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Betting on The Bachelor Season 25 – How and Where to Bet

| December 30, 2020 7:28 am PDT
How and Where to Bet on The Bachelor Season 25

The Bachelor is back in early January, with Matt James debuting as the first official African American man to be cast in the lead role for the reality TV series.

It’s about time, to be honest. 

ABC made it happen on the female side of things, as season 16 of The Bachelorette just wrapped up and was all of the wild and crazy.

I’d love to try to digest that whirlwind of emotions, but per the never-at-all-hyperbolic Chris Harrison, the latest installment of The Bachelor franchise has “the most drama” we’ve ever seen.

Whether that’s true or not, I don’t really care. What I do care about is making some money off of a show my wife makes me watch.

Hopefully, I can help you do that in the process with this breakdown of how and where to bet on The Bachelor season 25.

Where to Bet on The Bachelor

First, before you learn about how to bet on The Bachelor season 25, you probably need to know where to bet. 

This refers to the many great entertainment betting websites online, but it’s not really as easy as just latching on with a popular site you’ve heard of.

That can work at times, but anytime you’re talking about depositing your hard-earned cash somewhere (or getting back any winnings you accrue), you want a betting site you know you can trust.

The list of The Bachelor betting websites above does the trick, as it factors in ratings, customer service, payment methods, payout speed, and so much more.

Above all else, that list prioritizes safety and reliability, so you know if you bet on The Bachelor at those sites, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Don’t want to roll with the list of The Bachelor betting sites above? No big deal, just make sure you have some type of criteria for where to bet on The Bachelor, and then vet any sites you do plan on betting at.

Who is the New Bachelor?

The biggest question surrounding season 25 of The Bachelor – beyond which woman gets the final rose and what madness will ensue – is who the new Bachelor is?

It’s slated to be Matt James, and unlike the last season of The Bachelorette, he’s expected to stick as the main love interest for all the other cast members.

For a bit more on the new leading man and season 25 of The Bachelor, check out this preview.

I’m not entirely sure what love, and the heart have to do with a dude lifting logs in the woods or showering naked in front of a camera, but whatever.

Originally scheduled to be part of season 16 of The Bachelorette, James was selected to be the next Bachelor and will search for love in the 25th season of the hit series.

The 28-year old real estate broker looks like a strong lead with good family values, a sense of community, and a desire to earnestly seek out love.

James is also a former football player, who played at Wake Forest and even moved on to dabble in the NFL circuit as a wide receiver. 

The ladies have a good Bachelor on their hands, but it remains to be seen who impresses James and captures his heart.

Who Are the Women?

If you’re a fan of The Bachelor, you already at least know the names of all 32 women set to be featured in season 25 of the hit ABC show.

For a bit of a refresher, check out the season 25 The Bachelor cast. You can also get to know the ladies a bit better in this special “meet the women” segment.

Chris Harrison breaks things down pretty nicely, citing a really nice first impression by Abigail Heringer, who also happens to be the first hearing-impaired castmate in the show’s history.

There figure to be many other interesting entrances into the show, but viewers will get to see all of that come January 4th’s premiere.

It’s impossible to really know how Matt James will view each of these women, and the volume alone makes betting on who will get the final rose pretty daunting this early in the game.

That said, here are a few women that really stand out for me.

  • Alicia Holloway
  • Casandra Suarez
  • Emani Curl
  • Illeana Pennetto

Take this with a grain of salt. There aren’t official The Bachelor odds out, this is a massive list of women, and they’re all attractive women with a shot at earning James’ love.

But these four do stand out. 

Holloway is a professional ballerina and could connect with James as a fellow athlete. Suarez is a social worker and could connect with James based on his love for family and community.

I wouldn’t ignore Pennetto, either. The Health Food Developer could get to James through his passion for food. There’s also Curl, who, like James, has a background in real estate.

This is basing a connection off of interests and profession, so it could ring hollow. However, it’s a solid place to start.

I’d also consider age, as some of these women are quite young (21-22) compared to James. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that he could seek a woman closer to his age (28).

If that’s to be true, a more mature woman like Mearg Tareke (32) could stand out.

I’ll reserve any hard and fast opinions or picks for after the first couple of episodes, and I encourage you to check out the video above (and whatever other information you can get your hands on) before placing any bets this season.

How to Bet on The Bachelor

Okay, so you’ve got your The Bachelor betting sites in hand, and you’ve done a little research on Matt James and the women vying for his heart.

Fancy yourself a Bachelor betting expert, do you? Well, you still may not know how to place a bet or how to place a winning bet.

The first part is pretty easy. If you’re a total newbie to entertainment betting and/or betting on The Bachelor, consider these quick-hitting notes.

  • Find a site to bet on
  • Create an account
  • Deposit money
  • Find desired bet
  • Place bet
  • Win money

That’s the basic “how-to” when trying to bet on The Bachelor. If you have any hiccups with that process, you can always hit up this detailed breakdown on online entertainment betting.

The other “how” refers to actually making money off of the show.

There are a few ways, but depending on the season or situation, The Bachelor betting sites can be a bit restrictive as to the methods of betting and making cash.

Here are the most popular ways to make money from betting on The Bachelor, though.

  • Who will get the final rose?
  • Will the Bachelor propose?
  • Will the Bachelor marry the final rose recipient?
  • Will the Bachelor marry the runner-up?

Those are easily the best and most popular ways to make money from The Bachelor. There can also be some instances where you can bet on if/when cast members get eliminated, show ratings, and so much more.

For the most part, though, if you want to bet on The Bachelor, you’re looking at pretty straightforward wagers. 

The only real difference across sites will be pricing, so once you get a list of The Bachelor betting sites you feel good about, you can start comparing odds and go from there.


It’s much too early to make any The Bachelor predictions, and I don’t think there are any entertainment betting sites yet offering odds for who the lucky lady will be.

There should be some The Bachelor prop bets before long, though, and they’ll deal with the wagers I broke down in this The Bachelor season 25 betting guide.

Hopefully, this season 25, The Bachelor betting guide can, at the very least, help you start your process. 

And if you didn’t already, now you know how and where to bet on The Bachelor season 25.

Once the props and odds are officially up, I’ll chime in with updates, picks, and predictions. Keep an eye out for that by bookmarking our entertainment betting blog.

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