Super Bowl 51 Betting: Crazy Prop Bets to Consider For the Big Game

By Kody Miller in Sports
| January 25, 2017 12:00 am PDT

There are a few things NFL fans think of every year when the Super Bowl rolls around: who is going to win, who is doing the halftime show and what crazy Super Bowl prop bets can win me some easy cash?

Betting on the Super Bowl in any regard tends to be one of the best parts of the event, as the game itself can often get out of hand or be boring, or you don’t personally have a dog in the fight. Outside of hanging out at a Super Bowl party with friends and family or randomly having your favorite team in the big game, you might not even care.

Super Bowl prop bets can help change that, and with each successive title game, there are always new ones to marvel at or actually take advantage of. We scoured the web for our favorite Super Bowl prop bets and narrowed down a long list to our favorite 10:

The Coin Toss

Okay, this isn’t a crazy Super Bowl prop bet, but it has to make the list if only due to sheer tradition. There is always a coin toss before every NFL game, and quite naturally, the same is the case before every Super Bowl. So, which way will the coin toss land at Super Bowl 51?

  • Heads (-105)
  • Tails (-105)

It’s almost literally a 50/50 prop bet, as heads has won 24 times and tails the other 26 times across the first 50 Super Bowls. That’s intense, gritty data, I know. Still, it’s a fun (and fair) bet to get the ball rolling at Super Bowl 51.

Except it could be a little more complicated than that, at least if you want it to be. Thanks to Bovada’s eclectic list of Super Bowl prop bets, you can also make additional bets on the coin toss, starting with whether or not the team that calls the coin toss will be correct (-115 for Yes or No), as well as whether or not the team that wins the coin toss ends up winning the game (-115 for Yes or No).

Who Scores the Game’s First Touchdown?

Bovada is going all out in the name of scoring, which makes sense for a game with an insane 59.5 Total. The anticipation is already building for an intense matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51 and considering it’s bound to boast plenty of points, a popular bet will be who scores first:

Bovada Screen Shot First Touchdown Scorer

Julio Jones leads the way with +750 odds to score the first touchdown of Super Bowl 51, and why not? He’s without a doubt the most explosive player that will hit the field, he scored twice in the NFC title game and he is on the Falcons, who happen to have the league’s #1 offense.

That doesn’t mean Jones will score the first touchdown of the game (or at all), but top Super Bowl betting sites like Bovada are right to list him as the main favorite. Even with him being rather obvious, Jones kicks off some pretty killer upside, as a mere $100 bet on him being the first scorer could land you $750.

There are other options that could make sense here, and the guys within the top-eight here all make perfect sense. However, as far as sleeper picks go, you might want to start your Super Bowl prop betting with Mohamed Sanu (+1400) or Taylor Gabriel (+1600), both of which are explosive and play for the Falcons. Should Atlanta score early and New England focus on stopping Julio Jones, the Falcons’ secondary options in the passing game would be fantastic bets to get that first touchdown.

Bovada goes a few steps further, as you can also bet by team – Falcons or Patriots. Doing so takes away the flat out loss of being wrong about which team scores first, and instead puts the focus on which specific player from each team gets the first score for their side.

For the Patriots, the logic remains mostly the same, as Julian Edelman and LeGarrette Blount are very safe and appealing options:

Bovada Screen Shot Patriots First Touchdown Scorer

You could make a case for Edelman, Blount and a handful of these guys. The guy we might target if we partake in any Super Bowl prop bets, of course, might be Danny Amendola and his gaudy +1400 odds. Amendola is a slot receiver and certainly normally sees less action than Edelman, but he scored in New England’s last Super Bowl and tends to pop up in big moments.

The logic is also similar for the Falcons side, as Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman appropriately pace Atlanta:

Bovada Screen Shot Falcons First Touchdown Scorer

Those two are obvious candidates, while the aforementioned Sanu and Gabriel also could be in the mix. If you want a really sneaky play, though, consider tight end Levine Toilolo (+1800) who has the best possible upside in this category. Toilolo is not a huge part of Atlanta’s offense, but the Patriots don’t allow big plays and probably will do their best to keep guys like Jones and Freeman in check. Perhaps that leads to Toilolo scoring early in a shocker.

If you’re not into dividing things up between teams or all of the options, you can also place a bet on which players will score at any point in Super Bowl 51:

Bovada Screen Shot Anyone First Touchdown Scorer

The beauty with this Super Bowl 51 prop bet is you don’t have to see your money go away right away if you’re wrong. Instead, you can chase a few long odds options like Danny Amendola (+300), James White (+300) or the aforementioned Toilolo (+600).

With this bet, you can toss a big chunk of change down and enjoy the game while waiting for your chosen player to score. As long as they find paydirt before Super Bowl 51 ends, you’ll end up winning.

The fun doesn’t have to start or end with any one player, either, as Bovada also offers action on the teams:

Team to Score First

  • Patriots (-125)
  • Falcons (-105)

There is even an additional side bet on this, where you can bet whether or not the team that scores first wins the game (-135 for Yes, +105 for No).

On top of that, you can predict how the first score of Super Bowl 51 will come to be. This could coincide with your player touchdown bet and give you a chance to win even more. Here are your options, per Bovada:

  • Patriots Touchdown (+175)
  • Falcons Touchdown (+190)
  • Patriots Field Goal (+325)
  • Falcons Field Goal (+375)
  • Patriots Safety (+3300)
  • Falcons Safety (+3300)

The safety is a fun bet and actually has happened before, but it’s beyond a longshot. The best play overall may be the Falcons getting a touchdown. They’ve done so in eight straight games.

Team to Score Last

  • Patriots (-115)
  • Falcons (-115)

Depending on how you think this game will go, this could be an interesting bet. Is this going to be a shootout where the Patriots score late to win, or will the Pats blow the Falcons out and Atlanta tacks on points late? Maybe one side kicks a field goal to win. The possibilities are endless and you get equal odds either way you decide to bet.

Super Bowl MVP Winner

A more glorified extension of the “anytime TD scorer” is the Super Bowl MVP winner, as it ups the ante considerably. Not only do you get the entire game to let your bet soak in, but you have to correctly predict the player that doesn’t just score, but has the biggest impact (or the best numbers) in Super Bowl 51.

Tom Brady understandably leads the way in the Super Bowl 51 MVP odds over at Bovada:

Bovada Screen Shot Super Bowl 51 MVP Odds

Even after Brady, most of these top contenders are pretty obvious and your pick shouldn’t go too far away from the grain, either. After all, looking back on history, we’ve seen just 10 defensive players win the award and just one special teams player win.

Offense dominates the Super Bowl, and we’ve seen just one player (Chuck Howley) in history win the Super Bowl MVP from the winning side. That hasn’t happened since 1971 and it probably won’t ever happen again.

With this game being a offensive shootout on paper, you could certainly consider picking a running back or wide receiver as your Super Bowl MVP choice. However, we’ve only see 13 winners at those positions combined in Super Bowl history. With quarterbacks dominating Super Bowl Sunday (27 MVP wins), it makes sense to pick your side – Tom Brady or Matt Ryan.

Giselle Sighting

With Tom Brady in the big game, it’s understandable that his famous, beautiful model wife, Giselle Bundchen could come up in conversation before and during the game. Bovada lets you play with the odds when it comes to the number of times the live TV broadcast will show her on screen:

  • Over 1.5 times (EVEN)
  • Under 1.5 times (-140)

This bet could give you a second reason to celebrate when/if the famous model hits your television screen, and if you’re right, you could take some some easy money. She’s tightly tied to Tom Brady conversations, and if the games gets intense, it would make good sense for the broadcast to show her current state more than once.

Trump Mentions

While Giselle Bundchen is sure to be a hot topic and possibly something the Super Bowl broadcast shows their audience a few times, it’s also fairly likely we hear President Donald Trump’s name dropped at Super Bowl 51. The question top Super Bowl betting sites like Bovada ask, of course, is how many times?

  • Over 1.5 times (-120)
  • Under 1.5 times (-120)

Not only is Trump the President of the United States, but he’s a freshly minted one, a controversial one and is also quietly backed by Tom Brady. Trump doesn’t have a direct tie to the game really, but due to Brady playing in Super Bowl 51, it wouldn’t be shocking to see his name mentioned more than once.

Gatorade Color

When the game is over, usually the winning team picks up a tub of Gatorade and pours it over the winning coach. That doesn’t always happen, but it is a rich tradition and considering it’s such a huge game, it’s pretty likely to take place at Super Bowl 51.

With this bet, it doesn’t matter who wins. It just matters if you can get the color of the Gatorade (or whatever liquid it is) that gets splashed over the coach. Here are your options at Bovada for Super Bowl LI:

Bovada Screen Shot Gatorade Color Prop Bet

There are 13 instances where the color has been tracked and to this point Orange and Clear are the big winners (4 each). We still need to account for Yellow (2), Purple (2) and Blue (1), while ruling out Green/Lime or Red could prove to be a mistake.

If we go off of team colors, red, blue, clear and maybe purple could end up being very enticing options. Purple might be a fun flier bet regardless, just because of the high upside affiliated with the odds. However, consider the end result seems fairly random and somewhat evened out, the best bet might actually be Blue. It’s been used before and could be used again and it also sports some of the best Gatorade Color odds (+750) that are available.

Lady Gaga Halftime Shows Prop Bets

Depending on where you place your Super Bowl prop bets, you could get a variety of betting options with a performer as odd as Lady Gaga. Regardless, Bovada is still offering some fun ones, with the first being how she kicks things off – aka, which song will she sing first:

Bovada Screen Shot Lady Gaga Song Prop Bet

We are not experts when it comes to the Super Bowl halftime show (is anyone?) and predicting what Lady Gaga will do feels like a lost cause. However, based on how all of these songs operate, it might make the most sense for Born This Way or Poker Face to get the party started.

Edge of Glory and  Just Dance feel like great options to close out the halftime show and to us don’t look like the picks to get things going. If we had to make a call here, we’d bet on Poker Face to open the show up, just because it’s wildly popular and could be a great intro to her show. Oh, and it’s got the most playable odds.

Of course, Lady Gaga does have a new album out and there’s a ton of material to pick from (not to mention perhaps something she didn’t even do – i.e., a cover) so going with Any Other Song isn’t the worst idea, either.

Bovada doesn’t stop there with the Lady Gaga guessing game, as you can kill two Lady Gaga Super Bowl prop bets at once by also betting on what color her hair will be when she comes out:

  • Blonde (-500)
  • Any Other Color (+300)

Lady Gaga has sported the blonde look for years and probably will again, but there is no real profit in that bet. If even just for fun, it may make sense to bank on Lady Gaga getting festive and adding streaks, extensions or flat out changing her hair color just for her halftime show. Switching things up and coming out with a unique look certainly wouldn’t be out of her wheelhouse.

Other Lady Gaga Prop Bets

There are other Lady Gaga prop bets circling the internet (just make sure you bet at a safe Super Bowl betting site), and a really popular one (thanks to past Super Bowl halftime shows) has to be whether or not she’ll have a wardrobe malfunction (+1500 for Yes and -5000 for No).

That bet can be cleanly made at Bookmaker, and you can also place other Lady Gaga prop bets such as whether or not she’ll be shown on the NRG Stadium roof (+260 for Yes and -375 for No) as well as whether she’ll mention Donald Trump (-140 for Yes and +110 for No).

Suffice to say, the Lady Gaga halftime show could be quite colorful and interesting even without all of these prop bets, but with the added interest, it could make for a fun 20-minute waste of your time.

Luke Bryan’s National Anthem

Lady Gaga isn’t the only big name singing at Super Bowl 51, as we also get country music star Luke Bryan performing the National Anthem. Bovada has some pretty cool bets in regards to Bryan’s performance, as well, starting with his attire.

You can bet on what type of pants Luke Bryan will be wearing:

  • Blue Jeans (-200)
  • Any other pants/shorts (+150)

Considering he’s a country guy, it’s highly doubtful he wears anything other than blue jeans. However, maybe you’re a die hard Luke Bryan fan and you know what he wears when he performs or have an inside track on what he’ll wear to the Super Bowl. If so, betting against the blue jeans could be profitable.

There are also some yes/no options for the Luke Bryan National Anthem, as you can bet whether or not he will be donning a hat (-120 for yes or no) as well as whether or not he will mess up during his performance (+400 for Yes and -700 for No). You can even submit a Super Bowl prop bet on how long Luke Bryan’s National Anthem performance will last (over/under 2 minutes and 15 seconds at -120).

Super Bowl Commercial Prop Bets

One of the biggest parts of Super Bowl Sunday are the funny, witty and often downright strange Super Bowl commercials, so even when the game isn’t being played you can still have a shot at winning cash.

Just consider these fun Super Bowl prop bets that you can find over at Bookmaker:

Will James Harden Appear in a Commercial?

  • Yes (-250)
  • No (+185)

This could be an interesting one, as Harden plays for the Rockets, who are based out of Texas. Due to Super Bowl 51 being held in Texas this year, it’s not crazy to think a familiar Texas face could be used in marketing ploys.

Peyton Manning Commercials

Peyton Manning is already hogging TV time on the regular, so it stands to reason that we’ll seen more of him during the Super Bowl than ever. That could mean more time on Papa John’s commercials, or perhaps some advertisement we’ve never seen him in to this point. Due to that, Bookmaker is offering a bet on how many commercials Peyton Manning will appear in during Super Bowl 51:

  • Over 1.5 (+120)
  • Under 1.5 (-150)

This feels like an easy bet for the Over, as Manning is affiliated with football and some pretty popular products already and during the regular NFL game we already see him a ton. To see him in one commercial or not at all would be a shock.

Fun Super Bowl Prop Bets

The Atlanta Falcons were once known for their Dirty Bird dance. Now that they’re back in the big game, could we see that dance come back on the biggest stage? You can take that bet, among others:

  • Dirty Bird Dance (-130 for Yes, +100 for No)
  • Matty Ice Mentioned (-140 for Yes, +110 for No)
  • Will someone illegally enter the field (+1500 for Yes, -5000 for No)
  • Will a player leave due to concussion (+130 for Yes, -160 for No)
  • Aaron Hernandez Mentioned (+190 for Yes, -260 for No)
  • Michael Vick Mentioned (+200 for Yes, -300 for No)
  • Deflategate Mentioned (Over/Under 2.5 at -115)

These are arguably the best remaining Super Bowl 51 prop bets you’ll want to consider. Some of these are a fool’s errand, but they’re all fun in their own way.

We’d argue the Dirty Bird dance is fairly unlikely, that Matty Ice being mentioned is a guarantee and that no one will enter the field. The security at this game will likely be insane.

At least one player will probably exit the game due to a concussion, while we highly doubt Hernandez’s name is brought up as he’s far removed from the Patriots at this point. Michael Vick’s name being mentioned, on the other hand, makes a lot of sense since Matt Ryan is potentially doing something he never was able to do for the franchise, while Tom Brady’s Deflategate situation will absolutely be discussed at least once. It’s up to you if you shoot for the Over there (which would be three) and that doesn’t feel too ambitious.

Overall, Super Bowl 51 offers a litany of exciting prop bets and Super Bowl Sunday should provide plenty of entertainment. Just make sure you choose your Super Bowl betting sites wisely, as you always want to be sure you’re playing at a safe, reputable site that will get you your cash. With that, enjoy the big game!