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Francisco Lindor to the Reds and Other Wild MLB Trades That Could Happen in 2020

| May 11, 2020 1:32 am PDT
Wild MLB Trades That Could Happen in 2020

The 2020 MLB season is slowly gaining some steam. Nobody knows for sure when the season will start up and exactly in what capacity, but there is growing optimism it’ll arrive at some point.

With any MLB season comes loads of MLB trade rumors. Not every rumor comes to fruition, but MLB franchises still need to make some deals as they try to get better or plan for the future.

I mean, we just saw Mookie Betts get traded, so it’s official that anything can happen in the majors.

For the most part, you already know the big names that could be getting shopped, but I’m looking a little outside the box here. What massive names — some that you wouldn’t expect — could be traded in 2020?

Here’s a look at the nine players that stand out the most that could be sent packing.

Francisco Lindor to the Reds

I’ll start things off with Lindor, as he and the Cleveland Indians tried to come to terms on a contract extension, but the fact that they haven’t leaves a potential trade on the table.

Cleveland has also regressed as a whole over the past couple of years, while Lindor will be a free agent in two years. That has sparked some trade rumors, and if The Tribe can’t get off to a good start in 2020, those whispers of a deal could pick back up.

The Reds could be in play just because it’d trade Lindor out of the AL and they’ve been really aggressive. I have them dealing Trevor Bauer if things go bad early on, but what if they go get one of his former teammates?

These two sides have worked together in the past, and Lindor would provide Cincy with a clear upgrade at shortstop over Freddy Galvis.

J.D. Martinez to the Braves

Martinez remains one of the best hitters in baseball, as he’s coming off another great year in which he hit .304 while clubbing 36 homers.

While still a major asset, J.D. Martinez will be 33 this year and costs a bit of money. This is a lost year for Boston, and the team trading away Mookie Betts shows they’re capable of shocking moves.

Atlanta is gearing up as a true title contender, while our own Michael Wynn predicted them as his champs in his 2020 World Series predictions. This move makes them even nastier.

Matthew Boyd to the Yankees

The Tigers trading Boyd would not be that shocking. They are abysmal and going nowhere in a hurry.

However, he’s one of their few trade chips that people would actually want, and with the Yanks always looking to stock up, they stand out.

I’ll have the pinstripes looking to go even bigger in a bit, but snagging Boyd from the Tigers isn’t a bad starting point for them in 2020.

New York gets another arm for the playoffs, and the Yanks could also clear up their lineup a bit by tossing Clint Frazier in any prospective package.

Robbie Ray to the Astros

Pitchers tend to rule the day once we get to the MLB trade deadline, and one big name I think will be on the trade block is Robbie Ray.

The Arizona Diamondbacks southpaw is a strikeout master, but the D’Backs aren’t exactly seen as World Series threats. With Arizona not close to contending and Ray set to hit free agency in 2021, this is a move that perhaps wouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

The shocker is Houston getting the deal done.

These two teams already arranged a deal involving Zack Greinke last year, and another trade could be possible. The Astros may deem it necessary after watching Gerrit Cole exit in free agency.

Giancarlo Stanton to Anyone

It may be next to impossible to unload Stanton. It doesn’t help matters that he missed most of 2019 and has been hurt a lot since coming to the Yankees.

Not an efficient bat and a minus as a defender, Stanton knows one gear and won’t be a fit for everyone.

Very likely, the Yankees are stuck with him. But he does offer insane power upside and can change any game with his flawless swing.

That has to pique the interest of someone out there, right? Stanton’s health, contract, and no-trade clause make this impossible to project, but there are other bad contracts out there, and a deal isn’t impossible.

I don’t have a clear destination for Stanton, but literally anywhere he’d get dumped would qualify as a wild MLB trade.

Trevor Bauer to the Twins

It feels weird putting Bauer’s name here since he just got dealt last year, but he could easily be put on the trade block.

The main reason? He’s going to be a free agent in 2021, and he’ll command a ton of money. The 29-year-old is still a strikeout demon, but the Reds are no locks to contend with their new-look roster.

Cincinnati could end up shipping him out of town for the right package. Minnesota makes sense as a non-NL squad that could show interest, seeing as pitching remains their weakness.

Nolan Arenado to the Rangers

Arenado is Colorado’s best player, and he’s under contract for an eternity, but we’ve also heard Nolan Arenado trade rumors for forever now.

It may finally be time for the Rockies to pull the trigger on a deal, seeing as Colorado really isn’t close to contending for a title.

The Texas Rangers are one team that has been connected to Arenado in the past, and with the inefficient Todd Frazier operating as their main 3B option, this is a move they’d surely love to make.

This deal gets Arenado out of the NL and should bring back some solid prospects in the process.

Clayton Kershaw to the Yankees

Blasphemy, I know. But Kershaw never gets it done in the playoffs, and he could decline more and more as the years go on.

Should New York be able to make this power move, this trumps the aforementioned Boyd trade.

The 33-year-old is still among the best pitchers in the league, but he’s only getting older and is also set to hit free agency next season.

Could cutting the cord on Kershaw too early be among the reasons why the Dodgers won’t win the 2020 World Series? Maybe, but if they don’t try getting something for him now, that ship will sail.

New York is always looking for marquee pitching and is title hungry, so if anyone can make it happen, it may be them.

Kris Bryant to the Rays

Another elite 3B that has been shopped for a while now is Kris Bryant. It feels like forever since the Cubs won it all, as they no longer have the look of a serious title threat.

With Chicago seemingly going in the wrong direction, the Cubs may start trading away some of their key pieces to kickstart a mini rebuild.

Bryant is a fan favorite and one of the best players in baseball, but he’s also a star that would bring back a nice package. Insert the Rays, who have the best farm system in the majors.

Suffice it to say, Tampa Bay can afford to dangle some prospects, and both sides could win here.


I know, some of these big names feel almost blasphemous to mention in trade talks. Some you’ve already speculated. Some just simply won’t happen.

But this is baseball, people. It’s cutthroat, and the top teams will do whatever it takes to win. The bad teams don’t mind kicking a superstar to the curb if it will improve their future prospects.

Eventually, the leading MLB betting sites will offer props dealing with star MLB players that could be traded.

If/when that happens, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

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