Dillian Whyte vs. Oscar Rivas – Fight Preview With Odds and Pick

| June 5, 2019 12:00 am PDT
Dillian Whyte vs. Oscar Rivas – Fight Preview

Dillian Whyte makes his return to the ring against Oscar Rivas at London’s O2 Arena on July 20.

Let’s just say Whyte will not be in the mood to mess around.

The prize on the line for both men is the WBC interim heavyweight title. It sounds promising, but in the nebulous world of modern-day boxing, it’s probably worth about as much as a box of donuts.

Before you accuse me of knocking donuts, I am not. Donuts are great.

You know where you are with donuts, at least. When it comes to the top of the heavyweight division, promoters’ politics and crazy decisions, there is certainly more dough than nut at stake.

And where does such a thing leave a guy like Dillian Whyte?

“The Villain” is just about the unluckiest heavyweight on the planet, having been ranked as the number 1 contender to Deontay Wilder’s strap, yet watching others get the nod ahead of him.

Dominic Breazeale and Luis Ortiz are the latest to “earn” their shots at Wilder, while Whyte struggles to get any attention whatsoever.

Against the unbeaten Rivas, the Jamaican-born fighter will make a case for why he deserves nothing other than a shot against Wilder, Fury, or a rematch with Joshua.

So, how are them odds looking?

Latest Whyte vs. Rivas Winner Odds

Dillian Whyte-700
Oscar Rivas+450

I have taken the odds above from Bovada sports. Just keep in mind that they are subject to change.

So, Dillian Whyte is the favorite here at -700.

I am about as surprised as a cow that has just found itself in a field at this. After all, he is one of the best fighters in the division.

Now, Rivas is unbeaten but still comes in at a +450 underdog.

The caliber of the Colombian’s opponents to date probably has something to do with that. He is fighting in Whyte’s hometown of London, too, having mostly fought in Canada throughout his career.

I like this fight and will certainly be tuning in to watch it on July 20.

I have my ideas regarding how it will go — and I’m sure you’d like to hear them — so let’s get down to business, boys and girls.

Whyte vs. Rivas – Tale of the Tape

Oscar Rivas Tale of the Tape Dillian Whyte
26 Wins 25
0 Losses 1
18 KOs 18
0 Draws 0
26 Total Fights 26
69% KO Percentage 69%
6’1″ Height 6’4″
76″ Reach 78″
Orthodox Stance Orthodox
Colombian Nationality Jamaican/British
33 Age 31

Whyte vs. Rivas – What’s It All About?

This bout is going to be as far removed from an organized pillow fight as you can imagine.

These guys both have power, with 18 knockouts apiece so far in their careers. So, expect some bombs to be thrown at the O2 when this one goes down.

Naturally, Whyte is the better-known fighter of the two and will be motivated by the push to establish himself as the number 1 contender for all crowns in the heavyweight division.

Rivas can transform his career and his life with a win over Whyte and will be confident of landing a big shot to make it all happen. If Whyte underestimates this guy, he might find his hard work over the last few years to be all in vain.

The WBC Interim Title – What Else?

Aside from the WBC interim heavyweight title, Whyte will also be carrying a couple of his own straps into the ring.

As it stands, he is the current WBC Silver and WBO International heavyweight champion. These titles are as harmless as they sound and don’t really hold much importance when it comes to the elite level.

That said, they do indicate that Whyte is up there with the best, and I’m sure Rivas would be happy to give the straps a new home.

More than anything, you can be certain that the winner of this fight will have the right to demand a shot at the WBC strap, currently held by Wilder.

For Whyte, this is a bout that should give him access to Wilder next. That is, of course, unless the American loses against Luis Ortiz or finds himself in the ring with Tyson Fury at the end of the year.

Having already lost to Anthony Joshua in 2015 — and seen Fury reject the chance to fight him — Whyte will be hoping the WBC orders Wilder to accept the bout or vacate.

Fat chance of that.

Whyte vs. Rivas – Breaking Down the Fight

Whyte, for me, is the best heavyweight on the planet outside of the big three of Joshua, Wilder, and Fury.

A natural fighter, Whyte has spoken candidly about how boxing saved him from a life of crime. If he is denied the chance to get one of the key titles in the division, you wouldn’t blame him for going postal, though.

All jokes aside, the Brixton boy will undoubtedly understand the intricacies of boxing politics much better than us mere mortals. He knows what he has to do to crack the egg, so to speak, and beating Rivas will, hopefully, be the beginning of the end of his bitter wait for a shot.

Whyte is on a nine-fight winning streak that began after his seventh-round TKO at the hands of Joshua in 2015. Since then, he has beaten Dereck Chisora (on two occasions), Robert Helenius, Lucas Browne, and Joseph Parker.

He is close to getting his first crack at one of the “real” titles.

Rivas will have something to say about that, though.

The Colombian is making waves in the division, too, and impressed with a solid TKO win over Bryant Jennings earlier this year. If he can follow up on that victory with a win over Whyte, you can bet his stock will shoot higher than it ever has before.

Look, Rivas is unproven and doesn’t have a resume as solid as Whyte’s, but he is far from bum material. He is strong and packs a punch and has shown no real signs of struggling with the power of some good competitors.

Whyte will be his biggest challenge to date; that is not up for debate.

Who Has the Momentum?

Whyte is clearly the fighter carrying the momentum into this bout.

He has beaten some very good fighters in his last few appearances. His last act inside the ropes was a thunderous eleventh-round knockout of Dereck Chisora in December 2018.

A few months prior, Whyte earned a unanimous decision victory over the highly rated Joseph Parker. Before that bout, he pulverized the previously unbeaten Lucas Browne. The man is not one-dimensional.

Furthermore, this tells you that there is a variety to Whyte that can trouble anyone. He has the ability to knock heads off but can box, too. His fundamentals are sharp, but he also has the ability to throw from complex angles and with creativity.

You can probably credit his experience in kickboxing and MMA for that.

While he is a solid fighter with a cultured skillset, Whyte can sometimes be unpredictable when it comes to his conditioning. If he makes it in good shape, I don’t see him having too much trouble with bossing the fight.

Who Has the Power?

Once again, you have to give Whyte the nod here.

Not to say Rivas doesn’t pack a punch, as he most certainly does, but he is relatively untested at this level. You can knock inexperienced fighters and journeymen out all day, but there are levels to this game.

Sure, Rivas can hit, but he will need to allow for Whyte’s 3-inch and 2-inch advantages in height and reach, respectively. Okay, while these aren’t exactly massive, they do make it difficult against an opponent that is already considered a class above.

Whyte is also a fighter that has proven ability when fighting shorter boxers with shorter reaches. He can fight from long- and mid-range with ease, meaning that Rivas will need to close the distance to find any success and probably see himself giving a little away to the counter.

Whyte vs. Rivas – The Prediction

I find Dillian Whyte to be a very likable boxer.

I don’t tend to get too involved in the personalities of fighters when I am working out how they fare in a bout, and I am unconcerned about any of the politics that come with it.

Well, kind of, I suppose.

I mean, I do feel that Whyte needs to be given a fair shake, and a win for him should do just that. So, on that basis, I would like to see him get the opportunities that have seemed to elude him until now.

The reason why Whyte has not been invited to the big boys’ party is that he is a very dangerous threat. There is no financial gain in putting him in against the champions of the division, but that is another conversation for another day.

Right now, I am focused on how this fight will go down.

In short, I believe it is Whyte’s to lose. Providing he is prepared for the task at hand and focuses on getting the job done, he will win.

Rivas is not a bum by any means, but he is unproven at this level. He will struggle with Whyte, and I can’t see him adapting to the Jamaican-born fighter’s numerous tricks and surprises.

Will this one go all the way to the cards? Well, that depends on how tough Rivas actually is. Additionally, he has only ever gone the distance three times in 10+ rounders, and they were all comfortable wins.

With the type of punishment that Whyte can dish out, the prospect of lasting long enough to hear the judges’ decisions might be a bridge too far.

It’s Whyte by KO, for me.

PICKDillian Whyte-700

What Next?

Now that you have your Whyte vs. Rivas breakdown, you might be thinking of putting some money down on the action.

You can get some very competitive early odds by visiting our top boxing betting sites and choosing the bet you want. In terms of betting sensibly, you’ll find it much easier by going through one of these bookies.

Once you have your bets down, I guess it’s time to look forward to the big fight!

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