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Early Betting Odds and Lines for NFL Week 14 (2020)

| December 7, 2020 3:49 am PDT
Early Betting Odds and Lines for NFL Week 14 in 2020

The NFL in 2020 is crazy, I tell you. I’m writing my weekly NFL odds preview ahead of week 14, and the past week isn’t over yet.

Normally that’d honestly be the case regardless, seeing as this post goes live before Monday Night Football pops off.

This week, though, there are two more MNF games to digest. Then bettors have even another game to figure out on Tuesday before week 14 really makes any sense to anyone.

Of course, week 13 is over in the minds of many. And with the online sportsbooks unleashing next week’s NFL betting lines, there is no time like the present to see if there is a bet we should be taking advantage of.

With that, join me as I break down the NFL week 14 odds, with a brief breakdown of each game, and which bets look most appealing.

New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams Odds

Patriots (-6) -102
Rams (+6) -118
Over 45 -110
Under 45 -110

BetOnline has some of the best NFL week 14 odds, and we can start here with a showdown between the Pats and Rams.

Thursday Night Football returns this week. NFL fans have been living without it for the past couple of weeks due to COVID-19 rescheduling, but it’s finally back when the Patriots and Rams face off.

New England is fresh off of demolition of the Los Angeles Chargers, while L.A. slowed down the Arizona Cardinals in a win of their own.

There is no moneyline out for this game just yet, but the point spread pops off the page. The Rams have the more talented defense and more explosive offense, but six points is a bit thick as L.A. goes up against Bill Belichick.

New England ATS and maybe as a straight up dog could be the way to go here, while a likely defensive battle isn’t likely to get bettors to the Over in this one.

Houston Texans vs. Chicago Bears Odds

Texans (-1.5) -115
Bears (+1.5) -105
Over 46 -110
Under 46 -110

Deshaun Watson and co. played admirably in a loss to the Colts last week, and they’ll head to Soldier Field to battle a Bears team that is in a remarkable slide.

Chicago choked away a 10-point lead late last week against the Lions, and have now lost six straight games following a surprise 5-1 start.

It’s worth wondering if Mitch Trubisky will be back under center come week 14, and depending what the Bears do at quarterback, you may end up betting on this game differently.

Houston probably deserves your cash, regardless. The Over is something to think about in this spot, as well, wherever you bet on sports online.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Cincinnati Bengals Odds

Cowboys (-3.5) -115
Bengals (+3.5) -105

Dallas probably is the team we thought they were after Dak Prescott got hurt. Andy Dalton and co. came alive long enough to beat the Vikings a couple of games ago, but they looked flat out abysmal on Thanksgiving Day.

The Cowboys have enough offensive firepower to dismantle the Bengals, of course, and this is one heck of a revenge game for The Red Rifle.

Cincinnati has an equally solid shot at getting a big win here, but they’re the understandable underdogs. Dallas probably wins, but the value arguably lies with Cincy.

I’ll also be interested to see what the game total is here. I can’t imagine it being too high that I wouldn’t want to hammer the Over.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins Odds

Chiefs (-7.5) -113
Dolphins (+7.5) -107

Normally I wouldn’t bat an eye at a Chiefs point spread, but this one is not an easy sell at first glance. I’ll admit, I’d be much more comfortable with Miami ATS if it were Ryan Fitzpatrick under center and not Tua Tagovailoa, but still.

The Dolphins have a respectable offense and a very good defense, so there could be a little upset possibility here. Even if that’s not true, Miami to at least keep this interesting feels like a viable try.

Kansas City can lay the smack down at any time, to be sure. This probably isn’t a bet I’d feel amazing about, and instead I’d just hit the Over, assuming Miami’s solid defense keeps it in a palatable range.

Arizona Cardinals vs. New York Giants Odds

Cardinals (-2.5) -115
Giants (+2.5) -105

Kyler Murray’s shoulder must be bothering him, even if he says it isn’t, because he has looked awful in two straight games. I’m not sure Cardinals fans can demand a get-right performance on the road against the Giants, either, as New York has been very solid defensively lately.

The G-Men just went into Seattle and stifled Russell Wilson, so there has to be some real concern that Murray and company get held in check a bit here.

New York is sneaky, but getting Arizona at such a nice price isn’t something we’ll get every week. The Cardinals are probably the team to target here.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Odds

Vikings (+6.5) -110
Buccaneers (-6.5) -110
Over 52.5 -110
Under 52.5 -110

If you’d have told me three weeks ago that the Vikings and Buccaneers would be a game within each other in terms of record, I’d have sprayed my latte across this computer screen.

Tampa Bay has way too much talent to be at risk of falling to 7-6, but against a pretty dangerous Vikings team, they very well could in week 14.

Sorry, Tom.

Minnesota ATS is very tempting here, and it’s not that crazy to go after the Vikes as straight up underdogs.

To be clear, the Bucs have a very good run defense and in theory, should destroy a weak Minnesota defense. But if Dalvin Cook gets going and Tom Brady’s deep ball struggles continue, a determined Vikings team could stage the upset.

I’d be more inclined to just hit the Over here, but the Vikings offer compelling value across the board in week 14.

Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Odds

Titans (-7) -115
Jaguars (+7) -105
Over 54 -110
Under 54 -110

The Titans have turned into an all or nothing team. They either are going to totally smoke you, or they’ll let you embarrass them.

It also seems that if this team can’t get Derrick Henry going, it tends to cut their offense off at the knees. Luckily the Titans get the Jaguars, who haven’t effectively stopped the run much in 2020.

Derrick Henry has some spots where you just run for the hills, but this isn’t one of them.

With Henry likely getting going and never slowing down, Tennessee to cover feels like a pretty good bet, and probably the best to target in this game. I’m just not sure I’d want to see this line get much thicker than seven points.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Las Vegas Raiders Odds

Colts (-2.5) -107
Raiders (+2.5) -113

Philip Rivers has a bum foot, but he keeps on ticking, and Indy followed suit in a nice bounce-back win last week.

The Colts remain the class of the AFC South, and if they stay the course, they’ll lock up a division crown before long. Las Vegas also bounced back with a clutch win over the winless Jets, of course.

Had the Raiders dropped that game, they’d be in free fall mode. Instead, they have a chance to get to 8-5 and inch closer to locking up a playoff spot in the AFC.

Las Vegas has more to lose here, but the Raiders haven’t looked very good over the last two weeks. Indy is the play here, but we should get enough points to hit the Over, assuming it isn’t priced at an obscene level.

New York Jets vs. Seattle Seahawks Odds

Jets (+13.5) -105
Seahawks (-13.5) -115
Over 47.5 -110
Under 47.5 -110

I really thought last week was the week the Jets would finally win. For large portions of their week 13 battle with the Raiders, I started to believe it was going to happen.

Then Henry Ruggs III ripped New York’s heart out.


There went perhaps New York’s best (and last?) shot at preventing an 0-16 season. They still have time to stop the bleeding, but a week 14 road game against a miffed Russell Wilson and the Seahawks? Fat chance.

Wilson and company laid an egg last week, but there’s just no way they turn back around and do it again. This spread is thick, but it feels like the only bet to consider in this game. If it gets cut down at all, bettors need to pounce.

Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions Odds

Packers (-8.5) -105
Lions (+8.5) -115
Over 55 -110
Under 55 -110

If there is a team to trust when betting on football point spreads, perhaps the Packers are it.

I keep doubting Green Bay’s ability to cover the point spread in 2020, yet here they are with an impeccable 8-4 mark against the spread.

I totally get that, but the Packers have weirdly been mentally owned by the Lions for some time now. They still usually win the games, but Detroit (especially in Detroit) plays Green Bay extremely well, and they’re in a different state after firing head coach Matt Patricia.

The Packers have also played down to their opponents’ level a few times in 2020. They almost lost to the Jaguars at home, they lost to the Vikings at home, and they almost let the Eagles come back last week.

Detroit at +8.5 is a lot more appealing than bettors may want to admit. Whether you dig that bet or not, the Packers put up 30 points almost weekly, and Detroit has the ability to do some damage.

The Over is very much in play, although I’d probably shop around for a slightly lower total.

New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles Odds

Saints (-6.5) -110
Eagles (+6.5) -110

Carson Wentz finally got benched, and the Eagles followed it up by promptly scoring 13 points.

Is the Jalen Hurts era finally here?

Possibly, although I’m not sure the Eagles are in any shape to beat a 6.5-point spread against perhaps the NFC’s best team in the Saints.

Drew Brees could be making his triumphant return, too.

Philly doesn’t have the defense, quarterback play, o-line, or running game to make New Orleans feel threatened here. The Saints look like a solid bet to cover, while the Over could be interesting, depending on the pricing.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Los Angeles Chargers Odds

Falcons (-2.5) -110
Chargers (+2.5) -110
Over 49.5 -110
Under 49.5 -110

Say what you will about the Atlanta Falcons, but they have played fairly spirited and competitive ball ever since firing head coach Dan Quinn.

The Chargers can’t say the same, at least when looking at last week’s horrendous display.

Los Angeles had otherwise been in every game so far, but Anthony Lynn may have lost the team in a crushing blowout loss to the Patriots.

Both of these teams are notorious for their collapses, so it’ll be a battle of futility here. L.A. is more talented, but the defensive edge probably lies with the Falcons. The Over is the most appealing bet on paper, while Atlanta may be the team to side with going into week 14.

Washington Football Team vs. San Francisco 49ers Odds

Washington (+4) -105
49ers (-4) -115

Washington and San Francisco both play on Monday night in week 13, so we may look at them a bit differently after those games.

Even so, both of these teams want to run the ball, and they both have the ability to play the pass extremely well.

This likely leads to the Under for me, and if Washington can avoid mental mistakes on offense, they could be a surprisingly great bet ATS this week.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Buffalo Bills Odds

Steelers (-2) -105
Bills (+2) -115

Here are two more teams that haven’t yet played their week 13 game as I write about the week 14 NFL betting lines.

As I noted in the Washington vs. 49ers blurb, bettors may change their mind on how they feel about this game based on what transpires on Monday.

That said, the Steelers could still be shooting for perfection, and Buffalo has a lot to play for. The Bills have the AFC East title and seeding to be concerned with, after all.

This is a pretty fun matchup, and right off the bat, the Over seems interesting. I don’t actually know what it’ll be as I write this, but I think we’ll get some points in this one.

I also just like Buffalo here. They have the more explosive offense, they’re at home, and if the Steelers don’t lose on Monday, their luck could run out in week 14.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns Odds

Ravens (-2) -105
Browns (+2) -115

Lastly, we have a surprisingly massive showdown between the Ravens and Browns. Baltimore has regressed since a strong start, and the Ravens have also understandably been impacted by COVID-19.

That plays into this being a must-win spot for the Ravens, while Cleveland is the quietest 9-3 team in NFL history. The Browns weren’t so quiet on Sunday this past week, however, as Baker Mayfield tossed four scores (in the first half) and hung 41 points on the Titans.

Mayfield will have much tougher sledding here, as he and his Browns got slapped around the last time they faced the Ravens.

Cleveland will offer interested dog money at home, but desperation is a heck of a thing. More likely than not, Lamar Jackson will be back to fend off the Browns.

The Under and Baltimore across the board feel like the way to go in week 14.


The downside in trying to take anything out of this NFL week 14 odds breakdown? Some of the pricing isn’t out yet, and we still have three more games on the week 13 schedule.

Things could change a bit, and ideally you also have the full list of week 14 NFL betting lines to go off of.

It isn’t always that simple, though, especially when trying to get ahead of things and gauge which bets are best to attack early in the week.

Even if you don’t bet early, it’s good to start digesting the pricing and the matchups as soon as possible. Whether you bet now or later, hopefully this early week 14 NFL betting lines preview helps you in some manner.

Before you bet on the NFL this week, be sure to head over to our sports betting picks section, where we’ll offer our predictions and picks for every NFL contest.

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