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Early Betting Odds and Lines for NFL Week 17 (2020)

| December 28, 2020 8:00 am PDT
Opening NFL Odds and Betting Lines for Week 17 (2020)

The 2020 NFL regular season is almost over, as there is just one more string of games before playoff football is upon us.

Week 17 brings numerous division tilts, some desperate teams looking to punch their ticket into the NFL playoffs, and some teams vying for seeding.

There is a lot to consider for this final week of NFL regular season action, but there’s also a lot to bet on. Before you place any bets at your favorite NFL betting websites, join me for a look at the early NFL week 17 odds.

Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills Odds

Dolphins (+3) -115
Bills (-3) -105

I touched on the fact that week 17 in the NFL brings serious playoff implications, and it starts here with a tense AFC East showdown.

The #2 seed isn’t what it used to be, but Buffalo will still be playing for that, as well as pride. They are the understandable favorites at home, and the point spread isn’t egregious.

Ryan Fitzpatrick was called upon to save Miami last week, and he delivered one of the best plays of the entire season.

It also was one of the most improbable.

Fitzmagic struck again, but Miami is expected to go right back to supposed franchise passer, Tua Tagovailo.

The Dolphins will be a trendy bet just because they’re playing for a playoff spot, but it’ll be tough to go against the superior Bills in their own backyard – especially at this price.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals Odds

Ravens (-11) -110
Bengals (+11) -110
Ravens to Win -625
Bengals to Win +485
Over 44 -110
Under 44 -110

Lamar Jackson and company march into week 17 with an eye on a playoff spot. The Ravens have ripped off four wins in a row, and presently have the leg up on the 6th spot in the AFC.

Baltimore really just needs to win and they’re in, and the pricing for this date with the Bengals suggests they’re a lock to get it done.

Cincinnati rose up to shock the Steelers two weeks ago, and even won a shootout last week. They could be appealing due to that (and their week 17 NFL odds), but that’s where the interest dies out.

Baltimore simply has too much riding on this game. They project to win, and they’ll probably do so easily.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns Odds

Steelers (+7) -110
Browns (-7) -110

This is a very interesting price, seeing as the Browns suddenly look quite human after losing to the New York Jets.

I know, Cleveland was without basically all of their wide receivers due to COVID-19, but still. The Browns showed some flaws, and they’re not running into some cakewalk matchup here.

Pittsburgh lost three in a row following a 12-0 start, but they licked their wounds and rallied for a huge win over the Colts this past weekend.

With the #2 seed still on the line, it will be interesting to see if Pittsburgh still goes hard in week 17. If not, staying away from this game may be best advised. If so, the Steelers ATS or straight up looks awfully tempting.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions Odds

Vikings (-6.5) -110
Lions (+6.5) -110

Both of these NFC South teams are dead in the water come week 17, and they’ll merely be playing for pride.

Minnesota actually has their head coach and starting quarterback for this game, though, plus they happen to be the more talented team in general.

Namely, that bad man, Dalvin Cook.

Bettors could get a sneaky shootout, but this one just looks like a Vikings bet across the board.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts Odds

Jaguars (+14) -114
Colts (-14) -106
Jaguars to Win +660
Colts to Win -1000
Over 49 -110
Under 49 -110

One of the few week 17 NFL games with full lines out over at BetOnline, this Jaguars vs. Colts showdown could actually tell us if Indy even makes the playoffs.

The range of outcomes for Indianapolis are shockingly wide. Philip Rivers and co. blew a big lead against the Steelers last week, yet they still have a shot at the AFC South crown, or at least a wild card playoff spot.

Of course, with a loss here (or the teams ahead of them not losing) they also just might not get in at all.

Logic says the much more talented Colts get the job done at home. However, Jacksonville is locked into the #1 overall pick. They have nothing to lose here, so bettors could always elect to get real weird with their +660 moneyline.

New York Jets vs. New England Patriots Odds

Jets (+4) -110
Patriots (-4) -110

The Jets perfected the tank for 13 games, and over the past two weeks they cost themselves a chance at drafting Trevor Lawrence.

Maybe they just don’t care? I don’t know, but New York will head into week 17 with a chance to close the year out strong with a three-game winning streak.

New England meanwhile, will be surprisingly mild favorites at home in a non-playoff year. I still think the Pats are the rightful favorites here (and the way to lean with bets), but New York’s recent work tells us they can’t really be trusted.

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants Odds

Cowboys (-2.5) -115
Giants (+2.5) -105

This is weirdly one of the best games in the NFL in week 17. Maybe.

In terms of an old rivalry people care about, division titles, and playoff hopes, though, this really does rank pretty high up there.

Dallas and New York are not true playoff teams, but with a week to go, either could win the NFC East and sneak into the playoffs.

New York can finish with the same record as Washington and steal the division, while Dallas needs a win here, and Washington to lose.

I side with the Giants here, as they have superior coaching, the better defense, and they’ll be at home. How you translate that into bets for this game, of course, is up to you.

Washington Football Team vs. Philadelphia Eagles Odds

Washington (+1.5) -115
Eagles (-1.5) -105

Jalen Hurts has been fantastic for the Eagles, but they’re just 1-2 since he took over as the full-time starter under center.

Philly has been a more exciting team, but they’re still not going to the playoffs. Hurts and co. will try to end the year on a high note in week 17, though, while also trying to play the role of spoiler.

Washington’s gritty defense gives them the edge here and makes them interesting underdogs, but it’ll be tough to get away from the Eagles here.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Odds

Falcons (+6) -110
Buccaneers (-6) -110

Tom Brady put on a clinic in a 47-7 beatdown of the Lions in week 16, and it is quite possible he sets out to do something similar at home against the Falcons.

Brady smoked Atlanta just two games ago, after all.

The only issue here is the Bucs are kind of locked into their playoff spot. They can’t win their division, and they can’t gain a lot of ground in terms of seeding. Really, they just can lose a little.

If the starters play the whole game, the Bucs will be a good team to side with across the board, and we can brace for a high-scoring affair. Should they sit, the Falcons could be a fun underdog and ATS play.

New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers Odds

Saints (-5) -115
Panthers (+5) -105

Drew Brees is a rest candidate going into week 17, and after the Saints clinched their division and a playoff spot, the entire team should be on watch.

If the main guys go to work, New Orleans could be an easy call to cover here. To be frank, that may be the case, either way.

The Saints have such good coaching and a brilliant system, that handing the keys to the offense over to Taysom Hill or even Jameis Winston might not change things in the eyes of bettors.

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Denver Broncos Odds

Raiders (+1) -115
Broncos (-1) -105

The Raiders were a legit playoff team just weeks ago, but then they lost a bunch of soul-sucking games.

Las Vegas is a little bit better than their middling 7-8 record suggests, and it’s likely they’ll want to end 2020 on a high note.

Facing a turnover-prone quarterback like Drew Lock may allow them to do that. This one is priced like the toss-up it most definitely is, but it’s hard to get away from the Raiders in this spot.

If you don’t want to take a side here, just pay attention to the total pricing. I’m assuming this one will not be stingy with the points.

Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers Odds

Seahawks (-3.5) -110
49ers (+3.5) -110

There are a few games without week 17 NFL odds, so I’ll stop with a look at this Seahawks vs. 49ers clash.

Normally this would be one of the top games of the week, but the injury-ravaged Niners are already out of the playoffs.

C.J. Beathard and Jeff Wilson Jr. looked good last week in a win, however.

If they can keep that going, it’s not impossible the 49ers stage the upset and keep Seattle out of the running for a top-two seed.

Possible, but not likely. Seattle offers pretty good value here. They’re a terrific bet to win, and this 3.5-point spread feels awfully thin.


While I am a firm advocate for checking out the early NFL odds each week, I do think history and circumstances provide cause for pause here.

Should bettors refrain from betting on the NFL in week 17? Absolutely not, and I think an early look at the week 17 NFL odds can also be very useful.

As I’ve detailed, there are some bets that stand out instantly, after all.

That said, there are some very specific situations where waiting a day or two may help you decide how to bet considerably better.

Hopefully this early look at the week 17 NFL betting lines proves useful, or at least points you in the right direction. For individual games picks for every contest this week, hit up our NFL betting picks section.

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