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Celebrity Big Brother 3 Betting Guide – Cast, Top Sites, and More

| January 28, 2022 11:44 am PDT

Following a two-year hiatus, Celebrity Big Brother is back. The series returns to CBS for a third season on February 2.

Celebrity Big Brother is a spin-off of Big Brother US, which runs for three months during the Summer months. Celebrity Big Brother is less than a month, so there isn’t much time to watch the game and place your bets.

The show gives you a chance to watch some of your favorite celebrities. Their true colors will come out as they compete for the $250,000 grand prize. This betting guide will give you all the information for betting on Celebrity Big Brother 3.

Where to Bet on Celebrity Big Brother 3

The top entertainment sites will give you the best odds for Celebrity Big Brother 3. Bovada leads the way for its dedication to entertainment betting. They always release the latest TV specials, and Celebrity Big Brother 3 is no exception.

Bovada might be the top site, but it’s not your only option. BetUS typically releases odds for who will win Celebrity Big Brother Season 3. If you don’t like the odds on Bovada, BetUS could give you better value.

BetOnline, SportsBetting.ag, and Xbet have entertainment betting, but they focus more on awards. We could see them add Celebrity Big Brother odds later in the season.

To dive into the action once odds present themselves, use our Big Brother betting sites for the best options this season.

Who Will Appear on Celebrity Big Brother in 2022?

  • Mirai Nagasu
  • Todrick Hall
  • Carson Kressley
  • Lamar Odom
  • Miesha Tate
  • Cynthia Bailey
  • Chris Kirkpatrick
  • Chris Kattan
  • Teddi Mellancamp
  • Shanna Moakler
  • Todd Bridges

It might not be the most prominent celebrities out there, but we have quite a few recognizable names. I know the sports fans will love seeing Lamar Odom and Miesha Tate in the Celebrity Big Brother cast.

Odom won a pair of NBA titles with the Los Angeles Lakers, while Tate is an MMA fighter who held the bantamweight title.

Figure skater Mirai Nagasu and Todrick Hall have been two names I’ve heard people mention as contenders for the Celebrity Big Brother cast. We have a solid group of contenders, but there are also a few longshots.

Todd Bridges isn’t drawing much attention, but it wouldn’t surprise me if some people placed a bet on him.

Biggest Threats for CBB3

Celebrity Big Brother 3 might have just released the cast list, but we already have a few top contenders. Let’s check them out.

Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall might not be the odds-on favorite, but Big Brother 23 fans know why Hall finds himself near the top of the list. Following Big Brother 23, Hall invited multiple cast members to stay with him in Los Angeles.

The cast members who stayed at his house include Hannah Chaddha, Tiffany Mitchell, and Derek Xiao. There were rumors that Hall did this to increase his chances to join the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 is days away, but Chaddha is already predicting Hall will make it far.

There’s no doubt that Hall learned some valuable tips about playing Big Brother. Speaking of tips, make sure you check out the top betting tips for Celebrity Big Brother 3. It will give you valuable information on potential houseguests to wager.

This won’t be Hall’s first appearance on television. Hall rose to prominence after competing in season nine of American Idol. Hall made it far that season but failed to make it past the semifinal.

Last season, Hall was a contestant on The Masked Singer. Hall came up just short, finishing second to Jewel.

He is trending in the right direction for these TV shows. Could he take it one step forward and win Celebrity Big Brother?

Hall likely comes into this game with the most Big Brother knowledge. We hear many players playing Big Brother without knowing much about the show. That probably applies even more with Celebrity Big Brother.

That’s not the case with Hall. He is a big fan of the game and had the opportunity to talk to players who played the game within the last year. I think that advice will give him the upper hand over his fellow houseguests.

Carson Kressley

Carson Kressley is no stranger to TV. His TV career began in 2003 on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. In 2011, Kressley was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Kressley made it a few rounds before his elimination after five weeks.

Since then, he has been a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Now there’s an interesting connection between RuPaul’s Drag Race and Celebrity Big Brother.

Ross Matthews is a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. This is the same Ross Matthews that made it to the final two on the first season of Celebrity Big Brother. Honestly, Matthews played the best game, but some of his moves didn’t sit well with the jury.

Either way, I imagine Matthews gave Kressley some good advice on making it far in the game.

Kressley should rely on his social game to make it far in Celebrity Big Brother 3. He has stated he isn’t much of a competition threat, so he’ll need to have a good social game. Considering his line of work, I don’t think that’ll be much of an issue.

We know one of the best ways to make it far in Big Brother is to form an alliance. Kressley isn’t planning on winning many competitions, so it’ll be imperative for him to team up with people.

In a pre-game interview, Kressley mentioned he’ll try and work with people he knows from the real world. It’ll be interesting to see how that works because not everyone gets along in Big Brother and real life.

Celebrity Big Brother host Julie Chen-Moonves already has her eye on Kressley. She mentioned him as one of her early front runners to win. That’s high praise from someone who knows Big Brother as well as anyone.

Cynthia Bailey

I’ve already picked two cast members that have relationships with past Big Brother players. Why not go for a third?

Cynthia Bailey started her career as a model, but she transitioned to TV in the 1990s. She appeared in the following films.

  • The Dark Money
  • Without You I’m Nothing
  • For Love or Money

Bailey was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta from 2010-2021. Now, she is trying her hand at Celebrity Big Brother. Bailey watched Celebrity Big Brother 2 because it featured her friend Kandi Burruss-Tucker.

Burruss-Tucker failed to win a competition, but she made it far in the game. Bailey is also friends with Tamar Braxton.

Braxton made it a little farther than Burress-Tucker, winning Celebrity Big Brother 2. It’s certainly not a bad idea to have advice from two players who made it to the final five.

When you look at her pre-game interviews, it sounds like she’ll be a very loyal player. Bailey wants to be in an alliance with a close friend she can trust. She also wants someone that has a team mentality.

We know that Bailey already has one fan in former Big Brother winner Andy Herren.

If it comes down to it, Bailey will take her ally to the end over someone she would have a guaranteed win. It’s great to be loyal in Big Brother, but sometimes, you have to have a killer instinct. If the time comes, I hope Bailey can capitalize on it.

Bailey should be fun to watch this season. We know housewives love to stir up drama and spill the tea. Hopefully, Bailey can keep that in the diary room.

If nothing else, she should be one of the more entertaining houseguests. I know I’m looking forward to watching her.

Sleepers to Monitor for Celebrity Big Brother 2022

Honestly, we have no idea how most of these celebrities will play. It makes sense to take a shot on a few sleepers.

Shanna Moakler

Shanna Moakler is your typical Big Brother superfan. She has seen every season of the show and favors some of the greats like Derrick Levasseur and Paul Abrahamian. Levasseur dominated Big Brother 16, cementing his status as one of the greats. Abrahamian finished second on Big Brother 18 and 19.

It seems like Moakler has plenty of life experience. She transitioned from pageanting to modeling at an early age. Not long after, she moved into television. Moakler appeared in Pacific Blue and Meet the Barkers.

It’ll be interesting to see how Moakler plays this game. She is a superfan, so she should know all the dos and don’ts of Big Brother. However, it’s a lot easier to watch from home than play the game.

Part of my concern for Moakler is playing too hard too fast. We’ve seen many players come in and want to start gaming from day one. Typically, that puts a target on your back.

Big Brother 23 fans remember when Frenchie came in and won the first Head of Household. He wanted to make a big move but rubbed people the wrong way. Frenchie went home the following week.

There’s no doubt that Moakler is in this game for herself. In her pre-game interview, she said she’d be willing to cut her alliance member at the final three if it meant her winning. Being loyal is nice, but it’s good that she has an eye on the prize.

I expect Moakler to find one houseguest and put all her trust in them. She said Derrick and Paul were two of her favorite players, so why not replicate their strategy?

I’m looking forward to watching her compete for the grand prize. I think she’ll be one of the best players.

Todd Bridges

Todd Bridges has to be the most intriguing cast member for Celebrity Big Brother 3. The actor found himself in the spotlight when he played Willis Jackson on Difference Strokes. People may also know him for his role in Everybody Hates Chris.

Bridges still takes on some roles now and then. Now, he shifts his attention to Celebrity Big Brother 3.

I don’t believe Bridges has watched much Big Brother, but we know he watched Celebrity Big Brother 2. He had high praise for winner Tamar Braxton.

That could give us some insight into what kind of game he might play. Braxton was never the center of attention, but she quietly made allies and moved along in the game. That doesn’t seem like Bridges, but you never know.

One advantage that Bridges might have over the other houseguests is winning competitions. It seems like most celebrities will rely on their social game, but Bridges is taking a different approach.

He wants to win every competition, and he won’t throw any. Bridges also believes establishing connections will be the hardest part of the game. Having a social game is more critical in Celebrity Big Brother, but winning competitions can also take you far.

Honestly, I’m viewing Bridges as a boom or bust player. I could see him being the funny guy and sticking around to the end.

I could also see him rubbing people the wrong way and going home in the first few weeks. Right now, he has great value, so I’m willing to take a chance. However, that could change at any time, so keep an eye out.

It shouldn’t take long for us to realize what type of game Bridges will play. That’ll give us a good idea of how far he can go.

Who Will Win Celebrity Big Brother 3?

My preseason Celebrity Big Brother 3 prediction is Shanna Moakler. I love that she comes in as a superfan, and I think we’ll see her make the right moves. I worry that she might go too hard too fast, but I’m putting my faith in her for Celebrity Big Brother 3.

Todrick Hall should use his social game to make it far. He is someone else I’m keeping my eye on.

Honestly, it’s so tough to make a preseason prediction in Big Brother. I wouldn’t blame you if you went with a value bet.

That wraps up our Celebrity Big Brother 3 betting guide. Hopefully, you learned more about the game and feel good about placing your bets. I’ll leave you with a reality TV betting guide.

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