Betting on The Masked Singer 2020 – Latest Odds and Picks

| May 12, 2020 12:54 pm PDT

Season three of The Masked Singer rages on this Wednesday, as we slowly get to the finale. Things are getting a bit heated, as a viable contender to win the show (Kitty) was eliminated in the latest show.

Kitty was at one point my favorite sleeper bet to win season three, but she got bounced before Rhino.

That was relatively shocking, but here we are. Frog is still the favorite to win, but it’s unclear what the gap is at this point. Turtle has seemingly closed in as the top threat, while Night Angel rounds out three viable options for bettors that hold +300 odds or greater.

With just four performers left and season three inching toward a grand finale on May 20th, let’s take a look at The Masked Singer season 3 updated odds and gauge who will win this thing.

Odds to Win The Masked Singer 3

Night Angel+300

BetOnline has consistently pushed out The Masked Singer season three odds, so if you’re looking for a place to bet on who will win in 2020, they’re probably your best option.

Based solely on the odds, Frog is the clear favorite. The man everyone thinks is actually Lil’ Bow Wow has been the top pick to win all season, and he’s done little to dissuade bettors.

The odds are pretty tight these days, however. Frog’s +125 price makes him an arguable steal given the fact that he’s stood on top of the mountain throughout the competition, but there are now three viable plays at +300 or better.

Rhino is arguably the only artist bettors shouldn’t consider here, but he’s in the final four and has tempting +1000 odds. Let’s explore all possibilities here as we break down each artist and why they could be worth a wager ahead of Wednesday night’s episode.

Frog (+125)

I have been against betting on Frog to win The Masked Singer season three, but it’s hardly had anything to do with talent. I also changed course last week, finally settling on Frog to win in my latest The Masked Singer 3 predictions.

Frog has been fantastic with upbeat songs and owns the stage. Nobody gets the crowd going like Frog does in this competition, and his odds — at this stage of the game — are pretty shocking. His one flaw? He’s not an amazing singer and doesn’t offer much versatility.

Turtle (+210)

Could Frog’s inability to really display a powerful voice be his downfall? It’s possible, especially since Turtle — who fans suspect to be teen heartthrob Jesse McCartney — is on the rise.

Turtle has emerged as the second-best bet to win season three of The Masked Singer, as his stage presence, choreography, and energy are all right up there with Frog.

With a better singing voice and a bit more range, he very well could be gearing up for the upset.

Night Angel (+300)

One other contender is Night Angel, who did well to replace Kitty as the best vocalist left in this competition.

Perhaps she did that long before Kitty was sent packing, but the point still stands, and her singing ability was on full display in a cover of Donna Summers’ “Last Dance.”

Does Night Angel have the same stage presence and energy the top two favorites do? No, but she’s held her own in that regard, and the power and smooth voice she offers make her a bit of a dark horse to rise up in the finale.

Rhino (+1000)

Whether you’re down for betting on Night Angel to win this thing or not, you have to agree that she’s much more likely to reach the grand finale than Rhino.

Rhino has been better than advertised, as he sounds like a seasoned singer, yet many suspect he is former MLB pitcher Barry Zito.

I don’t see him advancing past Wednesday, but the odds are alluring, and Zito — if that really is him — has been a lot better than I’d have ever imagined.

Who Will Win The Masked Singer Season 3?

This show is not just about tricking fans and judges. It’s also not just about having the best voice. It’s about delivering the whole package.

That’s why Rhino doesn’t have a chance and Night Angel probably won’t win it all, either. The value is nice with both performers, but all roads lead to a showdown between Frog and Turtle.

I do think Turtle has emerged as Frog’s only real threat, and he does offer better vocals as well as superior betting value for bettors. That said, Frog has brought the most energy and put on the best shows throughout season three.

This is the type of show where you don’t need to have flawless vocals to win, and Frog now offers the best price bettors have seen since season three began. I said to hop on Frog a week ago when he had a -130 price, and that suggestion holds firm going into Wednesday’s show.

You can bet on Frog to win this season, but there’s plenty more to wager on with several entertainment betting markets going on. For the latest when it comes to odds and predictions, bookmark our entertainment betting blog.

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