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Betting on The Walking Dead – How Will Rick Grimes Die?

| November 2, 2018 12:00 am PDT
The Walking Dead Rick Grimes

I am seriously not ready for this. Ever since the news broke that Andrew Lincoln would be exiting The Walking Dead, I dreaded season nine of my favorite show.

Now that the moment is finally set to arrive this coming Sunday, I’m toying with the idea of just not watching. If Rick Grimes dies, and I don’t see it, he never really dies at all. Right?

I’m half-joking.

Unfortunately, I’m like a lot of people that live in a fantasy world for a good portion of their lives. I covet the stuff that matters and love my job, but there’s something about certain television shows and films that just reel me into their manufactured reality.

For a little while, at least, that becomes my reality, too.

I remember when I saw Interstellar in theaters. That feeling I got when exiting the cinema, dreaming big about time travel, space, and the fabric of life in general being tugged like a tiny thread on an old sweater – simple, beautiful, and yet utterly replaceable and inches from catastrophe.

The moment doesn’t last long, but the powerful effect entertainment can have on us is pretty impressive.

It distracts us from the ugliness in the world, and allowing yourself to get swept up in it doesn’t make you immature, lazy, weak, or unintelligent. It just makes you unwilling to let the bad stuff all the way in.

Unfortunately, even the shows and movies that help us get away from it all for a second tend to pull at our heartstrings in other ways. The Walking Dead promises to do that in episode six of the show’s ninth season.

And long-winded intro aside, I am still not ready.

I thought maybe I’d be a bit more prepared if I saw a bunch of words strewn across my computer screen, but I’ve brought you nowhere, and I’m still sad to see Rick Grimes go.

But hey, the show must (and will) go on, and there’s a chance TWD actually has Grimes exiting in style. Even better, potentially, is the possibility of some of the best entertainment betting websites allowing you to turn Grimes’ gruesome fate into some cold, hard cash.

Rick Grimes Death Odds

Rick Grimes death odds aren’t a thing online as I write this, but the entertainment betting sites still have some time to do the right thing and change that.

There are novelty wagers dealing with YouTube celebrity boxing matches, Game of Thrones death odds, royal baby odds, and so much more.

The idea that there isn’t some type of The Walking Dead betting opportunity concerning Grimes’ fate out there, well, it’s bothersome, to say the least.

Hopefully some Rick Grimes wagers pop up, and you’ll be able to take full advantage. If so, here are my favorite ways Grimes could meet his demise.

The Rick Grimes death odds I’ve provided odds for don’t exist, but I’m assigning them to possible outcomes anyways. Hopefully the betting sites will take notice!

The Herd of Walkers Gets Him (-125)

Last we saw our favorite TWD character, he was working his way back to safety. He got impaled and almost eaten by a massive herd of walkers, and despite some dream sequences said to be on their way, he appears to be safe.

But as we know, The Walking Dead often does these flashbacks right before a character bites the dust. It’s entirely possible the show is paying homage to Rick’s journey while slow-playing his ultimate death precisely where he presently rests.

The present shots of him getting back to his community could be continued portions of his blood-loss hysteria. If so, we’re led to believe Grimes has a shot at surviving, only to ultimately cut back to him being swallowed up by a bunch of zombies.

That’s not the way I want Grimes to go out, but Andrew Lincoln suggested his exit would be of the “bloody” variety. That sure would be a bloody scene, and it’s not an illogical ending.

He Bleeds Out (+100)

This is about as likely as Grimes being eaten alive by walkers. If we’re to believe the way the show has set things up, he’s having hallucinations but ultimately wakes up and gets away before he’s eaten alive.

How one lifts their own body off of a steel bar that is stabbing through their torso, though, I don’t know.

If he does do that and somehow makes it back to safety, then he could be helped by his community in some fashion. However, the dude has been impaled, and usually things don’t end well when that happens to you.

There’s no telling how long Rick has already been bleeding, so he could be moments from death at this point.

The timing is irrelevant, however.

One way or another, Grimes is badly wounded and likely going to die because of it.

Bleeding out from this wound could have easily happened already to a lesser man, and while it’s not the greatest exit for such a great character, it would still make some sense.

Negan Finishes Him Off (+250)

Now that Rick Grimes is wounded and on his way out of the show, there needs to be some type of transition so that another huge character can lead the way.

Some think that will be King Ezekiel or Daryl, but I see little reason not to jump on Negan and bring him back into the fold.

A great way to do that is to have Negan find an ailing Rick and do as he promised long ago and kill him.

This would end the Rick Grimes era, give the character a proper send-off, and also give way to a brand-new era with Negan as The Walking Dead’s main star.

It’s still unknown what the show has planned for Negan, but perhaps having his throat slit, being jailed, and losing to Rick may have opened up his mind a bit.

Then again, if he really is the one responsible for killing the great Rick Grimes, I’m not sure I’d believe all of that.

The Whisperers Put Rick’s Head on Display (+350)

The Walking Dead is going to find out more about the Whisperers in a hurry, so why not have a grand introduction with them finishing off Rick Grimes?

Rick is still alive in the comics, and it’s actually some other main characters that experience this fate. King Ezekiel and Rosita are taken out by the Whisperers and have their heads plopped on spikes to serve as a reminder for all of the communities.

Those characters don’t need to be the ugly examples with Grimes on his way out of the show, however.

If Andrew Lincoln is going to go out, he’s probably going out for good, and he’s doing so with the loudest bang possible.

When you’re going to feel the pain of losing one of TV’s greatest characters, it might as well cut you as deep as possible.

It isn’t enough to have Rick get turned into a walker or be consumed by walkers. I don’t even think one last battle with Negan will do the trick.

If this is really it, Grimes needs to be used as the ultimate example, and that’s to help transition to a whole new dark realm of The Walking Dead. I’d much prefer to see Lincoln hang around and help fend off the Whisperers, but it’s quite possible he’ll be “hanging around” in a very different capacity.

He Doesn’t Die at All (+500)

You can dream up a few other Rick Grimes death wagers, but I’ll close things out with the (*crosses fingers) slight possibility that he doesn’t die at all.

Rick is wounded and near death, but he appears to make it back to his community. Realistically, the only death that makes sense at this point is him bleeding out from his wound.

That could obviously happen, but all of this chatter about Jadis and her helicopter has stirred up a lot of talk about Grimes potentially being saved and lifted to another location for medical aid.

Perhaps all of those Rick Grimes rumors involving a cure are legit, or maybe he’s just brought somewhere else to be rescued.

I’m not sure what the end result or explanation will be, but Rick Grimes surviving and keeping this whole thing open-ended is certainly possible and an ending I’d love to see.

How Will Rick Grimes Die?

Andrew Lincoln is leaving the show to be with his family more. I certainly can’t fault him for that, but I have three thoughts on this.

I’m not exactly a fan of it when the show just does these types of things for ratings or because they don’t want to pay their talent, either. I also think it’s fair to wonder if this is a really bad move by all parties involved.

The point is that it’s not that crazy to think Lincoln returns down the road and delivers a more satisfying ending for this character and this show as a whole.

Is it really that unrealistic for Lincoln to have let TWD decision-makers know he wanted out, only for them to counter with “well, what about a two-season break?”

Both sides win, and the fans ultimately would win, too.

That’s the ending I want, though, and not necessarily the ending we’re all going to get.

Instead, what’s both more realistic and more satisfying is the Whisperers idea. They should be a huge villain going forward, and there’s no better way to announce their arrival than to play a hand in Rick’s exit.

I’m pulling for Grimes surviving, whether that one day results in a return to The Walking Dead or not.

Unfortunately, I see him dying in episode six, and I won’t at all be shocked to see it be one of the nastiest – and most hard-hitting – casualties the shows has ever seen.

PICKThe Whisperers Put Rick on Display+350
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