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FIFA Club World Cup 2020 Betting Guide

| January 9, 2021 8:00 am PDT
FIFA Club World Cup 2020 Betting Guide

The 2020 FIFA Club World Cup was supposed to take place last year, but it was postponed because of the chaotic situation around the globe. After a period of uncertainty, it was announced that the competition would proceed early in 2021 and the dates were later confirmed by FIFA.

Now that we know more about the next edition, it’s time to take a look at how and where to bet on the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup.

In this guide, I share my recommended online sportsbooks for the competition, general information about the format, and my Club World Cup betting tips. The goal is to improve your chances of making money if you intend to place some wagers on the tournament.

Where to Bet on the FIFA Club World Cup 2020

The best FIFA Club World Cup 2020 betting sites have a couple of things in common. For a start, they all can be trusted because of their proper gambling license, strong security measures, and impeccable reputation in the industry.

Another huge advantage is that the FIFA Club World Cup odds are higher than the competition and the number of markets at your disposal opens the door to various gambling opportunities.

On top of that, you can enjoy some excellent real money promotions for soccer for both new and existing customers.

If you add the fast payments and the slick mobile version, it’s easy to see why I believe these are the best places to bet on the FIFA Club World Cup 2020 online.

About the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup

The goal of the FIFA Club World Cup is to gather the best soccer teams from every continent and 2020 is no exception. Here are the contestants for the competition’s next edition.

Confederation Team Qualified through
UEFA Bayern Munich (Germany) 2019-20 UEFA Champions League
COMNEBOL TBD 2020 Copa Libertadores
CAF Al Ahly (Egypt) 2019-20 CAF Champions League
AFC Ulsan Huynday (South Korea) 2020 AFC Champions League
CONCACAF Tigres (Mexico) CONCACAF Champions League
AFC Al-Duhail (Qatar) 2019-20 Qatar Stars League
OFC Auckland City (Australia) OFC-nominated

We still don’t know which team will represent COMNEBOL because the Copa Libertadores Final is scheduled for January 30 and the FIFA Club World Cup 2020 starts on February 1.

You probably wonder why AFC has two representatives and the explanation is simple. The competition will take place in Qatar, so one team from the hosting country has the automatic right to play and that’s how Al-Duhail got there.

The final seven teams that will face each other between February 1-7 in Al Rayyan, Qatar.

The format of the competition includes four rounds of direct eliminations. The hosts and the representative of OFC (Australia and Oceania) face each other in the opening round and the winner progresses to the second stage.

That’s when the representatives of CONCACAF (North America), AFC (Asia), and CAF (Africa) enter the Club World Cup. The four teams are split into two quarterfinals through a draw. The two losers are out of the tournament and face each other to decide the fifth spot, while the winners progress to the semifinals.

They play against the best teams from UEFA (Europe) and COMNEBOL (South America). The winners progress to the final to determine the FIFA 2020 Club World Cup champion and the losers play for third place in the competition.

You can see the full scheduled on the FIFA official website and the tournament officials were announced as well.

After I’ve covered all of the facts, let’s move on to my FIFA World Club 2020 betting tips that can improve your chances to make some money from the competition.

2020 Club World Cup Betting Tips

There are several general rules of gambling with real money that you should certainly follow when betting on the FIFA Club World Cup 2020, but I won’t spend time talking about them. We have a page on soccer tips for beginners that explains them in detail, so feel free to visit it for the basics.

History Doesn’t Lie

The first thing you need to know about the FIFA Club World Cup is that the European teams have been crushing the competition. That’s hardly a surprise considering the gap in quality, but it still must be mentioned.

Here are the all-time standings of winners by federation to illustrate my point.

Federation Finals Titles
UEFA 15 12

The UEFA representatives have failed to qualify for the final only once in the inaugural edition of the tournament. They have won twelve of the other fifteen editions, including the last seven in a row.

It must be mentioned that the format is helping UEFA and COMNEBOL too, but the main reason behind their success is that they simply have the better players. That’s something you can’t ignore when you bet on the FIFA Club World Cup.

This Year Is Different

The world was shaken in 2020 and soccer was not an exception. There were long delays, games without spectators, and all sorts of consequences from the chaos that took over.

Perhaps the most important one when it comes to betting on the FIFA Club World Cup is the lack of proper preparation. The teams have a strict approach to getting ready for the new season that wasn’t viable this time around.

The results from that are plain to see in the top European leagues. The Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid are far from their best, no English side has managed to stay consistent, and even Juventus looks likely to finally lose the Serie A title.

Pirlo and his Juventus team may fail to win Serie A for the first time in several years.

One could say that UEFA’s representative in Qatar Bayern Munich might be the exception, but even the Bavarians are only two points ahead of the competition in the Bundesliga.

The main point is there’ve been plenty of surprises this season and it won’t be shocking if the trend continues during the FIFA Club World Cup.

Consider the Format

It’s crucial to consider the FIFA Club World format from two main perspectives. The first one is that it’s designed to favor the strong teams from Europe and South America. They play fewer games and start later on which gives them an automatic advantage.

The other factor here is that every round is in a single-match elimination format. One defeat is enough to go home. Even a draw that results in a loss after penalties would be the end, so the teams are focused and patient from the first minute. There’s simply no room for error.

Explore the Squads

If you bet on the FIFA Club World Cup, you should always explore what squads the teams announce. They don’t always include the best players, especially for European teams, because the top sides have other engagements in domestic leagues and other competitions shortly before and after the World Cup.

Flick might rest his stars for the Club World Cup due to an intense schedule in February.

That’s why the managers might prefer to rest some of their players and bring a weakened squad. At the same time, the representatives of smaller federations go all-in and use all of their top players.

Final Words

Betting on the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup can be profitable and our team will be looking for good opportunities when the tournament starts. We will publish them in the soccer picks section.

You should also stay tuned for an overview of the odds and favorites for the FIFA Club World Cup that will be published close to the tournament.

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