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Deion Sanders’ Next Coaching Job Odds – Where Will He Coach in 2022?

By Dan Vasta in NFL
| August 19, 2021 10:49 am PDT

Deion Sanders will be entering his second season coaching the Jackson State Tigers for the 2021 college football season. He is best known for his Hall of Fame playing career in the NFL and the ability to dance and celebrate better than any player.

Sanders chose to take his high-stepping talents to the sidelines as a head coach. Wearing a headset was a different feel for Sanders, who went 4-3 in his first season in the FCS.

Jackson State competes in the SWAC with the teams such as Mississippi Valley State, Alcorn State, and Grambling State. The odds of Sanders staying with Jackson State for another season are slim to none.

Here are your coaching job odds and analysis for where Deion Sanders will end up next since he is likely coaching his final season with Jackson State this fall.

Odds for the Next Team Deion Sanders Will Coach

Not Coaching Division I (Includes FCS, FBS)-10000
Florida State+1400
Kansas State+4000
Iowa State+4500
Colorado State+5000
Coastal Carolina+5000

The 54-year-old Sanders is a big personality, so it’s tough to see him devote so much time to the program he’s currently at. Following the 2021 season, it seems extremely likely that he’ll move on.

Right now, it appears he’ll simply exit the college coaching ranks, per the latest odds at the top sports betting sites.

That may be the case, but Sanders is still a big name, and a successful 2021 campaign could garner interest from bigger schools. There also is crazy value associated with some of these other programs.

To figure out where Deion Sanders will coach next, let’s look at his situation and how he got here.

What Happened with Deion Sanders?

What has happened to Deion Sanders since his playing days? Well, he has been in sports media for the majority of his life since retiring from football.

We have seen him on CBS Sports, NFL Network, and recently Barstool Sports over the last year. He still has a podcast and likes his voice to be heard on social media like many former athletes.

He has been on TV making guest appearances and on his reality show from 2008-15.

He has been around the block a few times in terms of talking sports on television, but he has not been able to stay anywhere for too long.

He stayed with NFL Network for about a decade, but that was during the football season for one or two days a week.

As the current coach of Jackson State, he was not fond of opposing media members. During a recent SWAC media day, he was referred to by his first name.

Coach Sanders did not take kindly to being called Deion.

So, his team busted his chops and called him Deion shortly after the news became viral.

It will be intriguing to see how he handles the media later this fall.

We know he is one of the all-time greats with an ego, but it will be tough to predict where exactly he will be next.

Schools That Make the Most Sense

Coach Sanders will be looking at several different teams to coach for shortly. Many believe in him not staying put with Jackson State regardless if he posts a winning season.

The SWAC has a ton of prestige and tradition, but Sanders enjoys the limelight too much.

Florida State Seminoles

He would love to coach for his alma mater at Florida State. There were rumors that he would get a chance to coach the Seminoles back in 2019.

Ultimately, he ended up taking a job a year later with Jackson State, but he wouldn’t hesitate for a second if he had the opportunity to coach any Power Five team.

He was roommates with Odell Haggins back in his playing days in Tallahassee. Haggins has been with the program since 1994 as an assistant coach. He has been the head coach for six games due to coaches leaving once Jimbo Fisher was on his way out to Texas A&M.

Haggins could pull strings and the university would certainly consider Sanders. The Noles make the most sense, but nothing is a lock. There are a few others that could be calling his name.

Alabama, LSU, and Texas

Alabama, LSU, and Texas are among the ones that bring the shortest odds. Any of the three would be a possibility.

Plus, coach Saban is one he highly respects, and we have seen Alabama haul in any coaches they have wanted over the years. That staff is similar to an NFL coaching staff with dozens of coaches taking minor roles.

There aren’t many ties to LSU and Texas for Primetime. I could see him as a secondary coach. Perhaps the best fit would be as an advisor/ambassador role similar to the title Ed Reed has with Miami.

Where Will Deion Sanders Coach in 2022?

There is value for many different teams, but to guess which one, is the challenging part. Will Sanders even coach next season?

Coach Sanders loves the game of football and has played, analyzed, and coached it since the day he was born. Jackson State is not on the board, but many believe he won’t last another season there.

He could have a solid season ahead, but the chances of him getting a premier job at an elite program are unlikely. Sanders could shock the nation and take his Tigers to a conference championship and be a hot name to land wherever he wants to.

I side with caution for this one and would look at not coaching Division 1 Football for -10000.

The value is awful, but for entertaining and random wages as such, you must be careful about tossing your money away.

The odds suggest there is not much of a chance he lands anywhere next season. It is better to be safe than sorry, meaning I would fade taking a shot in the dark.

There are too many variables, and we don’t know if he would prefer to get back on television. I would take the chalk or stay away altogether on one of the more entertaining summer wagers this year.

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