Is Facebook Changing Their Name? – Top Options and Prediction

By Noah Davis in Entertainment and Novelty
| October 20, 2021 12:52 pm PDT

It seems Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are in the news endlessly.

Whether it was dealing with the company going public in 2021, the backlash of the Social Network movie based on its creation, or recent criticism regarding the handling of misinformation, Facebook continues to trend.

The social media giant is in the news again, and it’s hoping it’ll be for good reasons. Facebook is soon to be a thing of the past – at least as we know it – with the company set to rebrand with a new name.

What will the new Facebook name be? Nobody knows just yet, and the top entertainment betting sites are giving bettors a chance to predict it.

You can bet on what Facebook’s new name will be, and I’ll break down the odds to get the party started.

Odds for New Facebook Name


You can find these odds over at BetOnline, which happens to be one of the best sites for entertainment prop bets. There are several other options, but I just listed the 10 names with the best odds.

Virtuel leads the way, but at just +400, it’s not the most reliable favorite. The math does check out on this one, seeing as Facebook is extremely interested in stretching their reach when it comes to the metaverse.

Facebook’s aggressiveness toward marrying the real world with technology seems to know no bounds, so it’s arguable anyone betting on what the new Facebook name will be should start there.

Understandably, most of the top options have some sort of technology tie-in. There’s even Omniverse, which is referring to the social engagement being limitless and “everywhere.”

It’s up to you to decide how to bet on this prop, but I’ll walk you through which options look the best.

Why is Facebook Changing Their Name?

Facebook was never a great name to begin with, let’s get that out of the way. It all seemed to come together by chance, too.

But the initial idea was that you could connect with people from your high school or college. It was a book of faces, whatever that means.

From there, Facebook turned into the go-to spot for numerous communities, it turned into a powerful marketing tool, and it supplanted good old fashioned legit conversation with instant photos and comments from people you otherwise would forget even existed.

If that weren’t bad (good?) enough, Facebook is now looking to rebrand, as it probably tries to distance itself from any past (or current) negativity, and also branch out intellectually.

I don’t know if a name change will do the trick, but Zuckberg and co. are slated to drop the new name at this year’s Connect conference on October 28th.

It’s quite possible the news breaks before that, or perhaps even before I finish writing this sentence, but the point is they see the name change as a step in a new direction.

But why?

Facebook has always been about evolution. And invasiveness, greed, and questionable behavior – but hey! At least you can see what your ex-girlfriend’s dog is doing these days.

The focus here is on the metaverse, as Facebook’s ambitions go beyond the world as we know it.

As I touched on, I don’t think this is just about setting up a new brand to properly display Facebook’s intentions or mission statement. It also could serve as a distraction for Facebook’s many ongoing leaks and criticisms.

Maybe it’s both, but the move does make some sense, all things considered.

Top Options for Facebook’s New Name

Facebook is reaching for the stars, while doing something most established brands this size wouldn’t dare do, but you don’t really care about why they’re doing it.

For the common bettor, it’s about predicting what the new Facebook company will be so you can fatten your wallet. What this means for Facebook’s cash flow should be of no consequence to you.

With that said, let’s go over the best bets for Facebook’s new name.

Immerse (+800)

This one looks good to me. To be honest, most of these names aren’t very grabby, or they’re trying too hard. Immerse seems simple enough, it sounds good, and it applies to the direction in which Facebook is trying to go.

Remember, this is the money-hungry entity that also owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus (among others), so a name that tries to embody global technological domination reach wouldn’t be a bad idea.

People are also immersing their entire lives into the internet and social media, so the name applies to the user, as well.

Just look at Twitter during live events. People aren’t just watching anything anymore. They’re tweeting about watching it, which means they’re not actually fully watching it.

Facebook doesn’t care. You’re immersed, they’re immersed. Let’s call it Immerse and be done with it.

Metabook (+800)

Not so fast, as Metabook is also an option.

I don’t love it, but Facebook gets to take things to a whole new level by rebranding as this meta brand, while also holding onto their roots with “book” at the end.

It honestly sounds better than Facebook, so I’m listening. Just consider the two ways you can interpret the use of the word meta here, too.

First, there’s the definition of the word meta.

“Referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre; self-referential.”

That refers to the living of our lives online and realizing that so much of living, action, and entertainment is done with a screen of some sort in front of our faces.

There’s also just the metaverse in general, which is the more literal way to look at this name. The metaverse is an idea of the internet acting as an augmented reality, where you can “go” and “do things” online.

Virtual reality taken to the next level, and syncing everything up. I know, major The Matrix vibes, am I right?

But if that’s what Facebook is working toward – and they undeniably are – then this name looks like a potential fit. It isn’t the only “meta” option, though. Consider the following, as well.

  • Metanet (+1400)
  • MetaRack (+2500)
  • MetaLand (+3300)
  • MetaLife (+3300)
  • MetaMatrix (+4000)
  • MetaBeast (+8000)
  • MetaMark (+8000)

All of these sound horrible, but most of them are just poking fun at Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, or just the silliness of it all. Facebook is headed toward that meta life, though, so you can’t exactly rule all of these out.

Openverse (+2500)

The other contender I think could have a shot at being the new Facebook name is Openverse. When you start talking about virtual reality, metaverses, and technology reaching new heights, this name just stands out.

Everything is open and connected, you get the “verse” part in there to tie it all together, and it doesn’t sound utterly stupid.

The +2500 odds are probably the main selling point for me, and the other candidates beyond this just fall off a cliff when it comes to logic and legit branding potential.

Predicting What Facebook’s New Name Will Be

There are two major issues with trying to predict Facebook’s new company name. First, that there is a good chance none of these options will win you money, and secondly, that it’s a silly concept to begin with.

I totally get that Facebook wouldn’t mind distancing itself from a lot of negativities. I also agree the original name is outdated, and that a rebranding would give a clearer mission for the company.

But ditching a recognizable brand at that level is always dicey. It can create a loss of trust with your user base, too, and you’re already seeing that with the Instagram Kids fiasco.

Regardless, Facebook appears ready to take a step in a new direction, and you can bet on it. Given the options at the best novelty betting sites, I like Immerse the most.

It’s priced as a top contender, it makes sense for all parties involved, it’s not too blunt, it sounds professional, and the +800 odds are plenty inviting.

Ultimately, this is probably a bet I’d just leave alone. Zuckerberg named the company Facebook the first time around, after all. He could just turn around and name it FootTV and nobody would be all that shocked.

Love betting on the entertainment industry? Check out some fun props and odds in the posts below.



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