Biggest Betrayals in Survivor History

By Anthony Haage in Entertainment and Novelty
| December 8, 2021 1:07 pm PST

If you are a fan of Survivor, you know exactly just how crazy this show can get. There are alliances in every season, and they all have to end at one point.

In show’s history, there have been amazing betrayals that have brutally ended an alliance and certain contestants’ time on the show.

Here are the Top 7 craziest betrayals in Survivor show history.

Ciera Votes Out Her Own Mother

Survivor Season 29 was titled “Blood vs. Water” and this betrayal was all about that. There aren’t a lot of alliances that are formed before the show starts, but a mother and daughter duo was certainly one of them.

Ciera and Laura were the last family pair left on the show after 29 days, but they couldn’t make it a full 30.

Ciera voted off her own mother as she felt like she had to make the tough decision to stay in the game.

James Voted Off with Two Idols

This one was very difficult to pull off by the other tribe members. James had not one but two idols in his pocket and did not use either of them. He was successfully voted out and had a very embarrassing exit.

In Survivor: China, the final seven were ready to make some risky moves in order to shake things up. Amanda and Todd (who went on to win Season 15) were in his alliance and were the main pieces in this classic backstabbing.

As he walked out, a lot of the contestants were smirking and laughing. James’ surely was not happy about his exit that season.

Dawn Votes Off Brenda

Dawn and Brenda were becoming very close in Season 26 of Survivor. Their friendship was highlighted by one of Dawn’s lowest moments in this season. She lost her teeth and Brenda was there to help her.

Brenda and Dawn had a strong friendship after that, but it apparently wasn’t enough to keep Brenda on the show.

Brenda was voted off and at her speech at the final tribal council, she made Dawn take out her teeth to prove that Brenda would be embarrassed to play without them.

Rob Betrays Lex

In Survivor: All-Stars, Rob approached Lex with a deal. He asked her to protect Amber in exchange for her own protection. After agreeing to the deal, Rob went back on it and ended up voting Lex off in Season 8 of Survivor.

Lex was furious with Rob as he let him have it at his Jury Speech at the end of the season.

Lex challenged Rob to his values and what kind of person he is because of the way he played the game. This will go down as one of the biggest betrayals and Lex was furious with it.

Rob Votes Matt Off Two Times in One Season

Survivor Redemption Island had a special twist to it. You could be voted off but have a chance to come back with redemption. Matt was successful in returning at redemption, but he made the wrong decision in who to trust with his second chance.

He trusted the same people who voted him off the first time and they did it to him for the second time again. Matt could only laugh as he realized that he screwed up his second chance.

Black Widow Alliance Tricks Erik

Erik was the winner of immunity at a challenge but was tricked into giving it away. In Survivor, you can never fully trust someone’s word, and this was a perfect example of it.

The Black Widow Alliance had the crazy idea of even suggesting to Erik to give up immunity for the tribal council.

Erik had the correct thought initially when he said, “I won’t even consider it.” Not only did he consider it, but he also agreed to the deal. The alliance backstabbed him and voted him off in one of the craziest moves in show history.

Dreamz Turns on Yau-Man

In Survivor Fiji, there was a very touching deal put in place by Yau-Man and Dreamz. Yau-Man won a car through a challenge but offered it to Dreamz because he knew he didn’t have a car.

He offered the truck in exchange for individual immunity at the final four.

You would think that Dreamz would be grateful for Yau-Man to even offer it, but he did not take the bait. Dreamz held onto his immunity and Yau-Man was voted off in turn.

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