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Betting on Where Carson Wentz Will Play in 2021

| January 23, 2021 5:29 am PDT
Betting on Where Carson Wentz Will Play in 2021

The Philadelphia Eagles are at a crossroads. The franchise has battled through some difficult years, and even after just winning their first-ever Super Bowl as recently as 2017, they’re already embarking on a new era.

Head coach Doug Pederson was sent packing in a somewhat surprising move this offseason, and the writing on the wall indicates star quarterback Carson Wentz could be next.

Wentz’s journey with the Eagles has been a complicated one, and even though his 2020 campaign was a forgettable one, it’s arguable his struggles weren’t just on him.

Can he still turn his career around? Do the Eagles even want to give him that chance? With the promising play of dual-threat rookie Jalen Hurts, that is very much up in the air.

Due to all of the confusion, there are whispers that Carson Wentz could be traded. His contract is a big problem, but a move could still be coming.

If so, where will Carson Wentz play in 2021? Let’s take a look at the latest odds, how this all came about, and Wentz’s most likely landing spots for next season before coming to an ultimate prediction.

Odds for Where Carson Wentz Will Play in 2021

The Eagles still lead the way when you look at Carson Wentz’s odds for where he’ll play next year, per MyBookie.

That makes sense since that’s the team Wentz is currently on, and his contract is massive. It’s also quite the roadblock toward cutting Wentz in any capacity or trading him.

Philly takes the lead here, but Wentz has a clear tie to the Colts, who are led by former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich.

Indy will be in need of a quarterback, too, as 17-year veteran quarterback Philip Rivers just called it a career.

The Colts look like a strong option if the Eagles trade Wentz, but they’re also not the only team in need of a quarterback.

Depending on what happens in the next couple of months, it’s quite arguable that every single team on this list could (or should) be interested in acquiring Wentz via trade.

The question, of course, is which team will actually pull the trigger?

To figure that out, let’s first gauge if the Eagles are, in fact, done with Wentz and which Carson Wentz landing spot stands out the most.

Are the Eagles Really Done With Wentz?

If it were as simple and easy as that, yeah, they probably would be. As stated, Wentz is due a fat sum of cash, and more importantly, cutting ties with him would create chaos in the books for Philadelphia.

Just look at the damage it’s set up to do in 2021 and beyond, per Spotrac.com.

Year Base Salary Cap Hit Dead Cap
2021 $15.4 million $34 million $59 million
2022 $22 million $31 million $24 million
2023 $20 million $36 million $15 million
2024 $21 million $32 million $6 million

Yeah, not good.

It gets easier to move Wentz after 2021, but cutting him is impossible, and trading him is still going to leave a lasting mark for the year.

No matter what Philly does next year, they’re in financial ruin.

The question will be if just moving on from this guy is worth it, and/or if they think Jalen Hurts (or whoever else they can acquire) is worth eating all of that dead money for.

The signals are mixed up top. Head coach Doug Pederson was supposedly fired because he wanted to move on from Wentz, and owner Jeff Lurie wasn’t on the same page.

There’s also a pretty strong rumor that aligns with this, suggesting the Eagles won’t want to cut the cord on Wentz in 2021.

Again, from a financial, talent, and investment perspective, I get it.

But could there be an offer out there that blows the Eagles away and leads to a trade? It’s obviously possible.

Top Contender to Trade for Wentz

The number one team that is most likely to trade for Carson Wentz is the Colts. When you look at need, fit, and the financial aspect, they just make the most sense.

He holds the second-best odds to start for Indy in week one, per Sportsbetting.ag.

Rivers is retiring, and the team may not bring back Jacoby Brissett, either. That leaves a massive hole under center for a team that is built for a deep playoff run.

Wentz has a positive history with Reich, and he’d be an arguable upgrade over a departing Rivers, assuming Wentz can finally get past all of his injuries and whatever the heck 2020 was.

Philly is torn on what they want to do with Wentz, but Indy needs a quarterback and probably wouldn’t mind having Wentz. They also have the third most room when regarding the 2021 salary cap.

It’d take a nice package of picks and players to get a deal done – yes, even for seemingly damaged goods like Wentz – but the Colts lead the way as the top contender to trade for Carson Wentz.

Top Sleeper Team to Land Wentz

Anytime you talk about NFL players potentially being traded, it’s always fun to dream big. Enter the top sleeper team that could trade for Carson Wentz.

Based on the odds for who will trade for Carson Wentz, the team that really pops out is New England.

Normally, the frugal Pats wouldn’t be in consideration. They just lived through a brutal reclamation project with Cam Newton, too.

That said, New England also just experienced an entire year of not having a viable option to run their offense, and it was understandably sobering.

Wentz isn’t Newton. He’s potentially a wreck mentally, and there are a lot of emotional and egotistical threads to be trimmed, of course.

But Wentz is still in his physical prime, and he has the upside to be great in a new environment. New England either needs to go back to the drawing board and draft a quarterback, or they need to roll the dice again.

I don’t think they actually give up the picks (or feel good about absorbing the money hit) to make it happen, but at +400, they’re probably the only value bet worth taking here.

Which Team Will Carson Wentz Play For in 2021?

If Carson Wentz gets traded, I think it’s to the Colts. Indianapolis has the need, financial room, connection, and motivation to have it all make sense.

Wentz had a terrible 2020, but it also wasn’t all his fault. With the right situation, it’s not crazy to think he can still turn his career around. Heck, maybe he can get back to being an elite player in this league.

Of course, it’s that optimistic thinking that probably keeps him in Philly for at least one more season.

Doug Pederson was canned for a few reasons. One of them was probably not being fully committed to a guy the Eagles have invested way too much into to just kick him to the curb now.

But more than anything, the financial hit is simply too grand.

If Indy comes calling with a massive trade that makes the Eagles feel like they’re getting away with robbery, then sure, a Carson Wentz trade is possible.

But the financial burden lessens with each passing year, and with Wentz in Philly for at least one more year, Lurie can feel better about knowing whether or not he’s making the right call.

Ultimately, at least for 2021, I think Wentz resides with the Eagles.

As polarizing as Wentz is, and as captivating as his situation appears to be, it’s just one of many instances where NFL teams and star quarterbacks are set up for a potential divorce.

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