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Expert Advice and Tips for Betting on CS:GO

| August 29, 2020 3:16 am PDT
CS:GO Betting Tips and Strategy: How to Bet on CS:GO Online

There’s little doubt that Counter-Strike is the most successful shooter of all time, and the Global Offensive version has been dominating the genre in more almost a decade. It’s among the most successful esports, and there are no signs of a decline.

Millions watch and play it, and many people try to make money by betting on CS:GO. Most of them fail to be profitable. If you want to avoid a similar fate, you should be prepared to research and learn.

This CS:GO betting guide won’t make you an instant winner, but it can certainly provide some direction. I offer my best CS:GO betting tips here. They can help you build your own successful strategy for the game.

Before I get to my best CS:GO betting advice, let me just mention that my colleagues and I publish esports betting picks in the blog frequently. Many of them are for CS:GO competitions, and you can see the latest predictions here.

Fundamental Betting Tips That Apply to CS:GO

I have prepared many specific CS:GO betting tips, but before we get to those, I would like to take a look at some of the fundamentals that apply to all sports and events you could bet on, from greyhound racing to football to CS:GO. You simply can’t ignore them if you want to be profitable.

Bet on CS:GO Online

Some land-based bookmakers around the globe might offer CS:GO odds, but there’s little doubt that the betting sites online offer a much better overall service. They operate with lower costs, and there’s much higher competition for customers.

As a result, could you consistently get higher CS:GO odds, more events, and more bonuses and promotions if you place your wagers on the web. Here are some of the top bookmakers online that have proven to be trustworthy over the years.

Look for Value – Don’t Try to Guess What’s Going to Happen

If I have to single out one reason why people lose money from betting on CS:GO or any other esport/sport, it would be that they try to guess what’s going to happen. That approach is fundamentally wrong because it ignores the odds.

For example, it’s easy to assume that a team that’s a large favorite will win often, and you will be correct most of the time. However, the bookmaker knows that too and usually provides short odds that make up for that.

To be more successful with your CS:GO betting, you need to learn how to evaluate each outcome instead of guessing. This guide to value betting will help you understand the concept better.

Other Fundamental Rules

Here are the other basic rules to sports betting that also apply to CS:GO.

  • Bankroll management: Pick a staking plan that protects your bankroll from bad luck and losing streaks
  • Use multiple betting sites: Join several CS:GO betting sites, and you will have access to higher odds and better lines
  • Bonuses and promotions: Most bookmakers on the internet provide exclusive CS:GO bonuses and promotions, so make sure to take full advantage of every offer
  • Control your emotions: Don’t let your emotions and biases dictate your CS:GO wagers

After going through the general stuff, it’s time to take a deep dive into the specific CS:GO betting tips that apply to this game and are imperative to finding success.

Learn the Game Well Through Playing and Watching

I won’t spend too much time on this one, as it’s obvious, but it’s impossible to skip it. If you are going to make money by betting on CS:GO, you have to know the game well. You have to understand the rules, the basic gameplay mechanics, how the economy works, and the most popular maps used in competitive matches.

There are two main ways to learn. The first one is to play the game for yourself. You don’t have to be a pro to be good at betting, but you should have some experience.

The second step would be to observe the pros.

There are plenty of Twitch streamers that cover CS:GO, and most tournaments are free to watch on the web. Make sure to spend some time learning what competitive CS:GO looks like and getting some insight from content creators and casters.

That would help you immensely when the time comes to start betting on CS:GO because you will be much better at extracting and using the important information about the game and the teams involved.

Don’t Place Bets Based on Perceived Power

One of the most common mistakes in the CS:GO betting strategy of most people is that they rely too much on names. If a team has a strong reputation and has a couple of popular players, they assume that the win is guaranteed against relatively unknown opponents.

That might be true for the big events when the top squads are highly motivated and prepared, but such huge competitions are just a small fraction of all the tournaments on the CS:GO competitive scene.

You will often encounter smaller events that the big teams use for preparation and to test new strategies. Their motivation is different, while the organizations with lower ranks might view the same tournament as a huge opportunity to reach a higher tier.

On top of that, we often see roster changes, stand-ins for certain events, fired coaches, and other personnel movements that might affect each team. The CS:GO competitive organizations are not that different from traditional sports clubs in this regard.

That’s why you should always stay in touch with the latest news around them and try to recognize just how important a certain match might be for each of the sides involved.

Statistics and Head-to-Head Record Are Your Friends

I highlighted the most important subjective factors in the previous section, and now it’s time to move to the objective CS:GO betting tips when it comes to evaluating each team. Fortunately, the internet is full of websites that offer stats.

You can find historical data for most squads and a head-to-head record for previous meetings. If you carefully explore them, you will understand the strong and weak sides of each team not only on paper but also in reality based on their previous matches.

You will often see trends that might not match the absolute power of each team when it comes to certain matchups. For example, a weaker side might be an awkward opponent for a stronger team because the captain somehow finds the best strategy every time.

The other set of data that you should be looking for is the map stats. Most teams have strong and weak maps. Learn what to expect from them, especially when you place bets after the drafting stage is completed.

Team Captains Are Crucial in CS:GO

I already mentioned team captains, so let’s talk about them further here. They are the main tacticians of each team and make the important calls. Every single squad has different strategies that have been tried over and over again in practice.

The execution depends on every single member of the roster and his ability to fulfill his role. However, the selection of the tactics for each round is determined by the captain.

A team with an experienced leader is often capable of overcoming an opponent with better individual qualities and mechanics thanks to better tactics and coordination.

It must be mentioned that the captains are also responsible for handling the economy and deciding on what utility should be used based on the available resources. Both can make the difference between winning and losing when betting on CS:GO online.

Stay Alert for CS:GO Patches

The fundamentals of CS:GO have been the same for what seems like forever, but that doesn’t mean the game has never changed. We’ve seen multiple patches in the past, and they might affect the optimal CS:GO betting strategy.

For example, a couple of minor changes in a map could make all the difference. A box that’s moved slightly could open new angles or close traditional ones. That could transform a map that was favorable for the counter-terrorists into one that works better for the terrorists.

That’s only one obvious example, but there are many similar changes that you should account for.

Always Check the Format of the CS:GO Matches

There are different formats in competitive CS:GO matches. Most of them use the best-of-three system, which means that each team selects one map and both sides ban some until a third one is left as a decider if the score is 1-1 after the first two maps.

However, it is possible that the match is in the best-of-five or best-of-one formats. The shorter option obviously leaves more room for surprises, while the longer one works in favor of the more consistent team that performs better on most maps.

The important part is to take into account the format of the match and incorporate it into your CS:GO betting strategy.

Final Words

As I said in the beginning, reading a single post with CS:GO betting tips won’t make you an instant winner. The process is long and complicated. And yet, I hope that my CS:GO betting guide did provide enough information for you to avoid the biggest mistakes and start on the right path.

If you think I might have missed some important aspects of CS:GO betting, I would love to read your own tips and tricks for making money in the comments below.

You might also like to check out our main esports betting guide for more information and advice.

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