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Early Betting Odds for the 2021 World Series – LA Dodgers the Opening Favorites

| October 29, 2020 8:25 am PDT
World Series 2021 Early Odds, Favorite, and Values

The Los Angeles Dodgers finally got back to the promised land. It took several near-misses and some questionable decision-making, but the Dodgers are champions, once more.

Nobody cares, and it’s time to move onto 2021, am I right?

I mean, not really, but with the release of early 2021 World Series odds already, it sure feels that way. And hey, there’s no time like the present (or the future?), so while our collective hats tip in the direction of L.A., sports bettors everywhere are already plotting how they’ll bet on the 2021 World Series.

Should you bet on the Dodgers to repeat? Is there a sneaky sleeper worth backing?

Let’s explore all of that in this 2021 World Series odds breakdown, with a look at early favorites, sleepers, and an early prediction.

2021 World Series Odds

Nobody should be shocked that the Los Angeles Dodgers have the best 2021 World Series odds. They literally just won.

L.A. has the talent to be up for an encore, so coming in at +500 to repeat may be a considerable value. That’s always easier said than done, of course, and there’s some very interesting pricing up and down this list.

These 2021 World Series odds come from Bovada, who price the Tampa Bay Rays – this year’s runner-up, as the sixth most likely team to win it all next season.

At least they’re in the mix, right? Right there with them are the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees, while it’s a bit odd to see the White Sox and Padres so close to the top.

You can place a bet on who will win the World Series in 2021 now, or you can join me as I look at the top favorite and some sneaky value picks.

Should the Dodgers Be the Favorite?

Uh, yeah. Of course the Dodgers should be the favorite to win the 2021 World Series. This is still the most loaded team in all of baseball, and they just got the monkey off of their back.

L.A. isn’t going anywhere. We’re looking at a legit dynasty, as the Dodgers probably should have won more of these already.

As things stand, the Dodgers have appeared in three of the last four World Series, and very well could be back here again next season.

It’s worth noting that the team could lose some key bats, though.

Justin Turner, Enrique Hernandez and Joc Pederson are all entering free agency. The bullpen could see some guys walk, too, as useful arms like Blake Treinen, Alex Wood, and Pedro Baez will all need to be re-signed.

Even so, the Dodgers are as talented and as deep as anyone. With superstars like Clayton Kershaw, Mookie Betts, Cody Bellinger, and Walker Buehler leading the charge, they’re every bit the 2021 World Series favorites the early odds make them out to be.

If you’re doing any online sports betting anytime soon, the Dodgers should be at the top of your list of teams to back.

Teams With Early Value

I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t any betting value when looking at the 2021 World Series odds.

To be frank, the value starts immediately with the Dodgers, as +500 for them to win again feels like a mild steal by itself.

New York should again be in the mix, but the value gets really interesting after them. The Chicago White Sox and San Diego Padres (both with +1100 World Series odds) are on the rise and appealing, but they aren’t who I have my eye on.

Instead, let’s go a little bit further down the list and break down the best value bets going into next year.

Atlanta Braves (+1200)

How do the Braves have weak odds like this? Compared to the rest of baseball, yeah, they are priced as legit contenders. But when you compare their odds to the Dodgers, they come off as scrubs.

That’s a big of a joke, considering Atlanta was literally one win from reaching this year’s World Series. The Braves had the Dodgers on the ropes (3-1), but didn’t have the experience to close the deal.

The crazy thing about the Braves is that their best pitchers are all young guns who should only get better, and they’re only at risk of losing one of their best hitters.

Marcell Ozuna sure sounded like he may be on his way out, after all.

That said, Atlanta has one of the best lineups in the majors, their pitching is ascending, and they almost got to the World Series this year. They are an elite value at +1200.

Tampa Bay Rays (+1400)

Ditto for the Rays. They were the underdogs the whole way in this series, but they still tied it with a miracle ending in game six, producing an unforgettable moment.

That will live on forever, but so too, will the Rays as title contenders. Well, not forever, but for 2021 at least, as Tampa Bay’s management, pitching and timely power hitting isn’t going anywhere.

A star was born with Randy Arozarena this year, and he broke records along the way.

He’s just one bat the Rays can hang their hat on, while they have the starting pitching and bullpen to hang with anyone. Despite finishing with the second-best record in baseball and pushing the Dodgers to six games, the Rays are being flat out disrespected here.

Kevin Cash may doubt himself for months after pulling Blake Snell early, and critics won’t let him forget about it, either. But he’s the right guy for the job, and the Rays are built to be a real problem in the AL for years to come.

Houston Astros (+2500)

The Astros aren’t a true sleeper by definition. They won the World Series recently, and played in it against the Nationals in 2019. As stacked as anyone, the Astros very much remain a contender to win it all next year.

Houston struggled the season after being engulfed in a cheating scandal, and during the 2020 regular season, they weren’t even above .500. However, they proved their ability in the playoffs, as they advanced to the ALCS and even forced a game seven despite trailing the Rays 0-3 at one point.

There is a chance they lose George Springer, of course.

That’d be a hefty loss, but it isn’t something the stacked Astros can’t survive. If anything it’d make retaining Michael Brantley a little easier, and it’d free up cash for a different free agent.

Who Will Win the 2021 World Series?

You can dig a little deeper if you’d like. Maybe the Milwaukee Brewers will finally match their elite bullpen and strong game management with more consistent hitting. Perhaps this will be the year of the Twins.

Maybe the Indians or Cubs will rise up. I could be overlooking the Padres and White Sox as legit contenders, too.

Heck, perhaps there is a team on the brink that nobody sees at all right now.

That’s part of the fun in betting on the World Series now. We look at the odds, we drop in some guesswork, and we try to put the pieces together long before the next season even starts.

It’s usually mostly a mess, but it’s fun, and if you hit it correctly, it can win you a ton of money. If you do bet on the 2021 World Series early, of course, just make sure you’re using the top MLB sportsbooks.

Noah Davis
Noah Davis

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