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Betting on Possible Super Bowl 2021 Matchups

| January 15, 2021 10:53 am PDT
Super Bowl 55 Possible Matchups

The most likely Super Bowl 55 matchup at this point, according to the most trusted sportsbooks, is unquestionably the Chiefs vs. Packers. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a Browns vs. Rams tussle at Raymond James Stadium is highly, highly unlikely.

Chances are you’ve already made picks for this weekend’s Divisional Round, but why stop there?

Why not take advantage of the price discrepancies among the odds for the possible Super Bowl matchups?

With a couple of weeks to spare until the Super Bowl props pour out, this is a market that caught my attention.

Is betting on the potential matchups in the 2021 Super Bowl a market that intrigues you?

Exact Super Bowl 55 Matchup Odds

I mentioned the “most likely” matchup and the “least likely” matchup in the introduction. The table below highlights both, as well as showcases everything in between.

Matchup Odds at MyBookie Odds at BetUS Odds at BetOnline
Chiefs vs. Packers +300 +250 +300
Chiefs vs. Saints +500 +350 +500
Chiefs vs. Buccaneers +600 +450 +700
Chiefs vs. Rams +1300 +1000 +1600
Bills vs. Packers +760 +450 +700
Bills vs. Saints +1200 +700 +1000
Bills vs. Buccaneers +1400 +800 +1200
Bills vs. Rams +2900 +1800 +2800
Ravens vs. Packers +935 +700 +900
Ravens vs. Saints +1400 +1000 +1400
Ravens vs. Buccaneers +1700 +1200 +1800
Ravens vs. Rams +3500 +2800 +3500
Browns vs. Packers +2800 +2200 +3000
Browns vs. Saints +4300 +3200 +4500
Browns vs. Buccaneers +5100 +3800 +5000
Browns vs. Rams +10300 +8000 +12500


This graphic illustrates why it’s imperative that you shop your lines when you’re betting sports online. BetUS is one of the top Super Bowl betting apps when it comes to having a wide variety of props, but clearly it’s not ideal for this particular wager.

For example, latching onto a Bills vs. Saints matchup at +700 would be “criminal” considering +1200 is waiting for bettors with open arms at MyBookie. Then again, if you want to target the Chiefs vs. Bucs, you’ll want to head to BetOnline and scoop up the extra bit of incentive.

Speaking of Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay for all the marbles, that’s my favorite bet on the board.

Brady and Mahomes in Super Bowl 55?

The Chiefs should be able to blow past Cleveland this Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium. The likelihood of Buffalo or Baltimore then knocking of Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City is low. With that, I’m saying go ahead and pencil KC in as the AFC representative for the 2021 Super Bowl.

As for Kansas City’s opponent, that’s where things get interesting. Despite Green Bay and New Orleans being the two favorites to emerge, do you really want to bet against Brady and the Bucs?

I know I don’t.

It’s hard enough to beat a good team twice during the same season. Now Sean Payton is trying to “tackle” the Bucs for a third time with everything on the line. In the event that Tampa can sneak by New Orleans, Tom Brady will be one game away from playing in his 10th Super Bowl – the first in his home stadium.

The sooner you lock in this possible Super Bowl 55 matchup, the more opportunities you’ll have to hedge your action.

Brady and Mahomes in Super Bowl 55

More NFL Prop Bets

A Chiefs vs. Packers Super Bowl makes sense. A Chiefs vs. Saints Super Bowl is entirely in the cards. However, from what I’ve seen out of Jared Goff and John Wolford, I am removing the Rams from the equation.

On the other hand, perhaps I’m being too dismissive of the Bills. It’s possible that I’m unjustly discounting Ravens and the Browns.

Or maybe I’ve just watched Patrick Mahomes play enough to know better.

If it’s too early for you to decide who’s going to the 2021 Super Bowl, here are some other bets you can place.

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