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Betting on Where DeShaun Watson Will Play in 2021

| January 24, 2021 6:46 am PDT
Where Will Deshaun Watson Play in 2021

Maybe Bill O’Brien wasn’t really the problem in Houston after all. Just when we thought this organization couldn’t botch things any worse, the front office has put their franchise quarterback in a predicament.

After being lied to about his inclusion in the search for a new coach and GM, Deshaun Watson is now adamant that he wants out. Will, the Texans, grant their star QB his wish, or will things get ironed out before the season starts?

All this leads to wondering where Deshaun Watson will play in 2021.

Let’s see what the odds have to say.

Odds For Deshaun Watson’s Next Team

Rather than display Deshaun Watson’s odds from just one of the top NFL betting sites, I wanted to make sure you were aware of the glaring discrepancies.

Landing Spot BetUS BetOnline MyBookie
Houston Texans +115 N/A -180
New York Jets +225 +350 N/A
Miami Dolphins +325 +375 N/A
Chicago Bears +750 +1200 +300
New England Patriots +900 +1000 +200
Carolina Panthers +900 +750 N/A
Denver Broncos +900 +900 +350
Indianapolis Colts +1100 +800 +400
San Francisco 49ers +1100 +1000 +2000
Atlanta Falcons +1900 +900 +3000
Washington Football Team +2000 +1400 N/A
New Orleans Saints +2400 +800 +850
Las Vegas Raiders +2400 +1000 N/A
Los Angeles Rams +2800 +1000 N/A
Philadelphia Eagles +2800 +1400 +2500
Detroit Lions +3400 +1200 +1000
Pittsburgh Steelers +3400 +2500 +1500


This is a perfect portrayal of why it’s imperative to shop your lines when you bet on NFL specials online. For example, +200 for New England vs. +1000 for New England – that’s a massive difference. If you think Deshaun could wind up in Chicago, you better head to BetOnline, where you’re getting way more bang for your buck.

The gap is even larger regarding some other teams, so just be sure you’re aware of what’s out there before you pull the trigger.

Any Chance of Repair in Houston?

Coming off back-to-back AFC South titles, things were looking good for the Texans heading into 2020. And then Jack Easterby was hired.

The team traded DeAndre Hopkins for an over-the-hill running back and dealt away a litany of future first-round draft picks. The Texans went 4-12.

Given the way Cal McNair continues to endorse Easterby, nothing suggests the relationship with Watson will be mended.

Instead of involving Deshaun in the process of finding a new GM, Houston hired former Patriots director of player personnel, Nick Caserio, for the role. This is significant because Jack Easterby worked directly alongside Caserio in New England (2013-2019) before joining the Texans in 2020.

Don’t expect to see Watson in a Houston uniform in ’21.

Taking His Talents to South Beach?

Not every team in the league has the cap space and assets to execute a trade for Deshaun Watson.

The Dolphins have both.

Keep in mind, Watson’s cap hit in 2021 is just $15.94 million – a far cry from the $40.4 million it’ll cost a team in 2022. Miami has a little more than $23 million to play with, an intriguing young quarterback, and two picks inside the top 18. Ironically, the #3 pick currently owned by the Fins originally belonged to the Texans as part of the trade that brought Laremy Tunsil to Houston.

Houston is desperately trying to make it work, but the following proposal could be too juicy to pass up.

Texans Receive

  • Tua Tagovailoa
  • #3 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft
  • #18 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft

Dolphins Receive

  • Deshaun Watson

In the event that Houston has no interest in Tua, Miami could ship a pair of second-round picks (#36, #50) instead.

Would that be enough for Caserio to bite?

Are the Jets the Best Fit?

There has been no shortage of rumors that Deshaun Watson’s next team could be the New York Jets. From reporters and analysts stating it’s a match made in heaven to NFL players dishing out their advice, the gossip surrounding a trade to New York is genuine.

Newly minted head coach Robert Saleh is unwilling to publicly commit to Sam Darnold, and the idea of landing one of the league’s top-tier quarterbacks won’t be taken lightly.

Like Miami, the Jets are slated to pick twice in the first round (#2, #23), plus they own the 34th pick. This is some serious ammunition that must be considered.

It’s uncertain if Houston would have any interest in trying to further develop Darnold, but the chance to grab Zach Wilson or Justin Fields with the second pick in the draft will captivate the Texan’s attention. Especially knowing deep down that Deshaun is no longer committed.

Should Chicago Fans Get Their Hopes Up?

Houston likely wants nothing to do with Mitchel Trubisky, and my guess is they wouldn’t touch Nick Foles with a 10-foot pole. The 20th selection in the upcoming draft is Chicago’s only pick within the top-50 – nothing too enticing.

Nevertheless, Deshaun does sit on a no-trade clause and could theoretically force his way to the Windy City. Trading Watson isn’t ideal, but moving him to an NFC team seems to make more sense. Nick Caserio could squeeze Ryan Pace for a horde of future picks and perhaps pluck a starting member from the Bear’s daunting defense.

Chicago made the playoffs this season with spotty play under center, it’d be bad news for the rest of the NFC North if Watson came on board. In terms of being able to convince Allen Robinson to stay in town, going out and getting Deshaun would almost certainly do the trick.

Predicting Deshaun Watson’s Next Team

Where will Deshaun Watson play in 2021 is among the hottest topics in the NFL, and it’s not looking like Space City is going to be the answer.

Miami seems to be the best fit on paper, but Brian Flores’ unwavering support of Tua could make trading for Watson a challenge. I say “unwavering support,” but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that Flores was quick to pull Tua in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick when the game was on the line.

What Houston should do is get on the phone with Joe Douglas in New York and work something out with the Jets.

Trading Watson means getting rid of a proven franchise quarterback – the #2 pick at least sets you up to draft another one in return. In fact, Zach Wilson may end up being better than Deshaun Watson, and he’ll be a heck of a lot cheaper over the next four years.

Assuming the 23rd selection in the upcoming draft is also part of the equation (and at least one more future pick in the first three rounds), the Texans would be silly to turn this offer down.

Remember, the writing is on the wall in Houston that Deshaun wants out. It’d be in the Texan’s best interest to start figuring out how to salvage the most in return.

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