely average payout speeds, I’m dropping them slightly for March.

MyBookie Logo


February Grade: A March Grade: B

Equipped with a nice $1,000 sign up bonus and a litany of promotions, My Bookie is without a doubt one of the better online gambling destinations. While MyBookie.ag is loaded with bonuses and promo offers, they also are highly versatile with their betting and they cast a wide net.

My Bookie is one of the very best spots for sports betting, as they have a laundry list of prop bets and futures, while also covering daily sports events. In addition, My Bookie covers all the bases by also offering a horse racing book and an underrated live casino.

  • My Bookie remains a very solid book for wagers and odds, but their payouts have been rather erratic.
  • There were some complaints online for March in regards to slow payouts, but both dealt with checks and bank wires.
  • These are not the preferred payout options really anywhere and that’s very much the case at MyBookie.ag as well.
  • The good news is a recent user said he got his cash (via check) after a few months.
  • There was also a very slow BTC payout (40 hours), but that still got inside the typical 24-48 hour window.
  • The bad news is BitCoin payouts have not been fast here overall lately, which unfortunately puts checks and bank wires in play.
  • It’s not so much that My Bookie doesn’t pay or is slow, it’s just that you don’t know what you’re getting. The inconsistency has been maddening lately and that’s stayed the course over the past month.
  • My Bookie is a great spot for betting options, but the payout speeds are not elite right now. Know that going in and you shouldn’t be too disappointed. Still, their grade continues to drop ever so mildly for us.

TopBet Logo


February Grade: C+ March Grade: C

Topbet has been accused of some sketchiness in the past, but all we can speak for is the site we’ve been tracking over the last several months. From what we can tell, Topbet has built itself up into a strong sportsbook since it’s arrival in 2011.

The unique prop bets probably separate TB from the rest of the pack, but this site also doubles as an online casino. The versatility is only propped up by the site’s awesome promotions and ability to issue payouts in a timely manner.

Topbet checks off all of the boxes for us and projects as one of the better overall gambling sites on this list.

  • I’ll say it again for the third month in a row; Topbet.eu offers killer promos, wagers and odds but they are not the site to go to for elite payout speeds.
  • The customer service is there and the site has been pretty transparent with their issues, but the speeds haven’t changed.
  • Several users are still waiting for their money and there have not been positive reports of any big payouts or speedy withdrawals.
  • Nothing specifically is getting people their money quickly at Topbet.eu, so we have to flag this as a site that is working to get users their money, but isn’t doing so at a good enough rate.
  • A couple more months like this and we may have to drop Topbet.eu from our monthly payout report.
  • The good news is the dialogue has been constant from both sides and that this is still a great site for unique wagers and interesting odds.
  • We really want to see more positive feedback and people getting their money at a much faster rate. Because that didn’t happen in March, Topbet.eu drops mildly again.

Not much has changed in the past month. The best online betting sites have largely lived up to their already stellar reputations and most of the sites experiencing struggles failed to make up any substantial ground.

GTbets and Topbet.eu are the two sites you really need to be careful with from this list, while the other sites have some mild delays or lack a plethora of withdrawal options.

Ignition Casino is just one of those sites that doesn’t get much buzz, but I wouldn’t let that deter you too much, as there isn’t any negative feedback either.

Overall, you’ll want to keep tabs on payout speeds not dealing with BTC. A lot of sites specialize with BitCoin, but the speeds have been down and the conversion can be a big problem for some bettors.

Depending where you stand on that, it may dictate where you play. If you’re looking for an elite site and want fast payouts outside of BTC, the top options look to be Bookmaker.eu, BetOnline and Bovada.

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