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Early Betting Odds and Predictions for the 2024 US Presidential Election

| October 27, 2020 4:58 am PDT
Early Betting Odds and Predictions for the 2024 US Presidential Election

The world is currently focused on this year’s US Presidential Election and the battle between Trump and Biden has occupied the internet. That’s only natural so close to the final day, but it’s interesting to see that the top political betting sites are looking further into the future.

Some of them have published their odds for the 2024 US Presidential Election and they got my attention. It’s obviously a bit early for major conclusions, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the prices completely.

In this post, I share the early odds for the elections in 2024 and my analysis of the potential winners.

Presidential Election Odds for 2024

The US 2024 Presidential Election odds you see above are available at BetOnline, one of the top sites for political betting online.

I decided to only add the somewhat realistic options here, so I’ve filtered only candidates with odds of +5000 or lower. The sportsbook actually published prices for a ton of other people, including the likes of Kanye West, Ben Shapiro, Meghan Markle, Elon Musk, and more.

If you are interested in checking them out, I recommend that you visit BetOnline and explore what the site has to offer.

Early Analysis of the 2024 US Presidential Election

I believe that every analysis of the 2024 US Presidential Election should use the 2020 vote as a starting point. We have two options this year, Donald Trump or Joe Biden. If the POTUS remains in office, that means he won’t be available for another term next time around.

If the Democratic candidate wins, it’s highly likely that he won’t be in condition for another run because of his age. We already saw signs that Biden might be getting too old to be the president and while he might have one term in him, I don’t think that another one is realistic.

All things considered, I expect a new president in 2024 and the next big question is if it will be a Republican or a Democrat.

That’s a tough one to answer so early, especially since the country is so divided right now. The 2020 election and the global pandemic make the situation unstable, so I wouldn’t firmly back any party.

Instead, I prefer to share some thoughts on candidates that have a shot at being around. I don’t like the odds for Kamala Harris because we clearly saw that many Democrats dislike her and she dropped out of the race early on.

There are better choices for the party and I see the likes of Andrew Yang, Pete Buttigieg, or even Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez as more realistic candidates. The Democrats need to send someone younger and not that strongly associated with the worst in US politics, especially if Biden loses.

I would expect a similar approach from the Republicans and Nikki Haley certainly strikes me as a good choice. The odds for her are somewhat short, but she looks like the best option from that party right now.

Tim Scott is another person with good credentials and you can get the excellent price of +2000 for him at this point. He’s relatively young for a politician and could draw plenty of black voters who traditionally vote Democrat.

Betting on the 2020 US Presidential Election

I’m sure that most of you are more interested in the current elections right now, and we’ve got you covered. We have published plenty of content on this year’s race in the politics section our blog. There are all kinds of posts relating to the election and betting on it.

Perhaps the most useful is our complete betting guide to the 2020 US Presidential Election that delivers everything you need.

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