Free Horse Racing Picks and Tips for Remington Park on Thursday, April 23, 2020

By J.W. Paine in Horse Racing
| April 23, 2020 1:06 am PDT
Free Horse Racing Picks for Remington Park on Thursday, April 23, 2020

Evenings of quarter horse racing continue at Remington Park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for Thursday, April 23, 2020, with a 10-race card featuring the gamut of allowance, claiming, and maiden competitions.

After days of rain and rumors of rain, Remington Park at long last gets to see the sun. The forecast for Thursday is for clear skies, temps in the low 80s, wind at around 11 mph, and only a 10% chance of rain. By the time the first field of quarter horses fills the starting gate, the dirt track should be tanned, rested, and ready.

Remember: While my Remington Park picks for today only cover a few of the races, you can find all the races, entries, and wagering options at one of our top-rated horse racing betting sites.

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  • Post Time: 6:26 PM
  • Purse: $15,700
  • Distance: 300 yards
  • Conditions: For Accredited Oklahoma-Bred Maidens, Three, Four, And Five Years Old

Race 2 Runners and Odds Forecast

  • 1 Jacksons Dynasty, J M Romero, 10/1
  • 2 Wagon Trails, A Ramirez II, 3/1
  • 3 Sullys Dash, D Blake, 12/1
  • 4 Lota Dash, I Suarez Ricardo, 15/1
  • 5 Im Honest Pollitic, C Wainscott, 20/1
  • 6 Charroux, J Hernandez-Gallardo, 5/1
  • 7 Keystonescountrygirl, D E Brown, 15/1
  • 8 Our Silver Storm, J Pulido, 4/1
  • 9 Grimmetts Terminater, B L Goff, Jr., 8/1
  • 10 Fly Viking Fly, C A Guillen Chacon, 6/1

Race 2 Prediction and Pick

Not only have none of these horses won a race (sort of a requirement in maiden races; I understand that), many of them haven’t even finished in the money. Some of that is attributable to the single-digit counts of career starts, but come on! For instance, Charroux at 5/1 has had seven career starts and not a dime to show for them. At least the favorite, Wagon Trails, managed to finish in the money three times during his seven starts. So I’m going with the favorite.

Longshot here is Keystonescountrygirl at 15/1. This filly has zero finishes in the money out of zero career starts and has a moneyline in this race of 15/1. Considering the competition, that almost makes her the favorite. Bet two bucks, just to sneer at the field.

  • Wagon Trails


  • Post Time: 7:44 PM
  • Purse: $21,600
  • Distance: 350 yards
  • Conditions: For Accredited Oklahoma-Breds Three Year Olds And Upward Which Have Never Won A Race Other Than Maiden, Claiming, Starter, Or Trial Or Which Have Never Won Two Races

Race 5 Runners and Odds Forecast

  • 1 Soul Kisser, J A Flores, 4/1
  • 2 Peves Eagleetta, C R Esqueda, 5/1
  • 3 VF Politics N Chicks, B R Packer, 5/2
  • 4 This Political Candy, C R Smith, 12/1
  • 5 Docs Kansas Rep, J Pulido, 8/1
  • 6 Scaredy Pants, A Silva, 20/1
  • 7 Train to B Bad, J D Brooks, 8/1
  • 8 Throw Th Dice, J Klaiber, 12/1
  • 9 Alotalota, B J Baca, 6/1

Race 5 Prediction and Pick

VF Politics N Chicks at 5/2, Soul Kisser at 4/1, and Peves Eagleetta at 5/1 are the three favored horses in this race—and they have the three best post positions. So, it’s one of them, for sure. But which one?

I’m going with Peves Eagleetta at 5/1. Why? Well, I like jockey Cristian R. Esqueda, but more importantly, Peves Eagleetta’s stats are marginally better than the two more-favored horses.

  • Peves Eagleetta


  • Post Time: 9:54 PM
  • Purse: $13,600
  • Distance: 250 yards
  • Conditions: For Three Year Olds And Upward Which Have Never Won Two Races

Race 10 Runners and Odds Forecast

  • 1 Relentless Doll, B J Baca, 5/1
  • 2 Jes What We Want, C Wainscott, 12/1
  • 3 MH Might B Leavin, J D Brooks, 6/1
  • 4 Capos Renegade, A Ramirez II, 15/1
  • 5 Apollitical J One, R A Valenzuela, 8/1
  • 6 Takinthecartelscash, C R Esqueda, 15/1
  • 7 Why, C R Smith, 20/1
  • 8 Corona Can Dance, J Pulido, 20/1
  • 9 Favorite Rock, G Gutierrez, 15/1
  • 10 TF Ima Corona Cartel, R Ramirez, 7/2
  • 11 Valiant Neon, J A Flores, 4/1
  • 12 Celebratori, E A Navarrete, Jr., 15/1

Race 10 Prediction and Pick

Big field here, and a lot of room to choose. The favorite is TF Ima Corona Cartel, with Valiant Neon and Relentless Doll 2nd and 3rd in the favorite department. Contrary as always, I like MH Might B Leavin for two reasons. One: the entire Mighty Be line are built like brick, um, outhouses. And Two: MH Might B Leavin’s earnings show he works harder for the money. Also, Three: Veteran jockey Jimmy Dean Brooks has a pretty good record himself.

  • MH Might B Leavin



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