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Betting Preview for Season 24 of Big Brother with Props and Picks

| June 10, 2022 7:44 am PDT
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The new season of Big Brother continues to move closer and closer. We had the celebrity version of the show in February, but the US edition returns for its 24th campaign in 2022. It’s hard to believe they’ve made it this far, but the fans keep wanting more.

Last season, The Cookout alliance steamrolled the competition, with Xavier Prather becoming the first African American winner to win the US version of Big Brother. Which houseguest will replicate his success?

It’s all interesting to think about, but you can also bet on what happens. If you’re into making money, dive in with me as I look at the coming season, and the odds and props that are already available. With that, here’s my Big Brother 24 betting guide with early prop bets and picks.

Where to Bet on Big Brother Season 24

We can’t have a Big Brother 24 betting preview without examining the top betting sites. These sites are always on top of all things entertainment betting. They haven’t had a chance to release Big Brother season 24 odds as far as which person will specifically will win, but you can already wager on several Big Brother props.

As someone who examined the betting market for the past few installments of this hit reality tv competition, I can confirm these sites consistently updated the odds for the winner. In addition to the currently available prop bets, you’ll find winner odds in due time.

Bovada is presently the go-to site for Big Brother betting, though, as they have already started with Big Brother 24 betting props. Feel free to read a site review before visiting the site.

Big Brother Season 24 Overview

  • Host: Julie Chen Moonves
  • Premiere: Wednesday, July 6
  • TV Schedule: Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday on CBS
  • Location: CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles, CA

Big Brother fans won’t find many differences from previous seasons with the Big Brother season 24 details. Julie Chen Moonves has hosted every season of Big Brother since its inception in 2000.

The series typically starts in late June, but this will be the second straight season it begins in early July. We’ll likely see the standard Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday schedule.

As always, the series will take place in Los Angeles, CA. It’ll be interesting to see if the live audience returns for the first time since Big Brother 21. To go over some of the big changes, get some answers to Big Brother questions heading into season 24.

Who Is in the Big Brother 24 Cast?

Unfortunately, we don’t have confirmation on the Big Brother 24 cast. I wish I could confirm or deny any leaks or rumors, but we haven’t heard any. We’ll likely have a cast list at the end of June.

Following a successful season of Big Brother 23 with no returning houseguests, I can tell you Big Brother 24 will follow the same plan.

The show has experimented with returning houseguests in the past, but we’ll see 16 new houseguests for season 24. That should excite Big Brother fans, considering the last two seasons with returning houseguests brought lackluster gameplay.

The Big Brother 24 betting preview will update the official cast list when CBS and Big Brother reveal it to the public. Until then, fans can speculate about the potential houseguests.

You can also look back at some of the worst winners the show has ever seen. While the new cast is vital for successful betting, knowing who to avoid in bets by using show history can also be beneficial. Check out our list below.

6 Worst Big Brother Winners of All Time

It’s subjective to say a Big Brother winner is the worst player. Being the worst among the winners is still better than most players. It takes a lot of skill to win Big Brother, but these players didn’t do too much to make it to the end. It took...

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Best Big Brother 24 Prop Bets

We might not have the cast list, but Bovada has given us early access to some Big Brother 24 props. Take a look at the early Big Brother 2022 betting opportunities, starting with the gender of who will win season 24 of Big Brother.

Gender of Winner


We don’t need a cast list to wager on the gender of the Big Brother 24 winner. A cast list likely wouldn’t help, considering we won’t know how any of the players will perform in the house just yet.

Theoretically, a male or female winning should be a 50/50 percent chance. This series typically puts eight males and eight females in the house.

The data tells us that males have won 16 of the 23 seasons. It’s also interesting to note that a female has only defeated a male in the final two twice.

Nicole Franzel in season 18 became the first female to accomplish this feat. Kaycee Clark did the same in season 20. Both houseguests only won by one vote. How will that affect your Big Brother season 24 betting?

I’m leaning towards a male being the winner of Big Brother 24. The newer generation values competition wins over an excellent social game. We’ve seen players like Jackson Michie and Cody Calafiore win Big Brother thanks to their domination in competitions.

  • Pick: Male (-120)

Will the BB 24 Winner Receive All the Final Votes?


A few years ago, I would’ve said no and not thought twice about a unanimous winner. Dan Gheesling was the only unanimous winner in the first 21 seasons of the show. He’s also an outlier, as our Big Brother player rankings have him at No. 1.

However, the last two seasons of Big Brother could have me taking the value for this BB 24 prop.

Cody Calafiore won Big Brother 22 with a 9-0 vote. One year later, Xavier Prather replicated his success. Just like that, we had back-to-back seasons with a unanimous winner. Will it happen in a third straight season?

Cody and Xavier were great players in their respective seasons, but they earned those votes because of the players they sat next to.

Enzo Palumbo was a great social player in season 22, but he didn’t make many moves. Meanwhile, Cody did much of the work and won competitions in the later stages of the game.

Big Brother 23 was an extreme case as second-place finisher Derek Frazier had zero contributions to the game. Xavier took him to the finale because he knew he would beat him. This Big Brother prop bet offers value, but I’m playing it safe.

  • Pick: No (-450)

Days Spent in the House by the Winner

Over 90.5-105
Under 90.5-135

The Big Brother 24 betting guide expands beyond the winner of the game. Your betting opportunities include how many days we’ll see the winner in the house, too.

From season 1 to season 14, we didn’t have a season over 85 days. The early seasons had around 80 days, but seasons 10-15 featured 71 to 75 days. Then we saw a big jump with Big Brother 15 having 90 days.

Check out the days spent in the Big Brother house for the last four seasons.

Inside Big Brother House
  • Big Brother 20: 99 days
  • Big Brother 21: 99 days
  • Big Brother 22: 85 days
  • Big Brother 23: 85 days

Season 22 is an outlier because the COVID-19 pandemic affected the schedule.

We know the season will begin on July 6, but what about the finale date? We don’t have a confirmed date, but it’ll likely be September 21 or 28. Both those dates would keep the season under 90 days.

Big Brother 22 is the only season to end in October, and they didn’t start until August.

  • Pick: Under 90.5 (-135)

Gender of America’s Favorite Houseguest


The final prop bet for Big Brother 24 features the gender of America’s favorite houseguest. It’s tough to lose this competition, but players can take solace in knowing they have one last chance to win a grand prize with America’s favorite houseguest.

Big Brother began awarding America’s favorite houseguest in Big Brother 7. Check out the gender breakdown of the winner.

  • Male: 9
  • Female: 7
CBS logo

Male has the upper hand, but this isn’t as easy as predicting the gender of the winner. We have no idea who will win until we see the cast and how the players act in the house. A returning houseguest would have the upper hand.

Females have been making a run lately, with three straight winning this award. The Big Brother season 24 odds made the right call on this prop bet. It’s truly a toss-up until we see the houseguests.

I’ll go out on a limb and pick a female. Online gambling in the US allows you to revisit this wager once we move closer to the season. We should have a better idea of Big Brother season 24 betting.

  • My Pick: Female (-120)

Big Brother Betting Tips for Season 24

My Big Brother season 24 betting guide wouldn’t be complete without a few tips on how to bet. Let’s examine my favorites for the upcoming season, starting with putting some emphasis on what has happened in the past on the show.

  • Use Past Data for Prop Bets
  • Value Competition Wins for the Winner
  • Place At Least One Longshot Bet Early in the Game
  • Back a Player in an Alliance
  • Make Preseason Value Bets

I’ve examined a few Big Brother 24 prop bets. It’s tough to make predictions without a cast list, but past data allowed me to make a confident pick on multiple props. Please look back on recent seasons to help make your picks.

We’ve seen competition wins play a significant factor in the winner of the show. Check out the competition wins for the last four winners.

Houseguests HOH Wins POV Wins
Kaycee Clark (BB20) 2 5
Jackson Michie (BB21) 4 4
Cody Calafiore (BB22) 4 4
Xavier Prather (BB23) 3 3

Jackson Michie wasn’t a popular player in Big Brother 21, but the other houseguest respected his gameplay. Bettors should identify the early competition threats.

The following two betting tips can go hand in hand. Early in the game, it’s hard to tell how things will shake out. It’s not uncommon to see a player control the house in Week 1 and go home in Week 2.


Furthermore, players won’t do anything early but make it far in the game. Those players likely won’t be a top Big Brother season 24 pick, but I wouldn’t count them out. It doesn’t hurt to be in a big alliance.

Honestly, we have little information about the players competing in Big Brother 24. My 2022 Big Brother betting would include as many value bets as possible. Bettors can visit our entertainment betting strategy for more information.

Who Will Win Big Brother Season 24?

Unfortunately, we can’t make a Big Brother 24 prediction at this time. However, the Big Brother 24 betting guide offers multiple betting opportunities with prop bets.

Honestly, I feel confident in three of my four prop bets. The gender of America’s favorite houseguest is a toss-up, so I’d be cautious with that prop. Betting on a male to win Big Brother 24 gives you the most value.

Hopefully, our Big Brother 24 betting preview gives you a good baseline for betting on the upcoming season. Please visit the top Big Brother betting sites for updated odds and prop bets.

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