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Daily Update for Betting on the 2020 Presidential Election – October 30

| October 30, 2020 5:39 am PDT
Daily Presidential Election Update - Friday, October 30

Donald Trump and Joe Biden crossed paths in Florida on Thursday, with both the Republican and Democrat candidates holding rallies in the state. 

Florida is a key swing state that could very well end up deciding the election. So, it comes as no surprise that both men held rallies in Tampa just hours apart.

Among the topics covered on Wednesday, Trump addressed a Supreme Court decision on ballots in Pennsylvania. Biden attacked Trump’s response to the pandemic and even blamed the 45th president for ‘spreading’ the virus.

Some Trump supporters were reportedly hospitalized after waiting for hours to see the incumbent president. That news comes after a situation on Tuesday where the Republican candidate’s supporters in Nebraska were left in the freezing cold for hours at a rally.

Trump has canceled a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Thursday due to high winds.

Things are certainly hotting up in the race for the White House. But anyone betting on the 2020 presidential election should be aware that the fight is still on.

Let’s take a look at the latest odds for the 2020 US presidential election to see what changed on Thursday.

Latest Betting Odds for the 2020 Election

Donald Trump to Win +130
Joe Biden to Win -170

Trump’s odds have held firm overnight, coming in at +130 with MyBookie from around the +135 mark.

Biden’s odds have come down a little, and he now stands at -170. Most political betting sites have him in the same range.

You can find regular updates on the best odds for Trump and Biden here.

Biden Claims Florida Holds the Key

Democrat nominee put boots to ground in Florida on Thursday, starting in Coconut Creek in Broward County with a strong message to voters.

“You hold the key. The heart and soul of this country is at stake right in Florida. If Florida goes blue, it’s over.”

Biden also attacked Trump’s events, claiming that they are leading to the spread of “division” as well as “the virus.”

Claiming that Trump has been spreading the virus in his events, Biden argued that he was a more responsible candidate that would ensure unity among the nation.

Biden also appealed to the Cuban and Venezuelan communities of Florida to get behind his campaign.

Melania Trump Praises POTUS

Incumbent First Lady Melania Trump spoke at the president’s campaign rally in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday in praise of Trump’s accomplishments in his time in office. 

“For those of you still deciding who to vote for on Tuesday, I hope what I have to say will prove to you that a vote for President Trump is a vote for a better America.”

Melania appealed to America to give her husband another chance in office.

Whether that call will be heard beyond the walls of his most staunch supporters remains to be seen.

North Carolina Exceeds 4 Million Votes Cast

Over 4 million voters have cast their ballots in North Carolina, which equates to around 55% of the state’s population.

Many of the voters decided to vote in-person, although 80% of those who requested a mail-in ballot in North Carolina have voted. 

The North Carolina State Board of Elections claimed that circa 1.36 million voters requested absentee by mail ballots, with 852,000 successfully returning their mail-in ballots and around 233,000 opting to vote in person.

Over 80 Million Votes Cast

As of Thursday, more than 80 million voters have made their choices. according to a survey of election officials in all 50 states by CNN, Edison Research, and Catalist.

Some states have reported record turnout when compared to 2016, with the high number of ballots cast coming in at around 59% of the 136.5 million 2016 presidential election ballots cast.

Collins Struggles with Trump Question

Maine’s Republican Sen. Susan Collins is believed to be in danger of losing her seat in the senate.

Collins’ opposition will be hoping her efforts of hanging on to the seat will diminish following this video.

Our Election Betting Coverage

Florida is a very important state to both candidates in this election, and I think we will see some interesting developments from the Sunshine State over the next few days.

But right now, the latest Trump vs. Biden odds seem relatively stable.

If you’re looking to bet on the result in Florida, you might find a piece on the best electoral college bets an interesting read. I am tipping Florida to go to Trump, but take a look and see what you think.

My colleagues and I are covering the 2020 presidential election extensively and from all angles, and you can find our pieces on our politics blog. We cover, and will continue to cover, everything from betting on the 2020 election to general takes and information.

You can find some of our most popular content below. I’ll be back tomorrow with another 2020 election betting update, but until then, here’s some helpful content.

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