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Can You Gamble Online for Real Money in Alabama?

By Jennifer Hassan in Laws and Regulation
| June 16, 2020 11:35 am PDT
Online Gambling Alabama

Just like the states themselves, US gambling laws are “all over the place.” It would make a lot of sense, wouldn’t it, if a state were to give a simple “Yes” or “No” answer to the question, “Is it legal to gamble in the state?”

Because that’s not the case, it is important to parse each state’s approach to gambling, consider how and when certain forms of real money gambling are allowed, and to assess what may happen going forward as states’ borders become less meaningful in an increasingly global culture.

Let’s start with a look at the current Alabama gambling laws in general before moving to answer the question, “Is online gambling legal in Alabama?”

The Alabama Mindset

The area where Alabama now sits has been home to agrarian farming cultures for thousands of years. Even after Alabama became a state in 1819, the state’s emphasis—regarding both revenue and values—was on working the land.

Farming communities tend to be regarded as prizing traditional, homogenous values. Since rules pertaining to gambling within the state are classed under “Public Health and Morals,” it is clear that Alabama legislators are dealing with a mindset that sees all forms of gambling, whether betting on the Super Bowl or joining a blackjack game, as a potential threat to a way of life.

Yes, You Can Gamble in Alabama

However, you can certainly gamble in Alabama. There are several tribal casinos operated by the Poarch Tribe. Furthermore, there are sites where dog and horse races are simulcast and where bingo machines can be played.

Also, you can hold a poker game in your home with friends and play for money, as long as the main purpose is fun, not profit.

However, despite the fact that you can play poker at home for money, and also despite the fact that there are tribal casinos in the state, under Alabama law, those tribal casinos are not allowed to offer poker.

This is just one of many convoluted legal issues that concern gambling laws in Alabama.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Alabama?

There are no laws explicitly making Alabama online gambling legal or illegal.

This, like in so many other states, creates something of a gray area where it’s not really clear what’s allowed and what isn’t.

None of us here at GamblingSites.com are lawyers, so I can’t give any formal legal advice here. But as far as I know, no one in Alabama has ever been arrested for gambling online for real money.

There are online gambling sites that are available to residents of AL; they’re just not based within state borders.

Online Gambling Sites for Alabama

We carefully assess and rank the best Alabama gambling sites, no matter where they are licensed and regulated. We consider a variety of criteria when moving sites up (and down) the ranks.

We rate real money gambling sites for safety and security, quick payouts, and customer service, as well as other industry benchmarks.

A Final Word

The states didn’t get together to discuss the burgeoning world of online gambling. Everything from poker to roulette to slots to sports wagers is being enjoyed by gamblers everywhere. However, each state has decided to address the issue independently of the others, creating a confusing national approach, to say the least.

We have worked to offer real-time information on the state of online gambling in Alabama. We suspect that no matter how recently legislation has been passed on the issue, new and improved regulations will be submitted to the legislature as the industry evolves and gamblers demand increasing options.



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