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Celebrity Prop Bets for the 2021 Super Bowl

| February 5, 2021 6:22 am PDT
Celebrity Prop Bets for Super Bowl 55

Super Bowl 55 remains a main attraction, even in our current global climate. In fact, an already exclusive event only got more select, with Super Bowl tickets shrinking in count, and rising in price.

That arguably has celebrities flocking to the big game more than ever in 2021, while there should still be numerous celebrity personalities affiliated with Super Bowl Sunday, one way or another.

It starts with the Super Bowl halftime show, where The Weeknd is set to light up the stage. It stems to the Super Bowl 55 ads, as celebrities will be featured in some forward-thinking commercials.

But which celebrities will be at the game itself, and how can you profit from their appearance or actions?

In the name of Super Bowl betting, let’s dive into the best Super Bowl 55 celebrity prop bets, and decide which way you should bet.

How Many Times Will Gisele Bundchen Be Shown?

Over 1.5 Times -250
Under 1.5 Times +170

BetOnline gives bettors a tried and true wager. Thanks to Tom Brady appearing in 10 of these Super Bowls now, this prop bet feels like a yearly occurrence.

That’s none other than the on-screen appearance count of Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen.

Betting on celebrities at Super Bowl 2021 won’t be quite as fun this year, as the list of people allowed to even be at the game is probably pretty short.

I’d assume the wife of one of the biggest stars will get the “OK”, though. The producers typically show Bundchen at least once when Brady plays, especially since every single big game he’s played in has gone down to the wire.

With the nerves increasing late, the production crew likes to get a look at how Brady’s wife is handling the situation, and if they also give you a shot of her early, the Over feels like easy money.

Nothing is guaranteed in the world of Super Bowl celebrity props, but Bundchen appearing on screen more than once is as good of a bet as any.

  • Over 1.5 Times

Will Drake Be on Stage at Halftime Show?

Yes +350
No -600

I won’t regurgitate Michael Wynn’s analysis too much here, as he actually broke down the best Super Bowl 55 halftime show props not too long ago.

He touched on this Drake prop, but in the name of pointing out Super Bowl 55 celebrity prop bets, I thought I’d tackle just this one again.

This Drake prop bet exists due to The Weeknd taking over the halftime show, and there are numerous options for bettors to target. This obviously references who could join The Weeknd on stage, and it doesn’t stop at Drake.

Here’s the other celebrity performers who you can bet on.

  • Doja Cat
  • Kenny G
  • Ariana Grande
  • Bella Hadid
  • Michael Jackson (Hologram)

Any of these are possible, as The Weeknd dated Hadid, and he idolizes the late Michael Jackson. I won’t stop you from betting on whoever you like, but Drake stands out the most as a frequent collaborator with The Weeknd.

That, and he’s a huge star that would probably be down for making the hike to the big game. He probably wouldn’t mind going to watch the actual game, as Drake is notorious for his ever-changing fandom.

Something tells me he’d love to see the GOAT Tom Brady or “baby” GOAT Patrick Mahomes in person.

Ultimately, this is a total toss-up.

Nobody but the Super Bowl 55 halftime show crew knows who the mystery guest(s) wil be, but Drake does make good sense. At this solid +350 price, this is one of the best Super Bowl celebrity props to pounce on.

  • Yes

Number of Times Jim Nantz Says “Queen Latifah”

Under 1 Time -150
Over 1 Time +110

I actually just put together a long list of some of the weirdest Super Bowl 55 prop bets. I left this one off the list, just because I don’t know how “weird” it actually is.

Super Bowl 55 is being broadcast on CBS, Queen Latifah has a new show premiering on CBS, and Jim Nantz is paid to talk about programming.

Latifah is back in the limelight, heading an intense series of popular movie, The Equalizer.

Most would have preferred to see Denzel Washington reprise his role in the series, but he’s busy making blockbuster films still. I’ll admit that Latifah wouldn’t have been among my first 100 choices to be the lead here, but it certainly is interesting.

This bet is tough, though. Due to the big stage, it would make sense for CBS to plug their coming programming – especially with the show’s premiere date set for February 7th.

That’s the day after the Super Bowl, so Nantz not mentioning it at all seems very unlikely.

Twice is a tough sell, but it’s much more likely than Nantz ignoring it completely. It’s either a pass or “over” for me, but the logic and value make it worth a roll of the dice.

  • Over 1 Time

What Will the Color of Miley Cyrus’ Hair Be?

Blonde/White -325
Brown +175
Red +500
Purple +800

Miley Cyrus is another celebrity you can potentially profit from when it comes to celebrity Super Bowl prop bets online.

She’s actually part of the pre-Super Bowl festivities, as she’ll be headlining a concert prior to the big game.

Cyrus announced the news herself on Twitter.

It should be a rocking good time, as Cyrus has a woefully underrated tone, fantastic stage presence, and performs with a lot of energy.

The question here isn’t what songs she’ll sing, who will join her, or what she’ll do. It’s just what her hair color will be.

White or blonde seem to be the favorite here, as that’s been her hair color for all of her recent album promotions and appearances.

The actual concert art attached to this performance (seen above in her Tweet) shows her with that hair color, too.

I do think there’s always wiggle room for an artist like Miley Cyrus to throw everyone a curveball, as red would match the team colors for either side in Super Bowl 55.

Cyrus really only has allegiance to the Tennessee Titans and L.A.-based teams, however, so I’m not thinking that’s all that likely.

Celebrities often create new looks for big promotions, and it seems a blend of Pat Benatar and Dolly Parton is Miley’s thing right now. Don’t bet on that changing ahead of Super Bowl 2021.

  • Blonde/white

Will Jazmine Sullivan Show Cleavage During the National Anthem?

Yes -165
No +125

One of the most popular celebrity Super Bowl props that pops up on a yearly basis is something to do with cleavage.

Whether it’s betting on someone actually flashing, or just pondering if someone will show a little extra skin, there is money to be made here.

The celebrity in question for this particular prop is Jazmine Sullivan, as the 33-year old singer is set to take part in the Super Bowl 55 National Anthem.

You can take things in a different direction by betting on a litany of Super Bowl 55 National Anthem prop bets, or you can just bet on if she’ll show cleavage.

Judging by her performance history, old photos, and the tweet above, my guess would be yes.

  • Yes

Bet on Celebs at Super Bowl 2021

There aren’t as many Super Bowl 2021 prop bets dealing with celebrities as I thought there’d be.

As noted, that may have a lot to do with this NFL season just being so abnormal, and with fewer Super Bowl tickets and less access being granted, the interest in which celebrities will be at Super Bowl 55 understandably wanes.

Even so, there will still be celebrities at Super Bowl 55, and you can also make some money betting on Super Bowl celebrity props.

The ones above look like your best bets, both in regards to available props, and how you may want to lean with your wagers.

Of course, celebrity Super Bowl prop bets are just the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve linked some other great Super Bowl 2021 prop bets in this post, and there’s also an insane amount of ways to make money betting on Super Bowl 55 in general.

To get yourself set up on a winning path, start from the beginning with this Super Bowl 55 betting guide.

Super Bowl 55 Betting Guide for Beginners - How and Where to Bet on the Super Bowl in 2021

The Super Bowl is the biggest game in the biggest sport in America. It’s no wonder that Super Bowl betting breaks new records every year. Placing wagers on the big game is easy if you know how, especially when using gambling apps or online sportsbooks....

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