Eugene and the 5 The Walking Dead Characters That Could Die in Half-Season Finale

| December 9, 2017 12:00 am PST
The Walking Dead

If you haven’t seen all of season 8 of The Walking Dead, turn back now. There will be spoilers in this entertainment betting blog.

The last time I took a look at The Walking Dead death odds, I voted in Father Gabriel as the most likely to die.

There weren’t actual betting odds anywhere at that point (and still aren’t), but it’s interesting to look at in case Bovada or any other sites showcase bets ahead of next week’s mid-season finale.

If you’re caught up with the first half of season 8 like the rest of the world probably is, you’d know that ol’ Gabe is still kickin’ and no other main characters have been killed off yet.

Emphasis on yet.

TWD has been notorious for trudging along without accomplishing much and the show is guilty of doing so again through the first 7 episodes of this season.

A few narratives were worth looking at, but nobody really cares about Jesus’ moral dilemma, what’s going on in Morgan’s mind or whether or not King Ezekiel is as confident as he once led us to believe.

For the most part, the audience is still stuck where they started. Rick Grimes and company have started the All Out War and Negan and The Saviors are losing.

I get the sense the tables will be turning heading into the season 8 mid-way finale, however.

That’s partially because Eugene is a cowardice jerk and also because once Rick finally led Jadis and her trash heap friends to The Sanctuary, Rick’s zombie-infestation plan seemed to fall apart.

But everything is still circling around. It wouldn’t be much of a “war” if Rick’s plan worked perfectly and the good guys won without any resistance. Suffice to say, Rick and his pals are still in for some struggles and some characters we’ve come to love are on the chopping block.

Somebody big has to go down, just because this world is too volatile to hold this many meaningful people for much longer. I think Father Gabriel and Gregory are the easiest calls as far as who is at risk, while I won’t waste anyone’s time by going over the likelihood of Rick or Negan dying by the end of the first half of season 8.

Rick and Negan (and so many others) are as safe as it gets and Father Gabriel and Gregory are 100% at risk. There are five more key characters that could bite the dust in episode 8 of season 8, however:


Of this group, Daryl is the least likely to die.

After Rick and Negan, he’s the biggest character on the show and a fan favorite. However, he’s not an original comic book character, so if the show wanted a huge death to shake everyone to their cores, this would do the job.

There is admittedly a good amount of story that could be told with Daryl. He still feels guilty for having Glenn killed and he has it out for both Negan and Dwight.

I’m sure fans would love to see him get revenge, but sometimes it doesn’t always work the way you want it to. He’s started showing a very reckless side to himself and because he went away from Rick’s plan, it looks like things are now very much up in the air.

If Daryl’s silly antics put him in a tough spot in The Sanctuary, it’s not crazy to think he wouldn’t make it out alive.

Daryl would die trying to do what was right for his friends, but he’d also be staying true to his character by doing something dumb that brought major repercussions. I’m not sure he dies in episode 8, but he’s close to the fire right now and isn’t thinking straight.


The fact that Rick broke Jadis and turned the tables suggests she might actually feel that she owes him.

I don’t think she respected Rick the first time around and now that he’s twice survived her challenges and made her look weak in front of her own people, it’s possible she stands down and joins him.

Jadis and the garbage patch kids are absolutely necessary for Rick’s group at the moment. They’re collectively storming The Sanctuary and while things aren’t going as expected, they are tentatively still there to back Rick’s plight.

What if that changes, though?

Jadis burned Rick once before and she clearly does everything in the best interest of herself and her group. She could do so again and Rick might kill her before she can get to him.

Jadis is probably necessary for this war due to The Kingdom taking such a massive hit, but if she doesn’t stay loyal to Rick, she could be in trouble.

This is a war, too. It’s always possible she just dies naturally amidst gunfire or Negan sees that she turned sides and he decides to take her out.


Those that are closest to Negan appear to be at risk and that absolutely includes Dwight, who has now made his plans known to Eugene.

Dwight did this to keep Eugene from helping Negan, but also probably because he thought Eugene would be interested in both helping his old friends and getting out from under Negan’s control.

That doesn’t appear to be the case, as Eugene has made it quite clear that he only cares about himself. Eugene was also seconds away from revealing Dwight to be the inside traitor, too, so it’s possible he finally tells Negan who the spy is in episode 8.

Dwight and Negan have never really seen eye to eye,

but if Negan catches wind Dwight has fully turned to the other side,

he would relish the opportunity to kill him.

Dwight has been an emerging character and he has a lot of story to tell as a redeeming personality, but that may not stop him from dying.


I really think those that are closest to The Sanctuary are in serious danger, as Negan and his forces could be on the mend and ready to fight back.

Eugene would in theory be safe then, but there are a lot of ways he could die. Dwight could realize he’s close to spilling the beans and opt to kill him off, Negan could deem Eugene unnecessary or perhaps Eugene runs into Daryl or someone else from Rick’s crew.

Father Gabriel could also do the dirty deed if he gets healthy and decides Eugene is a traitor that won’t ever redeem himself.

More than anything else, Eugene is no longer likable.

This is a character that has evolved into a person The Walking Dead fans loathe. He is no longer a fun character to watch and while his death would be shocking, it’s probably one most TWD fans would welcome.

And if it happens, it sounds like the guy who plays Eugene knows how he’d want it to go down.


All five of these characters are at risk, while The Walking Dead trailer for episode 8 also put Carl and Enid at risk. I’m not biting on that yet, though, just because this entire show is about protecting life and building for the future.

Carl and Enid have a lot of story left (whether we like it or not), while other characters are either surviving on borrowed time or very close to completing their character arcs.

Tara is one that I’m afraid is very close to the end. She’s been running on fumes for a while now, as she could have been killed several times and is now out for revenge due to the death of her girlfriend, Denise.

That’s put her in this foolish situation with Daryl, where they suddenly no longer have the numbers and are going against Rick’s initial plan. At some point, this whole thing is going to backfire and somebody in this crusade is going down.

Tara is a big enough character that her death would hurt and be a shock, but not such a huge loss that the show couldn’t overcome.

I think a big death is necessary for episode 8 of The Walking Dead and due to her proximity to a dangerous zone and her character coming full circle, I think she’ll be the next to go.

Pick: Tara Chambers

Remember, there aren’t any The Walking Dead death odds out there yet, but there are still a couple of days before the half-season finale. If they pop up somewhere, it’d be very interesting to see the value some of these characters provide.

I’d bet Tara offers a good line and she’d be my first pick. As I said before, don’t rule out Father Gabriel or Gregory, although they surely would be among the top favorites and wouldn’t return much betting value.

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