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Betting Update for Season 4 of The Masked Singer – Latest Odds and Predicted Finale Winner

| December 5, 2020 4:56 am PDT
The Masked Singer Odds and Prediction Season 4 Finale

Season four of The Masked Singer has been fun, entertaining, weird, and a little emotional.

Viewers saw Mickey Rourke reveal his identity before he even had two, the show had an impressive (and legendary) duet, and some huge names came and absolutely shredded it on stage.

There have been some insanely good acts, some brutal eliminations, and loads of surprises along the way. It all comes down to the Finals, though, and TMS fans will finally learn who the winner is (and their identity) on December 16th.

You still have some time to get your affairs in order, of course. The Masked Singer will be dropping a special Holiday Sing-a-Long episode on December 9th, and before the ultimate winner is crowned, there will also be a Road to the Finals episode.

That gives you some time to hit up the best sites for betting on entertainment, where you hopefully will be able to find some props dealing with the show.

To assist you, I’ll take a look at the most recent The Masked Singer season 4 odds and offer my final predictions for who will win.

Latest Odds for The Masked Singer Season 4

There actually aren’t live odds for who will win The Masked Singer season 4 as I write this. I’ll get updated pricing up as soon as it comes out, however.

Most of the best The Masked Singer betting sites tend to issue odds shortly after the most recent episode, which for this post’s sake, was December 2nd.

It could take a second for fresh The Masked Singer betting odds, but bettors should still try to digest the current season in an effort to correctly predict the winner.

Before the season began, I pointed to Sun being the likely favorite to win. The last time The Masked Singer season 4 odds popped up, that was precisely who was pegged as the winner.

Things have changed, though. Just three acts remain, and one that held the second-best odds (Seahorse) got eliminated.

Keep an eye out for updated pricing, and apply my insight into how you bet going forward. With that, let’s take a look at the three remaining singers and come to a final prediction for The Masked Singer season four.


This has been the favorite to win season four of The Masked Singer from the very beginning, and not much has changed since episode one.

I mean, just check out her take on Billie Eilish’s “When the Party’s Over.”

Sun has shown zero fear throughout season four and has displayed the perfect mixture of confidence, stage presence, choreography, and flat out talent.

Smashing previous renditions of songs by Lizzo, Kesha, and Janis Joplin, Sun has also displayed exceptional versatility and range.

If you’re wondering who Sun might be, the leading guess these days is country singer LeAnn Rimes. Whether it’s her or not, though, there’s just no denying her place in this competition.

Sun is also simply the best performer this season, but is she the singer you should bet on to win?


While Sun is the favorite that probably wins this thing, she is not without fierce competition. 

I was surprised to see some viable contenders be shown the door in recent weeks, but acts like Crocodile still hang around and could prove to be dangerous.

Crocodile had the fourth-best odds to win The Masked Singer season 4 in my last betting update for the show, and I’ve singled this singer out as a potential threat before.

Crocodile has shown off their versatility throughout the competition, delivering really great renditions of “It’s My Life,” “Toxic,” and “Bleeding Love.”

Things were taken to a new level during the semifinals with a beautiful take on Aerosmith hit “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.”

The judges have been pretty mixed up about who Crocodile could be as far as guessing his identity. The guesses have ranged from Jordan Knight to Jon Hamm, so you can tell pretty easily this is a tough one to peg.

The real question, of course, is if Crocodile can pull off the upset.


There’s also Mushroom to round things out. He took down the house with a fantastic take on Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie” in the semifinals, and he’s enjoyed a very eclectic bag of songs this season.

I pointed out her stellar work on Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time,” and she’s been very consistent throughout the show.

Judges are torn as to who Mushroom could be, with guesses ranging from Jaden Smith to Adam Lambert. Figuring out his identity has been a challenge, but there’s no doubt he has the talent and stage presence to be in the mix when the finals arrive.

I’d probably rank Mushroom third out of the three, but when you’re down to just three celebrities trying to win, anything is possible.

Predicting Who Will Win The Masked Singer Season 4

I’m not really here to predict who each singer is. But if you want my guesses, here they are.

  • Sun = LeAnn Rimes
  • Crocodile = Nick Carter
  • Mushroom = Taye Diggs

I think the show has done a pretty good job of narrowing things down, and weirdly enough, none of the top entertainment betting sites have offered props dealing with singer identities.

Perhaps they never will, but the one thing you can bet on is who will win The Masked Singer season 4.

Sun has been the leader from the start, and I think she’s still the pick after all this time. Crocodile and Mushroom are worthy contenders and will be more appealing bets in terms of pure pricing, but if you want the best singer who has impressed the most all season long, the pick is pretty obvious.

I will say that I’ve pointed out in the past that predicting the winner of The Masked Singer isn’t always just about the obvious criteria. Some will point to The Masked Singer odds or vocal talent, but it’s honestly just as much about style, stage presence, and sheer performance ability as any of the more logical ways to get to the winner.

That said, Sun is the total package. Sun is going to win The Masked Singer season 4, and I don’t really think the race is all that close.

Noah Davis
Noah Davis

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