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Five Reasons to Bet on Joe Biden in the 2020 US Presidential Election

| October 25, 2020 5:36 am PDT
Betting on Joe Biden in the 2020 US Presidential Election

The 2020 US presidential election campaign is close to its climax and most polls suggest that Joe Biden is going to win. Donald Trump claims otherwise and he might have an argument based on what we saw in 2016.

And yet, the Democratic candidate certainly has a strong chance to prevail on November 3. Here, I share the top five reasons to bet on Joe Biden winning the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Before I start, let me clarify that my goal here is to dissect the race from a betting perspective. I’m not claiming that Biden will win for sure or sharing my political views. I’m just listing the factors that work in his favor from an objective point of view.

So let’s get into Joe Biden and the main arguments that could see bring him in the votes.

Trump’s Polarizing Persona

There’s little doubt that Donald Trump is one of the most polarizing presidents in the entire history of the United States. His supporters love his unapologetic behavior, but there are those who despise it and believe that he is not fit to be a president.

His aggressive approach to his political opponents can often drive voters to feel animosity towards the POTUS. In simple words, many people will vote against Donald Trump no matter the other candidate.

Biden’s team has identified that and it’s been part of the campaign so far.

That should bring the former vice-president plenty of votes on November 3.

Biden Is the Moderate Choice of the Democrats

The rise of Bernie Sanders was one of the bigger stories for the Democratic Party in 2020. The senator received a lot of passionate support from millions of people and for a brief moment, he looked destined to win the nomination.

That could’ve been a serious issue as many neutrals and more moderate Democrats believe that Sanders was too left-leaning. His desire to bring down the whole system was frightening for many potential voters and would’ve likely handed Trump the victory.

Joe Biden looks like a guy who could unite the electorate much better than Sanders. Many neutral voters seem to see him as a better alternative to Trump and could back him on election day.

Many Believe That Trump Mishandled the Pandemic

Trump has been accused by some of underestimating the global pandemic of 2020 and costing many American lives. This narrative has been part of the presidential debates and there are certainly those who believe it to be the case.

I don’t feel competent enough to share an opinion on the matter and that’s not my point. The important part is that a lot of voters agree with Biden and his team. They feel that Trump didn’t take the crisis seriously and this can definitely bring the Democratic candidate plenty of votes.

It’s not a surprise that wearing masks has become one of Biden’s most common talking points.

Lots of Americans respond positively to Biden’s message on this and it’s among the biggest reasons to bet on Biden winning the 2020 US Presidential Election.

People Associate Biden with Obama

Many people miss Barack Obama and believe that he was the ultimate person for this position, at least when it comes to his behavior in public. The former president was calm, well-spoken, and certainly had a touch of class that some would say Trump lacks.

Since Joe Biden was Obama’s right hand, many voters believe he is the closest thing to the former president available out there. He even attended a recent rally to support his former aid and that certainly was a step in the right direction for Biden.

Many Democratic voters view him as the direct successor of Obama and that will boost his chances in the 2020 election.

The Polls Suggest He’s Ahead

Relying on the polls too much would be a huge mistake, as we clearly saw in 2016. Most of them suggested that Clinton had the presidency before Trump actually beat her when all was said and done.

And yet, the Democratic candidate won the popular vote back then and the polls have often been reliable in the past. Ignoring them completely would be a foolish approach as well. They still represent a good indicator on who’s ahead and Biden is leading the way right now.

I would recommend Pew’s US election section as one of the most reliable places for the latest polls. It’s one of the few sites that strike me as genuinely objective and they explain clearly how every poll was conducted.

Betting on Joe Biden to Win

If you agree with my reasons why Joe Biden would win the 2020 US Presidential Election, you can get odds of -180 at Bovada at the time of writing.

This is one of the highest prices available and this particular sportsbook is among the best places to bet on the elections for several reasons.

Betting on the 2020 US Presidential Election at Bovada

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