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Daily Fantasy Football Picks for NFL Week 7 (2020)

| October 20, 2020 2:31 am PDT
NFL DFS Picks for Week 7 (2020)

Kirk Cousins was almost one of the worst possible NFL DFS picks last week. In a week where the league’s best players face-planted left and right, of course, I doubt anyone would have really blamed me.

Fortunately, I didn’t really care if Cousins tossed three picks and dug his Vikings a 23-0 hole. I just wanted fantasy points, baby.

Captain Kirk ultimately delivered (29 fantasy points), and joined Jonathan Taylor as my two NFL DFS picks that panned out.

After seeing seemingly great plays like Alexander Mattison, JuJu Smith-Schuster and so many others fail miserably, I’ll take the two hits and move along.

Going into a new week, my process doesn’t change. Hopefully the real NFL players just feel like playing, well, better. With that, here are my favorite NFL DFS picks for week 7.

Kyler Murray, QB, Cardinals ($7.1k)

I’m tempted to fire up Aaron Rodgers at a similar price, but with the Texans being among my week 7 NFL upset picks, I’ll refrain.

Murray probably offers the better combination of floor and ceiling, anyways, and he also happens to have the better matchup by the numbers. This could be more of an Aaron Jones week, too, and I’ll get to that in a bit.

First, let’s use Kyler Murray in a bunch of our week seven daily fantasy football lineups, because the guy is basically unstoppable. He showed us that again on Monday Night Football, when he dropped 188 passing yards, 74 rushing yards, and two scores on the Dallas Cowboys.

Murray has been on a tear all year, and hasn’t posted fewer than 24 fantasy points in any game.

He’ll keep on trucking along in week seven, where he faces a bad Seahawks defense that ranks 31st against fantasy passers in 2020.

Aaron Jones, RB, Packers ($7.2k)

You don’t really need to twist my arm to use Aaron Jones most weeks. But after seeing Derrick Henry carve up the Texans on the ground last week, there’s no way Jones doesn’t make my top NFL DFS picks for week 7.

Jones and his Packers mates ran into a brick wall against Tampa Bay last week, but the matchup is much softer this week. I expect his versatility and red-zone chops to bounce-back in this spot, as nobody has coughed up more rushing yards on the year.

To be frank, it hasn’t even been close.

Houston has allowed over 250 more rushing yards than the next defense, and they’re also tied for the most rushing scores allowed. This is a smash spot for Jones, and I won’t get cute here.

Kenny Golladay, WR, Lions ($6.7k)

Justin Jefferson just went nuclear against a terrible Atlanta Falcons pass defense last week, and Adam Thielen managed to post modest numbers, as well.

Insert Kenny Golladay, who has quietly been very good (16+ fantasy points) in the three games he’s suited up for this year, but has yet to truly blast off.

Atlanta’s defense performed better than expected last week, but whether the Lions take over early or carve them up as they play behind, they’re going to get their stats.

Golladay’s matchup is sublime, with the Falcons ranking 30th in catches allowed, 31st in receiving yards allowed, and 28th in receiving touchdowns given up.

You never really know how the Lions will attack defenses, but this one looks pretty self explanatory. That’s why I can’t help but include him in my week seven daily fantasy football picks.

Travis Kelce, TE, Chiefs ($6.3k)

I doubt I’ll be paying up at tight end consistently this week, but it’s really hard to scoff at Kelce’s price tag. The matchup with the Denver Broncos is painfully average, but he can pay off this salary with short touchdowns or racking up some catches.

The real problem is George Kittle has a terrible matchup against the Patriots, and there isn’t anyone else at the position we should be racing to roster.

If you can find the funds, it may make sense to cram Kelce into your week seven daily fantasy football lineups. The guy sure is scoring (5 TDs), and he’s been very consistent with 10+ fantasy points in every game this year.

At such a weak position, I’m not sure we can expect a whole lot more than that.

Buffalo Bills Defense ($4.7k)

I’ll cap things off with the Bills, who are egregiously priced, but get to face the abysmal New York Jets. You know, the same Jets that are winless and scored exactly zero points last week against the Miami Dolphins.

Die hard Jets fan Mike Greenberg summed it up pretty well recently.

Buffalo is very expensive by anyone’s calculation, but they’re still worthy of being included in my top NFL DFS picks for week seven. They’ve been struggling in tough matchup over the past two weeks, but this is the mother of get-right spots.

Seriously, nobody the Jets have faced has exited without a smile on their face. Point prevention, sacks, and turnovers come so easily, and there is nothing to fear here.

Buffalo also has lost two games in a row. They will be licking their chops for this one, and if you can afford it, you’ll probably want to roster them as much as possible.


If you’re looking for reliable week seven NFL DFS picks you can trust, I think this group of options should get you off on the right foot.

Last week was so weird, that you can’t even take any tout seriously for their failures. Alexander Mattison was in the smashiest of smash spots, and he couldn’t even clear five fantasy points.

It was just a weird week, so we shouldn’t ditch our processes, scream at the skies, or give up on daily fantasy football. Well, you can scream at the skies if it makes you feel better, but I prefer to just press on.

My week 7 NFL DFS picks should serve you well, but just remember that a core like this is just part of your research process. As the week matures, I’ll also hand out some of my favorite week 7 NFL DFS sleepers, and then break down my top daily fantasy football lineups for the week.

Hopefully this post gets things going for you. If you want to use any of my insight to bet on football, take a stop at the best NFL sportsbooks before placing any bets.

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