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Betting Preview of the Street Skateboarding Events at the Tokyo Olympics

| July 23, 2021 7:36 am PDT

Five new sports will be part of the Tokyo Summer Olympics and skateboarding is one of the most exciting among them. There are four events on the schedule and the street events for men and women are first.

You can already find odds for them online, so that gives me a reason to deliver my Olympic street skateboarding preview. I’ve included the latest prices, information about the events, an overview of the top contenders, and my predictions.

Before I get there, feel free to check our post on all new sports for Tokyo 2020.

Tokyo Olympics Street Skateboarding Contestants and Format

The men’s street skateboarding event will take place on Sunday, July 25, while the women will compete on the next day.

Both competitions include 20 contestants from various countries, here’s the full list.

Men Women
Nyjah Huston (USA) Pamela Rosa (Brazil)
Yuto Horigome (Japan) Rayssa Leal (Brazil)
Sora Shirai (Japan) Aori Nishimura (Japan)
Kelvin Hoefler (Brazil) Leticia Bufoni (Brazil)
Gustavo Ribeiro (Portugal) Momiji Nishiya (Japan)
Aurelien Giraud (France) Mariah Duran (USA)
Jake Llardi (USA) Roos Zwetsloot (Netherlands)
Jagger Eaton (USA) Candy Jacobs (Netherlands)
Vincent Milou (France) Hayley Wilson (Australia)
Matt Berger (Canada) Funa Nakayama (Japan)
Manny Santiago (Puerto Rico) Alexis Sablone (USA)
Shane O’Neill (Australia) Keet Oldenbeuving (Netherlands)
Angelo Caro Narvaez (Peru) Margielyn Arda Didal (Philippines)
Felipe Gustavo (Brazil) Alana Smith (USA)
Yukito Aoki (Japan) Wenhui Zeng (China)
Giovanni Vianna (Brazil) Lore Bruggeman (Belgium)
Micky Papa (Canada) Julia Brueckler (Austria)
Axel Cruysberghs (Belgium) Charlotte Hym (France)
Luis Jhancarlos Gonzales Ortiz (Columbia) Asia Lanzi (Italy)
Brandon Valjalo (South Africa) Boipelo Awuah (South Africa)


The street skateboarding format features two stages. The Preliminary phase includes four heats of five skaters each. Each contestant has two 45-second runs that include five individual tricks.

The judges rate each run and trick from 0 to 10 based on difficulty, execution, speed, height, originality, and few other factors. The highest and lowest scores of the judges for each run and trick are removed. The average of the rest is the score for each run or trick.

Then, the best four scores from runs or tricks are added together for the final result. The eight best contestants in the general standings proceed to the final of the event.

The final features two runs for each athlete and the scoring rules are the same.

The Tokyo street skateboarding course will be the same for men and women.

The course is huge and includes various obstacles that should help the contestants showcase their talents. There are plenty of rails, stairs, curbs, benches, walls, slopes, and other elements that you could expect to see on the streets.

Tokyo Olympic 2020 Street Skateboarding Course

Street Skateboarding Odds for the Tokyo Olympics

Before I move on to my analysis of the top contenders and Olympic street skateboarding predictions, let’s check the latest odds.

Here’s what the best Olympics betting apps and sites offer for the men’s competition just days before the event.

Nyjah Huston-110
Yuto Horigome+175
Sora Shirai+1100
Aurelien Giraud+1100
Kelvin Hoefler+1600
Gustavso Riberio+1600

The bookies obviously see two major favorites in Nyjah Huston and local star Yuto Horigome. That’s hardly a shocker, but I’m sure that the rest of the field will be eager to upset the odds.

And here’s how the Olympics street skateboarding odds look like for the women’s event.

Pamela Rosa+150
Aori Nishimura+275
Rayssa Leal+375
Leticia Bufoni+1000
Momiji Nishiya+1400

It looks like there are three potential winners here if you believe the odds, with Brazilian Pamela Rosa leading the way.

Let’s move on to my analysis of the contenders and street skateboarding predictions for Tokyo to see if that’s truly the case.

Men’s Street Skateboarding Contenders and Prediction

It’s tough to predict Olympic sports that are brand new, but it’s not impossible. I’ve used the World Skate official standings as a starting point and I’ve also explored all major competitions in the past three years.

I’ve done it for both men’s and women’s events. Let’s begin with the main contenders for the former.

Nyjah Huston, USA

The top athlete in the World Skate rankings Nyjah Huston enters the Olympics as the main favorite for the gold medal in the street skateboarding discipline. He’s the USA’s biggest hope for a title in Tokyo.

The American finished second in the World Championships in Rome and won the Dew Tour Des Moines this year. Huston was exceptional in both competitions and only Yuto Horigome has been on a similar level recently.

The California native has been slightly better and the main question for me is related to the location of the games. Will the home advantage truly help Horigome or does it bring extra pressure that could work against him? Let’s talk about the Japanese to find out.

Yuto Horigome, Japan

After winning the World Street Championship in Rome this year, Yuto Horigome certainly has the confidence to go all the way at the Olympics too.

The Japanese youngster is immensely talented, and the pause caused by the global health crisis in 2020 and 2021 didn’t slow him down. Horigome was among the best in the world before it came and looks even stronger since the return of pro skateboarding.

The world champion showed a clutch mentality in Rome and I think he has the mental strength to perform close to his best at the Tokyo Olympics.

Dark Horses and Sleepers

It’s hard to find other potential winners outside of Huston and Horigome. These two are simply too good and considering the format of the competition, it’s tough to see how both could fail to deliver.

If that happens, Sora Shirai might be the one to take full advantage. The second-best Japanese contestant has been fairly consistent this year and finished third in the World Championships.

If you want to go really wild, I feel like backing Jake Ilardi at +4000 might be the top sleeper for the street skateboarding event. The American has been steadily improving in 2021 and if the trend continues, he might be able to challenge for a medal.

Men’s Street Skateboarding Prediction for Tokyo

I expect a tight battle between Nyjah Huston and Yuto Horigome. They should dominate the event from start to finish.

I think that the American is slightly more consistent, but the odds for Horigome are much higher and that’s enough for me to pick the Japanese star.

  • Pick: Yuto Horigome (+175)

Women’s Street Skateboarding Contenders and Prediction

I believe that the women’s street skateboarding event in Tokyo is much harder to predict and there are more potential winners here.

Let’s take a look at them.

Pamela Rosa, Brazil

The Brazilian superstar Pamela Rosa dominated street skateboarding in 2019 and when the sport returned in 2021, she immediately won the Dew Tour Des Moines.

And yet, her performance in the World Championship in Rome was far from perfect. Rosa finished fourth in a very close competition.

She has to improve in Tokyo or some of the other contenders will steal the gold medal.

Aori Nishimura, Japan

It’s obvious that Aori Nishimura has been working hard to prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The Japanese skipped the Dew Tour Des Moines and many didn’t know what her current condition was.

An exceptional victory in the World Championship showed that Nishimura is ready to challenge for the Olympic gold. Her confidence and the local support could elevate the Japanese even further in the final.

Rayssa Leal, Brazil

If talent alone was the main factor, my street skateboarding betting pick would’ve been Rayssa Leal. The Brazilian is only 13 and she has been up there with the best since 2019.

Leal will only get better and she came very close to winning both the Dew Tour Des Moines and the World Championship this year. A medal in Tokyo makes a lot of sense and it won’t be a complete shocker if it’s a gold one.

Dark Horses and Sleepers

The top three street skateboarding contenders in the women’s event are the most likely winners here, but there are at least two more contestants that will be dangerous in Tokyo.

Momiji Nishiya rocked the sport with her second place in the 2021 World Championship at the age of 13. The Japanese showed that her ceiling is very high, so be careful with Nishiya.

Leticia Bufoni also deserves some attention. The Brazilian was among the best in the world in 2019. She has been a bit off the pace in 2021, but the potential for a medal or even a title is certainly there.

Women’s Street Skateboarding Prediction for Tokyo

Predicting the Olympic street skateboarding tournament for women is hard with so much talent out there. Rosa is the most successful and experienced athlete, while Leal and Nishiya are phenomenal despite their tender age.

And yet, I think that backing Aori Nishimura is the most balanced choice. She is extremely talented too and she’s in the best shape of her life. The odds are too good to skip, so that’s my final decision.

  • Pick: Aori Nishimura (+275)

More Olympic Extreme Sports Betting

I hope that my Olympic street skateboarding preview for Tokyo was helpful. Our team will deliver similar posts with predictions for other extreme sports too, so keep checking our Olympics blog.

We also have a guide to betting on extreme sports at the Olympics you should check out. It features useful tips on how to prepare your wagers for skateboarding and other events.

Finally, here are my recommendations for the best online sportsbooks to use for betting on Olympic skateboarding events.

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