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Betting on Who Will Be the New Jeopardy Host – Latest Odds and Prediction

| November 12, 2020 3:49 am PDT
Betting Next Host of Jeopardy

An era of afternoon entertainment is over. Not only is TV legend Alex Trebek sadly gone forever after his recent passing, but his death also forces the hit TV game show Jeopardy to move on with a full-time replacement.

These are dark days, but there is an upside in finding someone to fill Trebek’s shoes.

Not only could the showrunners potentially find a deserving host that could help Trebek’s sharp wit live on into a new generation of television, but entertainment bettors just might be able to profit from it.

Nobody will ever be as good as Trebek, but there are still some viable candidates out there that make a lot of sense. Let’s see what the top entertainment betting sites say with the latest Jeopardy host odds, and come to a prediction.

Next Jeopardy Host Odds

Alex Faust+200
George Stephanopoulos+250
Ken Jennings+300
Laura Coates+450
Anderson Cooper+500
Buzzy Cohen+500
Dan Patrick+700
Will Ferrell+1000
Betty White+2000

These are the latest odds for who will replace Alex Trebek as the next host of Jeopardy. As sad as it is to say goodbye to a mainstay of afternoon television, the show must go on.

Jeopardy will eventually name a new full-time host, but we have no idea when that will be, or who will take over the reins. Because of that, pretty much anyone the top entertainment betting sites allow us to bet on is fair game.

Over at MyBookie, though, Alex Faust takes the lead, and he’s followed up by other big names such as George Stephanopoulos, Ken Jennings, and, um, Betty White.

Heck, even Donald Trump makes the list, depending on where you bet on entertainment. The latter can be filed under the “longshot” category, but you can dream up any and all possibilities.

That’s truly the case at BetOnline, where there are even more betting options when trying to predict the next host of Jeopardy. There are so many other interesting options offered there, from Neil deGrasse Tyson, to Pat Sajak, Ryan Seacrest, and Tom Bergeron.

I’m only listing the MyBookie odds here because they offer better pricing for the more realistic options. Both sites are great for betting on prop bets in general, and you’ll want to pick the set that’s best for you, based on who you want to bet on.

That said, there are also some other truly great options out there. Any of the following sites are recommended for betting on the next Jeopardy host and other fun markets.

Let’s now break down the best options that could take over as the new Jeopardy host.

Ken Jennings (+300)

Probably the leader in terms of who everyone actually wants to replace Alex Trebek, is one of the legends of the game, Ken Jennings.

Most know Jennings as the winningest contestant in Jeopardy history, as he famously won 74 straight times. He may be single-handedly responsible for elevating the show’s prowess amongst game shows, too, and the 46-year old would have to consider taking on the mantle.

His admiration for the late Trebek speaks volumes, and he’s obviously a fan favorite.

An accomplished author and obvious genius, Jennings offers the most value at MyBookie, but is the top favorite at BetOnline.

George Stephanopoulos (+350)

This is another strong contender to replace Alex Trebek, as his odds are +250 at MyBookie and +350 at BetOnline. The pricing here is close enough that it probably just comes down to which site you feel more comfortable with.

In regards to the likelihood of getting the job, it’s unclear how good of a chance Stephanopoulos has. We know he wouldn’t mind getting the honor bestowed upon him, though, as he admitted in an interview with Howard Stern that he thinks the job would be “fun”.

The 59-year old also suggested he love his current work, and that filling the shoes of a television icon would be a tall order.

Dan Patrick (+700)

Here’s another one to consider. Dan Patrick does have his own show. He’s good at it, and he loves it. But Patrick would bring just about the same level of intelligence and wit, along with a bit more dry humor.

Patrick would be an oddly seamless transition, and he’s one of the bigger, more appealing names on any betting sites right now.

He isn’t an option at BetOnline, of course, so MyBookie’s nice price of +700 would have to do if you think the famed sportscaster and talk show host is up for the job.

Alex Faust (+1800)

You’ll see the different odds for Faust here, as MyBookie has him as the favorite at +200, and BetOnline has him at +1800. Obviously, if you like Faust as the next Jeopardy host, you know where to bet.

Odds can change, but the words of praise from Trebek back in 2018, which suggested he liked Faust as his long-term replacement, won’t soon be forgotten.

Faust is a hot name in sports, as the 31-year old announced for the Los Angeles Kings certainly has the voice to captivate audiences. Does he have the sharp wit and stoic demeanor Trebek displayed since 1984? That’s up for debate.

The value Faust offers bettors at this +1800 price, of course, is not.

Laura Coates (+1800)

Coates has pretty nice odds to be the next Jeopardy host if you look at MyBookie, but the place to bet on her is clearly BetOnline.

Much like Alex Faust, she is another name Alex Trebek specifically named back in 2018.

The 40-year old CNN analyst is as intelligent as they come, and even has experience hosting her own show, The Laura Coates Show.

Coates would get a qualified host worthy of Trebek’s approval, and they’d also break barriers with a female, non-white host taking over. It could make for the perfect transition following Trebek’s passing.

Who Will Be the Next Jeopardy Host?

The candidates to replace Alex Trebek broken down above are just the top contenders, in my opinion.

I also started the odds breakdown off with MyBookie.ag’s pricing because I tend to agree that the options they have priced as the most likely successors are in fact the best bets to be the next Jeopardy host.

Of course, like I said, we have no clue what the studio is thinking. We don’t know if Alex Trebek suggested anyone else as his replacement before he died, either.

Jeopardy showrunners contend he did not. All we have to go on are people who threw their hat in the ring, the two options Trebek himself mentioned a couple of years ago, and massive stars that probably don’t make enough sense.

I mean, are we really to expect Betty White, Will Ferrell, or Donald Trump (+100000) to take over this gig?

I’d think not.

Time is running out for the Jeopardy producers to make a call, however. Trebek’s final episodes run through December, and if the studio wants to crank out new episodes beyond tossing in an interim host, they need to act fast.

Based on everything, I like the value with Coates at +1800 over BetOnline. This is a professional, known figure who is excellent at her job, she has displayed sharp wit, humor, and high-level intelligence.

She’s also still in her prime as a face in media, she’s approved by Trebek, and she’d be a positive role model for women and people of color. It’s a strong transitional move for the show, too.

Ken Jennings is the safer play at +300 at MyBookie, but I’ll aim high with Coates and her +1800 price at BetOnline.

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  1. Jim Tortorello November 15, 2020 at 2:52 pm

    I think it’s a no brainer,but everyone else is an idiot.Brook Burns is the obvious choice to me.She’s hosted a game show where you have to be literate and read flawlessly, as she did.Shes also a female,duh!!!



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