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Betting Odds and Predictions for Which Characters Appear in Loki Season 2

| July 27, 2021 7:48 am PDT

Disney+ has been knocking it out of the park with their Marvel Phase 4 TV series. The latest installment, Loki, takes everyone on a mind-bending trip through time.

The delightfully devious Tom Hiddleston keeps the audience on their toes, while Owen Wilson’s comedic relief made an already interesting series even more watchable.

Things go off the rails at the end of season one, and I don’t want to give too much away. All I can tell you is there will be a Loki season 2, and the best sites for betting on entertainment aren’t wasting any time with the news.

While the release of Loki season 2 probably is a ways away, it’s happening, and you can already pave your way to some profit from it. You do have to predict the future or at least connect the dots, of course, as you’ll need to figure out which Marvel character shows up next.

The prop is already out there, and the odds are interesting. Let’s look at the odds for which character will appear in Loki season 2 and see who is worth betting on.

Odds for Which Character Will Appear in Loki Season 2

Dr. Strange+150
Lady Sif+750

Bovada is the only entertainment betting site presently offering Loki season 2 betting props, and this is the only wager I have seen.

It’s asking which characters will appear in Loki season 2, and it’s unclear exactly how the bet will work. Either you’re betting on which character appears first, or you’re betting on whether any of these Marvel characters show up in season two at all.

The language of the bet suggests the latter for what it’s worth.

Based on that, you could potentially bet on anyone and everyone here. I wouldn’t really suggest that, of course. I’d prefer to just go with my leading favorite and maybe toss in 1-2 additional bets as a mild hedge. The cool thing is that hedge could actually end up being additional successful bets if all breaks right.

My goal here is to ideally point you to a winning bet, though. In an attempt to do that, I’ll just focus on getting one bet right.

Dr. Strange is most tightly associated with the Multiverse, and Doctor Strange 2 is due out in 2022, so he understandably leads the way here with +150 odds. However, that doesn’t guarantee he’s in Loki season 2, so bettors need to consider every option here.

Let’s go over the best options and some value bets to consider before coming over an ultimate prediction.

Favorites to Appear in Loki Season 2

The list of possible characters that could appear in Loki season 2 isn’t particularly long, and there’s an argument that a lot more could be added.

Of course, a condensed list does simplify things for betting on Loki season 2 and considering a lot of the season one cast is likely to return, there may not be much room for a bunch of new faces.

Due to that, you may want to focus on the two most likely contenders to make an appearance.

Dr. Strange (+150)

I question the show’s ability to afford a big name like Benedict Cumberbatch, especially when I’m sure a lot of cash is already devoted to Hiddleston, Wilson, and others.

Of course, there is probably something to do with all Marvel contracts, so perhaps bettors should let that thinking get in the way too much.

Logically, Dr. Strange would have a place here. He’s a huge character, but by the time Loki season 2 is ready to be pushed out, his own feature film sequel will have hit theaters.

At that point, reintroducing the character would make sense, and his expertise could come in handy here.

There have also been whispers that Loki will make an appearance in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and as we’ve learned, the MCU is rather connected.

The odds say Dr. Strange is the best bet, and the logic suggests the same. At +150, you certainly could do worse if it ends up being right.

Ant-Man (+500)

These MCU shows have done a great job at featuring some big characters, and you just know they’ll want to appease their loyal fan base.

One way to do that is to drop in a massive star like Paul Rudd, who plays Ant-Man.

That would be one reason to include Ant-Man, but this is another character familiar with multiple universes and time travel.

Oh, and the end of Loki season one and Ant-Man 3 share the same villain.

That’s kind of a big deal.

I’m doing my best to avoid spoilers here, but to be fair, if you’re betting on who will appear in Loki season two, you may want to get your hands dirty a bit.

Ultimately, Ant-Man does make good sense here, and he’d be a fantastic addition to a series that does an amazing job at interjecting effortless humor. Paul Rudd knows a thing or two about that.

Keep in mind that Wong and Wasp are in the same boat as Dr. Strange and Ant-Man. If you like the first two, the other two are also going to be viable bets.

Sleepers to Consider

Nobody really knows what to expect here, and even the favored options offer pretty good betting value. Because of that, it may pay to aim a bit higher and try out some of these sleepers.

Everyone is on the table, to be clear, but two stand out the most when you’re looking at value and Marvel trying to spice things up.

Hulk (+1600)

There isn’t much tying Hulk directly to Loki season 2, but we know that he spent a lot of time with Thor in a feature film.

We also know he infamously beat the tar out of Loki, as well.

Loki wouldn’t love running into Hulk again, but now that we’re dealing with a completely warped timeline, anything is possible.

Thor (+2000)

At this price, I don’t mind going for it all and betting on Thor to appear in Loki season 2.

The next Thor flick, Thor: Love and Thunder, comes out in 2022 and very well could give us a clearer indication of how likely this is.

I don’t think we need to connect the dots here, of course, seeing as Thor and Loki are brothers and originate from the same realm.

Once you toss the timeline into a blender, you suddenly create the very real possibility that Loki and Thor run into each other. Whether it be via flashbacks or a story we’re not even prepared for, Loki and Thor could easily meet up in season two.

Predicting Who Will Appear in Loki Season 2

I really like this bet because you can argue for basically all of these characters. The way Loki season one concluded keeps the door open to basically anything, as well.

For me, I am probably sticking with the top contenders here.

The news that Loki will appear in Dr. Strange 2 obviously promotes the favorite here, so it’s easy to see the route Dr. Strange could take to appear in Loki season two.

You can say the same for Dr. Strange’s colleague Wong, while Ant-Man 3 features both Ant-Man and Wasp, who will be battling the very villain Loki season one just introduced to us.

Could it be (gulp) that all of these characters chime in once Loki season 2 returns? I doubt it, but as I said, anything is possible.

For the most part, I’m really just focusing on Dr. Strange and Ant-Man, and I like the latter for two reasons.

First, because Paul Rudd seems like a more agreeable and available star. I think it’d be a bit easier to get him into the series, especially if a longer, more invasive role is thrust upon him.

Secondly, and far more importantly, I think Ant-Man’s dealings with the multiverse and the connection of the shared villain is a bit too much to ignore.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to betting on the entertainment industry. See what else is popping with the following posts.

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