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Betting Update for Week 4 of The Bachelor Season 25

| January 27, 2021 11:03 am PDT
The Bachelor Betting Update for Week 4 of Season 25

Week four is in the books for season 25 of The Bachelor. Matt James is one step closer to finding the woman he could end up proposing to, while two more women were shown the door.

It’s still anyone’s guess if Matt James will get down on one knee when season 25 of The Bachelor drops the curtain, while it’s also open for debate which lady that would even be.

I handed out my season 25 The Bachelor predictions last week, when I offered some advice as to how you should be betting on who Matt James will marry.

You can’t bet on the literal who just yet (and possibly ever), but there are still some The Bachelor props you can target online.

Hit the aforementioned link for a little guidance, but keep in mind that this show is forever fluid.

Most of the drama is actually literally in the past since it’s previously been recorded, but with each successive episode, women exit, and the pool of ladies James can find love with dwindles.

Let’s recap episode four and see where everyone stands in my betting update for The Bachelor season 25.

Who Are the 5 New Women?

Last week I teased the arrival of some new women, and The Bachelor fans finally got to meet them.

There were five new ladies in all, and they crashed the party in style. Like, seriously, they came right before the rose ceremony.

That understandably didn’t give Matt a ton of time to form a connection with his new cast members, and some were axed immediately because of it.

Before we get to which women were eliminated on The Bachelor in week four, let’s take a quick look at the five new women.

  • Brittany
  • Kim
  • Catalina
  • Michelle
  • Ryan

Chris Harrison interrupted sitdown with Matt and Veronica to show him what was happening outside; the new arrivals were waiting to greet him.

Take a look at how they were received.

The first woman is Chicago’s own Brittany, who “makes up for lost time” by locking lips with Matt immediately. Only time will tell if that type of aggressiveness is favorable, but there’s no doubt that she leaves quite the first impression.

Unsurprisingly, the women do not take Brittany’s arrival (or kiss) well.

Michelle, a 27-year old teacher, followed. She was considerably more reserved and visibly nervous. She also just comes off as a really good person, and she seemed to connect with Matt on their one-on-one date.

Dancer and choreographer Ryan was a bit more bubbly and was the third arrival, while Kim was the fourth new lady to show up.

Last, but not least, was Catalina, who was of course Miss Universe Puerto Rico.

It was an eclectic group, but not every new lady would survive the night.

Who Exited in Episode 4?

Episode four of The Bachelor wasn’t just about which women showed up uninvited. It was also about which women left the show, or terrorized it.

I’ll dive more into the terrorizing part in a bit. First, which women left The Bachelor in episode four?

Here’s the ladies who didn’t get a rose.

  • Kim
  • Kaili
  • Khalyah

It’s never good to be the first to go.

Kim didn’t technically experience that fate, but of the five new women to join season 25 of The Bachelor, she was the only one that didn’t stick around.

She joined Kaili and Khalyah, whose names I definitely misspelled in my first attempt. They both exited in week four, leaving us with 20 women remaining in season 25.

We gained some ground, and we didn’t, you know?

Sarah left last week and three more women exited in week four, yet the cutdown just hasn’t been there.

I’m sure a big one is coming, of course.

What’s With All of the Bullying?

The Bachelor has never been short on drama, but Chris Harrison seemingly pledges every season that this will be the most dramatic season yet.

Somehow, he’s undefeated in this bold proclamation. My guess is the producers have a pretty big hand in that, but whatever.

There is indeed plenty of drama in season 25, and a good amount of it stems from some ugly personalities. Victoria has inexplicably stuck around despite being a fairly abrasive person, and last week the show saw Sarah leave on her own accord.

Week four unleashed the dark side of Anna, which begot the wrath of Katie.

To be fair, all of the women were rather curt with the new arrivals, and this isn’t exactly the best environment to make lifelong friends to begin with.

Anna took things to a whole new level, of course. It all started with Anna knowing about Brittany’s background, and she shared gossip with Victoria.

It was pretty damaging gossip that if you’re not 100% sure of, you probably shouldn’t say. You know, like accusing someone of being an escort.

That’s a paradox all by itself, but Anna was clearly out of line in so many ways here.

This was bullying taken to a whole new level, but at least it unearthed our hero, Katie. She took it upon herself to take this awfulness to Matt, who declared war on bullying.

Maybe not, but James did make it clear that he’s going to do all he can to get to the bottom of The Bachelor bullying.

Top Contenders to Win Matt’s Heart

Phew. Okay, we’re past the new arrivals, the departures, and all of that weird bullying. I mean, we’re definitely not, but in this The Bachelor week 4 betting update, thankfully we are.

Onward and upward, fair friends!

Now The Bachelor fans and bettors alike can try to digest all of the insanity and begin gauging which women look like viable candidates to win Matt James’ heart.

Last week, I landed on Rachael as my final pick, but she’s not alone. Here are the women – in no particular order – I am singling out to have a real shot to win this thing.

  • Rachael
  • Abigail
  • Bri
  • Michelle
  • Brittany

Last week, Rachael led the way, but was in a heated competition with Abigail, Bri, and Serena. I’ve soured on Serena, as she’s been pretty emotional, and that doesn’t tend to hold up too well on this show.

She’s possibly still in the mix, but I’ve cut her out of my “likely” contenders at this point. I still think Bri and Abigail have a shot, and along with Rachael, they’re still on the show, so there’s that.

Newcomers Brittany and Michelle are added to the pile, and at least for now, I like their chances to go the distance more than any of the other girls.

Brittany obviously has to overcome some vicious rumors, but I think she made a good first impression and she’s still there. That’s half the battle.

Michelle is more reserved and seems like a genuinely good person. Establishing a legit connection with James almost instantly doesn’t hurt, either.

These are the best women for Matt James, and I will honestly be very surprised if he proposes to someone not on that list. The big question, like usual, is who, though.

The Bachelor 25 Prediction

If it feels like recapping week four of The Bachelor is a bit of a beating, it’s because it is. Not that writing is a pain or anything, but this show does not take it easy on the brain – or the heart.

These people are supposed to be here with pure and genuine intentions, and yet so many women are just out for blood.

The theatrics do make for interesting television, and it’s usually easy to just ignore the hateful contestants and focus on the women who are here “for all the right reasons”.

With that, I think you can stick to my list of women above when trying to predict who Matt James will marry at the end of season 25.

Now, it’s always possible I’m wrong, or that James doesn’t propose to anyone at all. But I think he does, and my initial prediction of it being Rachael still stands.

New arrivals Michelle and perhaps Brittany could complicate matters, but I think this is Rachel’s competition to lose.

Confident you know who will be the last woman standing at the end of The Bachelor season 25, or think you know if Matt James will propose? Go ahead and place a bet at the best The Bachelor betting sites.

Just keep in mind this was episode four. There is a long way to go, and given The Bachelor’s many attempts to just completely destroy the world it’s created, craziness is sure to ensue.

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