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Donald Trump Sports Betting: Will The Warriors Visit the White House in 2017?

By Taylor Smith in Sports
| September 25, 2017 12:00 am PDT

The 45th President of the United States likes to see his name in the headlines. That’s really the only explanation for some of the stuff Donald Trump says and does. Last Friday at a rally in Alabama, Trump decided to deride certain NFL players for kneeling during the pregame national anthem. Trump went so far as to call the players “sons of bitches” and said he wishes owners would “fire” those that knelt before the American flag.

As you may imagine, Trump’s comments made headlines. Mission accomplished Donald. Trump’s declaration that NFL owners should fine and suspend players for kneeling during the anthem effectively made more players do just that. After a total of six players across the league knelt for the anthem in Week 2, more than 200 did so before Week 3’s games.

Trump also went out of his way to get into a Twitter battle with Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry. Curry said last week that the team was leaning against making the honorary visit to the White House this season, so Trump logged onto Twitter on Saturday morning and revoked the Warriors’ invitation altogether.

So, the President is now fighting a bunch of professional athletes. Cool.

Paddy Power has taken advantage of the news and has posted a trio of new props regarding Trump and the world of sports. Let’s roll through them, shall we?

Will any English Footballer Kneel During Pregame Anthem?

  • Yes 3/1

England is slated to face Slovenia in a World Cup qualifying match on October 5. Frankly, we don’t understand this betting option in the least. This game is going down at Wembley Stadium in London a week from this Thursday. Before the match, the starting 11 players for each team will come out and the national anthems for the respective countries will be played.

Paddy Power is wondering whether any of England’s starting 11 players will take a knee during the playing of “God Save the Queen.” Apparently, the Irish bookmaker is wondering whether any English player will use the opportunity to protest the goings-on in the United Kingdom by taking a page out of the book of their American counterparts,

We saw players kneel at Wembley this past Sunday, but that was before an NFL game between the Jaguars and Ravens. America’s national anthem was played even though the game took place in London, and some players knelt in protest of the President’s latest ridiculous antics.

“Brexit” has been the biggest hot-button issue in the United Kingdom over the last several months. The country voted last summer to withdraw the United Kingdom from the European Union. It’s a little late for that, though. If players were going to protest Brexit, it would have happened sometime in the summer of 2016, not now.

Could a player kneel to protest certain racial issues going on in England? Sure, it’s possible. It’s just hard to imagine.

Kneeling during the anthem may make its way to the UK at some point, but we’re going to pass on this one.

Will the Golden State Warriors Visit the White House in 2017?

  • Yes 4/1

First of all, if the Warriors were going to visit the White House at all, it would happen in February of 2018. The NBA champion typically stops by the White House during their scheduled trip to the nation’s capital to take on the Washington Wizards. So, this bet is a little wonky to start, but we can roll with it.

The Cleveland Cavaliers last year were an exception. The Cavs wanted the chance to visit the White House before Barack Obama left office. So, the team rolled through DC last November, ahead of their originally-scheduled visit. Much like the Warriors, the Cavs had no interest in paying a visit to Mr. Trump.

As mentioned in the open, Trump revoked his invitation to the Warriors over the weekend. This is like rescinding a date invitation to a girl that already rejected you beforehand. They weren’t coming anyway, so revoking the invitation afterward doesn’t really count. Nice try though, Donnie.

The NBA’s commissioner, Adam Silver, issued a statement saying he was disappointed that the Warriors will not get the chance to visit the White House. Silver said he was hopeful that the players and coaches could have used the opportunity to discuss important issues with the President directly. Now that the visit apparently won’t happen, the two sides won’t be able to try and hash things out.

Trump proudly tweeted on Sunday that the NHL champion Pittsburgh Penguins will be visiting him at the White House. So, at least he can hang out with some hockey players he’s never heard of.

No, the Warriors will not be making their way to the White House in 2017. They won’t in 2018, either, for that matter.

Next Professional Sporting Event Trump Attends in Person

  • MLB 4/6
  • NHL 5/4
  • NBA 8/1
  • NFL 16/1
  • English Premier League 25/1

Bruce Maxwell, the catcher of the Oakland Athletics, became the first Major League Baseball player to take a knee for the national anthem on Saturday. Trump hasn’t yet tweeted about Maxwell, but one would imagine it won’t be long until the President puts MLB in his crosshairs. Does Maxwell’s protest turn Trump off to the idea of going to a baseball game any time soon? It’s certainly possible.

Trump is currently in the midst of a battle with the NFL and, to a lesser extent, the NBA. NBA players have been outspoken against the 45th President for quite some time, so you’d think he wouldn’t feel particularly welcome attending a basketball game in the near future. Ditto for the NFL, especially considering Trump is attempting to convince fans against watching the games. Attending a game in person would not do much to help his cause.

Trump also isn’t particularly popular in the UK, so he probably won’t be making his way to a Premier League match any time soon.

Honestly, the most likely destination isn’t even listed here. Over the weekend, Trump tweeted that he was proud of NASCAR’s “patriotism” efforts.

“So proud of NASCAR and its supporters and fans. They won’t put up with disrespecting our Country or our Flag – they said it loud and clear!”

Trump’s tweets came after a number of NASCAR team owners said that they would refuse to tolerate demonstrations similar to those seen on NFL fields at their events. If their drivers or team members knelt for the anthem, NASCAR’s owners said there would be a price to pay. Apparently, Trump liked that.

It makes plenty of sense. Most of NASCAR’s fan base resides in the southeastern United States, which happens to be a hotbed for Trump supporters, too. Trump will absolutely make his way to a NASCAR event at some point in an attempt to promote their anti-protest protests. Unfortunately, it isn’t a betting option.

Among those listed, we like the NHL as his next in-person sporting event. He could always make his way to a World Series game sometime this fall, but he’d never put himself in a position to get booed lustily. He’d probably get cheered at a NASCAR event, and we know how much he cherishes applause and general acceptance.

If you want to bet on one of these options, take the NHL at 5/4.



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