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Betting Update for Week 9 of The Masked Singer Season 4

| November 20, 2020 1:06 am PDT
The Masked Singer Season 4 Betting Update Week 9

Season four of The Masked Singer is moving steadily along. It doesn’t really feel like we’re eight episodes in, but next week come the Group C Finals, and before you know it, the Semi-Finals are here.

Things escalated quite a bit on Wednesday, too, with the show dropping a double elimination on us.

That led to two more masked singers being revealed, and understandably cut the field down. There were nine masked celebrities you could bet on to win The Masked Singer season 4, but now there are just seven.

It’s possible two more could be shown the door next week and the number drops to five, but either way, we are now at a point in this competition where we need to start picking a side.

Only four singers were on the chopping block in episode eight, and we know exactly who is at risk of going home next week.

Let’s break everything down, and see where your bets should lie in our The Masked Singer season 4 betting update for week nine.

The Masked Singer 2020 Odds


These were the most recent odds for who will win The Masked Singer season 4, and I took out the pricing for the two eliminated contestants.

Obviously the odds will be updated to reflect that at some point, but you should still get a good idea of who the top contenders and sleepers are.

Sun has done nothing to suggest she isn’t the favorite, as she entered the season on top, and nothing has really changed in that regard.

Seahorse stole the show in episode eight, though, so once The Masked Singer season 4 odds get updated, don’t be shocked if this race up top is even closer.

Popcorn and Crocodile are the next best bets, and after that you’re getting to sleeper-or-longshot territory. I’d certainly tread lightly with Broccoli, Jellyfish, and Mushroom, as any of them could be at risk of being shown the door next week.

Of course, if you like any of them to win, now may be the time to target them at what will likely be their best price of the season.

Who Got Eliminated in Episode 8?

As interesting as it is to think about who may be the leader in this competition, one of the best components of this show is saying goodbye and seeing celebrities revealed.

Episode eight saw some shock and drama, as it had a double elimination that unmasked NBA star Lonzo Ball, as well as viral singing physician, Dr. Elvis Francois.

The latter got judge Ken Jeong choked up, and made for quite the emotional moment.

I’d said in recent The Masked Singer betting updates that neither of these contestants were on my radar, and their elimination validated that take.

Who is Leaving the Show Next?

Okay, so Seahorse was the bomb, and we saw two celebrities booted, but what is in store for us next week?

Bob Saget was the last member of Group C to be axed, and all that’s left are Jellyfish, Mushroom, and Broccoli. The latter has the worst odds to win the competition this season, and is probably the best bet to be eliminated next.

Mushroom also has the best odds to win of this trio, and they also have the most captivating voice of this group. Just check out their take on Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work”.

I don’t think Mushroom is at risk at all, and since the last episode was a double elimination, it’s plausible to brace for that again next week.

Should any online betting sites allow you to bet on who gets eliminated next on The Masked Singer, I’d first go with Broccoli, and then Jellyfish. If two are an option, go with both of them.

Who Had the Best Performance?

I touched on it briefly, but that was pretty clearly Seahorse. I’d mentioned her as a nice contender thanks to a past rendition of Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World”, as well as an awesome rendition of a Celine Dion classic.

Her power and versatility is honestly about as good as it gets, and she showed off the latter by crushing Britney Spears hit “…Baby One More Time”.

I mean, was that actually Britney?

I know Spears has been knocked for her singing in the past, but that sounded an awful lot like the pop icon.

That’s a whole different debate, of course, and could be worth diving into further if the entertainment betting sites start offering props dealing with celebrity identity on the show.

Which Sleeper is Worth Betting on?

I kind of just touched on the remaining sleeper bets, but I wouldn’t target Broccoli or Jellyfish at this point. One is for sure being eliminated next week, and judging by this past week, it’s very possible they’re both gone.

Of that trio at risk of being shown the door in week nine, Mushroom is the most talented, and stands out with +400 odds. They have a real shot to win if they can keep stringing positive performances together.

The pricing will change after next week, though. If you really believe in Mushroom, the time to bet may be now.


Okay, so that was a fun and emotional week. It’s weird that an episode with only a handful of singers can be so mentally and emotionally draining, but here we are.

We got some really nice performances, we saw two contestants revealed, and Ken Jeong cried. I’m not sure I could ask for more entertainment.

The only thing that would beat it is if we can tack on some profit while we soak up the rest of the season. I’ve said from the beginning that this is Sun’s competition to lose, but this process still feels relatively open-ended.

The five best acts are going to be in the finals when it’s all said and done, and I’m specifically starting to warm up to Seahorse. Whoever she is, she’s shown remarkable power, range, versatility, stage presence, and also provides a nice tone.

I think it’s down to her or Sun at this point, and since the pricing is so similar, I think I’ll jump the ship slightly and pivot to Seahorse.

Of course, if you’re betting on The Masked Singer, you can always let the odds do the talking (to a degree) when they get updated.

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