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Betting Odds and Prediction for the Season 29 Finale of Dancing With the Stars

| November 18, 2020 1:47 am PDT
2020 Dancing With the Stars Finale Odds

Say, what? I honestly don’t believe what just happened. Johnny Weir, the favorite for much of the Dancing With the Stars 2020 season, is gone.

The professional figure skater had some of the most impressive performances of the year, but he’s officially been axed in a double-elimination episode, and rapper Nelly is still standing.

Yes, Nelly.

There are four finalists heading into the last episode of Dancing With the Stars season 29, to be exact. Nelly is joined by Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nev Schulman, and Justina Machado.

Don’t get me wrong, this is good news for me. Kaitlyn Bristowe was my preseason pick to win this thing at a cool +1200 price, and she’s still got a chance.

She has a real threat in Schulman, but logic doesn’t really promote Nelly or Machado staging the upset. Of course, I also never anticipated Weir getting bounced prior to the finals, so anything is possible.

Bettors have one more week until a season 29 winner is announced, and this post will understandably serve as the season’s final Dancing With the Stars betting update.

For final odds and prediction for the 2020 Dancing With the Stars finale, read on.

Latest Dancing With the Stars 2020 Odds

Kaitlyn Bristowe-150
Nev Schulman+160
Justina Machado+700

Bristowe takes over as the favorite no matter where you plan on betting on Dancing With the Stars. It was between her and Johnny Weir, but now that he’s gone, this is her competition to lose.

The former The Bachelor contestant was my pick before the season began due to her ABC affiliation, a strong social media following, and a background in dancing.

She had a moment during the season where the judges questioned her fight, but she’s bounced back and crushed it the past two weeks. The top entertainment betting sites rightfully have her as the odds on favorite to win.

Nev Schulman did emerge as a bit of a threat early in the year, but I wasn’t ready to really label him a true contender until maybe three episodes again.

The Catfish star has had very clean and artistic dancing, and has perhaps been the most consistent celebrity this season. Consistency often wins in tight races, and at +160, he’s a very interesting bet.

Nelly is a bit too stiff for my liking, and makes total sense as the worst remaining bet. Machado was someone I noted as having sleeper appeal a couple of weeks ago, but as the odds suggest, this really does feel like a two-person race.

Top Threats to Win

I was extremely shocked to see Johnny Weir get eliminated, so there’s no denying that season 29 of Dancing With the Stars is not here to cater to odds or expectations.

If Weir can’t even make the finals, then you better believe all four of these contestants have some type of shot to win in 2020.

That said, the winner of DWTS season 29 has to be either Bristowe or Schulman.

Bristowe notched her second perfect score of the season in the most recent episode, further showcasing her elite dancing ability. Just take a look at her Contemporary dance to The Chicks’ “Cowboy Take Me Away”.

This isn’t even her best dance of the season, either.

Yes, Bristowe had a mild blip on the radar a couple of weeks ago, but she was a top contender for the entire season, and after running into some trouble, she’s come back better than ever.

As much as I love Bristowe, I also have to point out that Nev Schulman is still very much a threat to win. That’s obviously the case now more than ever with Weir out of the picture, but his slight underdog status is pretty misleading when you consider how amazing he’s been.

Like Bristowe, Schulman was perfect on Monday, as he got a 30 from the judges, as well. If that wasn’t a reminder of how close this race really is, I don’t know what is.

As excellent as Nev was this week, we know he can be even better. I’m brought back to his Black Swan Paso doble, which gives you chills and also shows you his artistry and upside.

Can You Bet on a Longshot?

Like I said, if Johnny Weir isn’t even among the season 29 finalists, anything can happen. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that, but if he can go, anyone can.

This is the finals, so it will be interesting to see how accumulative the process really is. Judging by this last vote, though, Nelly and Justina Machado at least have a chance simply by existing.

I tend to think Nelly is too stiff to rise up and win this competition, while it has to be said that he had the lowest combined score on Monday.

And yet, here he is.

Of the two, Machado actually has faint hopes of shocking the world. She was the third-best dancer in the semifinals, and it may have been her feisty Tango that convinced me all hope is not lost.

Now, I wouldn’t feel good about betting on Machado, and it is very unlikely that either of these longshots has a real chance at this point. But she’d be the play at +700 over at BetOnline if you want to swing for the fences.

Predicting Who Will Win DWTS Season 29

All season long, I was pretty vocal about this being a three-person race. Now that we’ve reached the Dancing With the Stars finals, one of those top threats has been eliminated.

That almost certainly brings season 29 down to two – Kaitlyn Bristowe and Nev Schulman.

Nelly and Machado are appealing in the name of betting value only.

I don’t see any plausible reason to expect or even hope for them to win. Not only because they have been pretty weak performers for much of the year, but also because they just flat out don’t deserve to win.

If they did, it would be a total discredit to the exceptional work Bristowe and Schulman have put in.

You can argue either of them at this point. Considering the season 29 Dancing With the Stars winner is almost certainly one of them, you’re getting nice value no matter which way you go.

Schulman is a lot more athletic and light on his feet than I’d have ever expected. He is quite fluid, his movements are borderline poetic, and he’s technically sound.

Bristowe is just better, is all. She’s a much more convincing performer, she adds a little more flair, and she’s a more polished technical dancer. Experience is the edge here, and I think she’s got the superior following.

Nev winning would hardly be an upset, as this race is super close. But Bristowe was my Dancing With the Stars season 29 prediction to start the year, and she’s given me zero reasons to cut bait.

Noah Davis
Noah Davis

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