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Betting on the US Presidential Debate on October 22 – Picks and Predictions for Props

| October 22, 2020 4:45 am PDT
Betting on the US Presidential Debate on October 22

The second 2020 US presidential debate was canceled because Donald Trump got sick, but the candidates will return for the last one on Thursday, October 22. The top political betting sites cover the event extensively and there are some exciting prop bets for the presidential debate.

Some of them are too silly to take them seriously, but others offer an excellent opportunity to make some money. My presidential debate betting guide includes the latest odds, my predictions, and picks for the five props I like the most.

Who’s Head Will a Fly Land on First?

Donald Trump -300
Joe Biden +200

I will be honest here, I thought this one was pointless the first time I saw it. It certainly looks like one of the presidential debate props that can’t be taken seriously, but just look at the odds. I would normally expect a coin toss for this one, so why is the price for Biden +200?

I struggle to find the logic on why a fly would prefer Trump over his opponent. Could the POTUS be using some kind of perfume that would attract it? It’s possible, I guess, but on the other hand, he’s the one who’s using his hands more and that would probably drive a fly away more often.

I won’t go too much deeper with this ridiculous analysis, but my point is that the price of +200 for Biden is way too high. We already saw a fly land on Pence’s head, so that might happen again.

Unless flies prefer Republicans for some unknown reason, the value is on the Democratic nominee.

  • Joe Biden

Second US Presidential Debate Total Viewers

Under 67.5 million -150
Over 67.5 million +110

I just felt obliged to include a pick for this prop bet for the presidential debate based on pure stats. BetOnline offers the option and the betting site states that the results will be based on the Nielsen television audience estimates.

Nielsen’s numbers for the first debate show that the event was watched by 73.1 million people. I see no reason why the second one that is closer to the election would draw fewer Americans.

Even if that’s the case, the drop should be around 10% for the number to go under. That just seems too much and the price of +110 for over 67.5 to witness the event on TV looks excellent and that’s certainly one of the best prop bets for the presidential debate.

  • Over 67.5 million

What Will Donald Trump Say First?

Fake news +125
Socialist +200
Hoax +500
Lost the left +500
Crooked Hillary +600
Rigged +600

One of the interesting angles when it comes to betting on the presidential debate on October 22 is related to Trump’s overall behavior. He was extremely aggressive during the first one and not all viewers liked this.

I’m pretty sure that the team behind the POTUS would react to that and try to tone him down a bit. I still expect from Trump to mention some of his main points, of course, and I believe that “fake news” and “socialist” will be among them.

In fact, I think there’s a big chance that he attacks Biden early on, so the latter looks like the top betting option.

  • Socialist

What Will Joe Biden Say First?

Scranton +125
Come on man +200
Unpresidential +250
Clown +700
Shush +800
Shut up +800

There’s a similar presidential debate betting prop for Joe Biden. I’m not sure why Scranton is the leading option here, I know that the Democratic candidate mentioned his home town during the first debate and it’s been part of his campaign as a whole, but is it that likely that he does the same before any of the other outcomes above?

I don’t think that’s the case. I don’t like “Come on man” either, because he was mocked after the first debate for using it too often and it’s possible that his team advised him to avoid that one.

That leads me to “unpresidential” and I like this one. Biden often uses it to describe Trump’s behavior and his supporters seem to approve that term. The price of +250 is also solid, so that’s my final pick.

  • Unpresidential

Will Trump Denounce White Supremacists?

No -120
Yes -120

The opponents of Donald Trump scrutinized him for failing to denounce an allegedly white supremacist group during the first clash against Biden. That could raise the question once again and since the POTUS has done so in the past, I expect him to denounce all white supremacists if he’s asked about it.

The price of -120 seems high enough for me and that’s one of the better options when it comes to betting on the presidential debate scheduled for Thursday, October 22.

  • Yes

Final Thoughts

The best political betting sites are covering the upcoming POTUS dispute extensively and there are plenty of props for the presidential debate. Make sure to check them out as there are various gems that could be profitable.

If you have some ideas and presidential debate props you want to highlight, don’t hesitate to share them using the comments section right at the bottom of this page.

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