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Betting Update for Week Ten of Dancing With the Stars Season 29

| November 12, 2020 5:26 am PDT
Dancing With the Stars Season 29 - Week 10

We are waltzing into the semifinals of season 29 of Dancing With the Stars. Or tango-ing. Or skipping. Or Whatever.

The point is that season 29 of one of the best reality TV show competitions is nearing its end. At the finish line, we’ll finally know who the best celebrity dancer is.

If you look at the odds – all season, mind you – it’s professional figure skater, Johnny Weir. If you want his top challenger, it’s my preseason pick, Kaitlyn Bristowe.

But then there’s the feel-good story, and the underdog special in Catfish star, Nev Schulman.

That’s the elite dancing trio entertainment bettors have their eyes on, as all three celebrities are at the top of the pecking order with the field shrinking down to just six candidates.

So, are one of these celebrities a lock to win, or should you bet on someone else? With two episodes to go, we need to turn over every stone. 

First, let’s look at the latest Dancing With the Stars betting odds, and recap everything that happened in episode nine.

Dancing With the Stars 2020 Odds

Johnny Weir+100
Kaitlyn Bristowe+150
Nev Schulman+300
Justina Machado+2500
Skai Jackson+3300

The latest Dancing With the Stars odds say the same thing we’ve been preaching for weeks, albeit with a slightly tweaked pricing. You can get these odds over at BetOnline, where you’re now getting a bit more value by backing Weir as the top favorite.

I understand the interest, but Kaitlyn Bristowe may have closed the gap with a fantastic performance this past week. And while Nev Schulman didn’t wow everyone as Bristowe did, he’s been as consistent as anyone and is still very much in this thing.

You’re mostly looking at those three, and that’s certainly what the odds suggest.

Machado was mentioned as a slim dark horse last week, but at this point, betting on a deep sleeper is probably ill-advised. Nelly and Skai Jackson round out the remaining contestants, and while their betting odds are appealing, their actual chances of winning season 29 of DWTS are not.

Latest DWTS Elimination

One of the big questions for DWTS fans is always who was the last to get eliminated. Last week was a bit more intense with two eliminations, but someone had to go again in episode nine.

If you didn’t watch, I’ll let you know that Backstreet Boys legend AJ McLean was the latest celebrity to be shown the door.

McLean was one of my favorite sleepers going into season 29, and hats off to him for lasting as long as he did.

Almost making it to the semifinals is no small feat, but he admittedly didn’t have it last week. McLean finished with the lowest score, and that came a week after tying for the lowest score.

Already on thin ice, it wasn’t that shocking to see him go. That said, he held better odds to win Dancing With the Stars than some celebrities that are still in the competition. 

Let that be another fine reminder that pricing doesn’t always tell us who wins this thing.

Did Kaitlyn Bristowe Pull into the Lead?

Uh, maybe. I hope so, anyway.

I’ve been high on Bristowe from the jump, but I did say last week (and so did the judges) that her performance and body language were causing some doubt from the outside.

Bristowe contested that she’d never mail it in, and her actions spoke loudly. Her exhilarating week nine performance to Britney Spears’ Toxic floored just about everyone.

I knew Bristowe had the magic to pull something like this off, but that was just the second perfect score of the season at the time.

Still, Bristowe seemed to be regressing and falling apart. This was an emphatic punch back at the judges and anyone who had been doubting her (myself included). 

She is here to stay, folks, and she just might be the new favorite (even though the odds don’t say it just yet) to win.

Is There a Sleeper Worth Betting On?

As mentioned, we are now in the semifinals, which means any of these Dancing With the Stars sleepers we’d normally eye really need to climb the ladder fast.

AJ McLean was my only sleeper remaining, and to be frank, I was a bit shocked he made it this far. He did have the star power, following, and dance background, though.

Unfortunately, he didn’t always execute, and he really never threatened to climb higher than he did. More importantly, he never showed real, visible growth.

I wouldn’t feel great about any of the other value plays here, but if you have to take one stab at a shocking upset, perhaps it could be Skai Jackson.

She dazzled in her week nine performance, and tied for the second-best score of the episode.

Jackson is still a distant fourth, at best, but she’ll have a shot at reaching the finals. After all, the judges have consistently praised her for her tenacity and improvement throughout the season.

Unlike McLean and some of the other longshots, Jackson has the spunk and talent to at least keep getting better, for however long she’s allowed to in this competition. That’s not nothing.


We have another week before I have to hand out my final Dancing With the Stars predictions, but I doubt my final pick will change much.

I’ve noted that Johnny Weir is the odds on favorite, and that he’s predictably been fantastic. I also see Nev Schulman, quietly ranking third and waiting to pounce.

As good as these two have been, however, I still can’t quit Bristowe. And why should I? She was my preseason pick before season 29 even started, and she proved me right by rebounding in a big way this past week.

Her inconsistency has almost doomed her in the recent past, but if this is the performer she’s going to be the rest of the way, Johnny Weir is in serious trouble.

No matter where you land, your bet probably has to be among those three dancers. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re using the most reliable sites for betting on entertainment.

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