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Betting on Who Will Play Larry King in His Biopic

| February 9, 2021 8:38 am PDT
Betting on Who Will Play Larry King in Biopic

Hollywood is trying to profit off of another celebrity’s illustrious career. That, or perhaps the studios just want to pay homage to a brilliant icon.

Maybe it’s both.

Either way, whispers are growing louder over a potential Larry King biopic, and it’s starting to look like the legendary television host will get his own movie.

Kevin Costner has previously talked about a Larry King series, but it’s quite possible numerous projects will be done to pay respect to the legendary talk show host.

King passed away in late January, but left behind a storied career filled with memorable interviews, thought-provoking quotes, and a distinguished demeanor.

While it’s never easy to say good-bye in the flesh, fans of Larry King can get excited about the coming Larry King movie and/or series. It’s spawned all kinds of rumors as to who will play Larry King in the new flick, and you can even bet on it at your favorite sites for betting on entertainment.

For some advice as to how you should be betting on who will play Larry King, let’s take a look at the latest odds and come to a prediction.

Odds for Who Will Play Larry King

Gary Oldman +150
Steve Buscemi +150
Christian Bale +400
John Travolta +400
Tom Hanks +800
Jack Nicholson +1000

These are the best bets to portray Larry King, per Bovada. Gary Oldman and Steve Buscemi are tied as the front-runners at +150, while known chameleon Christian Bale is the likely pivot.

It gets a little weird after that, as John Travolta is a head-scratcher, and Jack Nicholson – last seen on screen in 2010 – appears to be retired from acting.

Tom Hanks is certainly viable, and he does have a history of taking on real-life characters.

Any of these accomplished actors should have interest in donning King’s suspenders, of course, seeing as playing real-life people tends to be well-received at the Oscars.

The question, of course, is which actor is the best bet to play the leading role in the coming Larry King movie?

Top Contenders to Play Larry King

The odds tell you about all you need to know, and since the list of actors seemingly in the running to play Larry King is short, they’re technically all “contenders”.

But of the options listed, I really only think two make any real sense. I’ll break down precisely why they stand out above the others.

Gary Oldman

Oldman is tied for the favorite to play Larry King, and he makes sense for a variety of reasons. He’s a bit older, so he is already prepared to play an in-his-prime King, and it would also be easy to “age” him as the film or series progressed.

Few actors carry the prestige someone like Oldman offers, either.

He has shown his insane versatility across numerous roles, but his portrayal of Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour probably showcases his ability to breathe new life into a real person.

I mean, if this speech as Churchill doesn’t show you how Oldman becomes the person he’s playing, I can’t help you.

Beyond just sporting some of the best acting chops around, Oldman has also earned the highest honors, with Best Actor wins in 2018 at both the Golden Globes and the Oscars.

If Oldman took on this role, he’d surely crush it, and he’d instantly be among the best bets to target at the top Oscars betting sites.

Christian Bale

I don’t mean to completely write off the other options, but they don’t feel like amazing fits. Oldman probably has the closest look to King, and he’s probably just the most equipped to excel in the role.

The only hiccup is if this Larry King series or movie decides to go younger. The Kevin Costner project I pointed out in this post’s intro was originally a limited series project, after all.

Whether it is or not, the main bet we’re discussing could deal with a younger actor being cast to play Larry King in his prime, and then just have him aged on screen as time goes on.

The door is wide open to a litany of talented actors if that’s the case, but if you need a younger actor who is capable of transforming into any character.

Christian Bale has solid odds to play Larry King, and he also just happens to be a fine, accomplished actor.

Also a former Oscar winner, Bale has the credentials to hit a home run with this role, and he’s gone from rail thin in The Machinist, to packing heat as Batman, to adding some pounds in Vice.

Bale can literally do it all, and his actual acting talent and sly charm make him a very interesting option for this role.

Other Actors That Could Play Larry King

At first glance, Oldman is probably my preferred pick to play Larry King, and if you’re betting on who will play Larry King, Christian Bale needs to be in the mix based on odds alone.

That said, this is a very short list.

That suggests it’s already very likely the studios have a good idea as to who is most qualified to wreck in this role, or nobody has any clue.

I tend to think the latter, as whispers of a Larry King movie have only grown loud recently, and Hollywood is understandably in the early stages of putting something together.

Because of that, other actors should pop up as potential options. Here are a few actors that could play Larry King that don’t presently have odds.

  • Jude Law
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Ben Affleck
  • Al Pacino
  • Daniel Day-Lewis
  • Tommy Lee Jones
  • Jeremy Irons
  • Harvey Keitel
  • Bryan Cranston
  • Christoph Waltz
  • Geoffrey Rush
  • Sean Penn

Okay, this is a big list. But to be fair, it could be even longer. There are so many great actors out there, and it’s honestly shocking to see how many could fill Larry King’s shoes perfectly.

If the studio wants to go young, one of my favorite picks to play Larry King would be Jude Law.

He has fantastic range, and he’s yet to win an Oscar despite being nominated twice. If he took on this task and did as well as I think he could, it could launch him to his first win at the Academy Awards.

Harvey Keitel is up there in age, but he has a similar look to King. The same could be said of Cranston, who is much younger, and perhaps a bit better for the role.

Daniel Day-Lewis is admittedly one of my first choices for most roles, and if someone could coax him out of retirement, he may be the best choice.

Gyllenhall doesn’t make total sense, but any younger actor in their prime would have to be considered if Larry King’s story is told from earlier in his career.

I also wouldn’t be ga-ga about Affleck, but he’s a fine enough actor, and Larry King himself voted for him to play him in any future production.

“Who would play me? I guess Ben Affleck”

That’s what King had to say when asked who would play him on the big screen.

He also mentioned Brad Pitt, though, so I’m not sure how serious we should take his recommendations.

Predicting Who Will Play Larry King

If I had a say in this, I’d probably go with Bale to play a young King, or Day-Lewis to play King in his prime and in his later stages of his life.

It’s unclear exactly which Larry King project this bet is attached to, and since he was most popular when he was quite advanced in age, it’s arguable an older actor would make the most sense.

That could take Bale and other younger actors out of the running, and with DDL retired, I’ll look elsewhere.

All things considered, I love Gary Oldman for this job.

Oldman has displayed time and time again his commitment to excellence when it comes to acting. He got Winston Churchill down in every possible way, and I’ve yet to see him do a bad job on screen.

You literally can only bet on a handful of actors that could play Larry King, and right now Oldman is one of them. He’s also a fantastic acting talent, and he’s priced as the favorite.

I’m open to other actors being added to the mix of potential people that could play Larry King in a movie or series. For now, though, all roads lead to Oldman, and that’s perfectly fine by me.

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