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Betting Odds and Likely Contenders for Cristiano Ronaldo’s Next Club After Juventus

| June 13, 2021 4:27 am PDT

As reported by ESPN on Monday, Cristiano Ronaldo has held talks with Juventus over his future in the club. The report also suggests that his representatives have already reached out to several major clubs.

Knowing that Ronaldo is one of the greatest players ever to walk on Earth, it’s safe to say that any club in the world would love to have him on the roster.

The trouble is that not many clubs can afford his salary. On his current deal with Juventus, the Portuguese forward is getting almost $38 million a year! This explains why Europe’s richest clubs like Manchester United and PSG are at the top of the list of favorites.

Latest Odds for Ronaldo’s Next Club

Manchester United2.75
Real Madrid6.00
Sporting CP7.00
Any Chinese Club15.00
Any MLS Club34.00

The Red Devils have big plans for the next season. Cristiano Ronaldo could be the last piece of the puzzle for Manchester United in their effort to win their first major trophy in years.

With the club owners being in fans’ bad books following the Super League saga, bringing Ronaldo back to Manchester could be the right thing to do.

They do have the money for that, of course, under the condition they don’t spend it elsewhere. Like, spending 100+ million dollars on Harry Kane’s transfer.

A team that does not have to worry about the money is PSG, which comes in as the second favorite for Ronaldo’s signature. In fact, at the moment of writing, there are a couple of online bookmakers that believe PSG is most likely to bring him in.

The third on the list of favorites for Ronaldo’s next club is Real Madrid, where he’s still considered a legend.

Ronaldo’s childhood club Sporting CP comes in fourth, even though the Portuguese champ isn’t rolling in money. Still, knowing that Ronaldo isn’t getting any younger (he’s already 36!), he might decide to see the remainder of his career in his native Portugal.

Or he could move to China? There is no doubt he would dominate the Chinese league in the next couple of years. Plus, he could add a few dozen million to his bank account!

Pretty much the same goes for the MLS. By moving to America, Ronaldo would get a nice salary, as well as a fantastic chance to win trophies.

Speaking of which, the fact that Juventus failed to do much the last season is cited as the #1 reason why he wants to move on.

Odds Sliced on Ronaldo Moving to Manchester

Rumor has it that Ronaldo’s agents have already contacted Manchester United over a potential transfer. It’s no secret that he loves this club, which is where he had spent six years, from 2003 to 2009.

Not only did he play there for a long time, but Manchester was where his career really started to take off.

The only trouble is that the Red Devils might be looking for a more long-term solution. Sure, Ronaldo seems to be in top physical condition, but the fact is that he’s approaching the end of his career.

The question is would he be able to keep it up with others in the world’s physically most demanding league?

Another thing standing in the way of Ronaldo’s transfer to Manchester United is money. Right now, the Red Devils do have the resources to capture his signature. However, he’s not their only transfer target.

As admitted by their manager Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer, they need a couple more players to strengthen the squad.

Their primary target is Harry Kane, whose price tag is nearly $150 million. So, it basically comes to this – either Kane or Ronaldo.

Could Ronaldo Make PSG’s Dreams Come True?

Ten years ago, Qatar Sports Investments purchased PSG, making it one of the wealthiest soccer clubs in the world.

Over the years, they spent not millions but billions of dollars in building a squad that would win trophies. Did the investment pay off? Yes and no.

PSG did win the French Ligue 1 seven times since the new owners took over. What they still haven’t won is the Champions League. And that’s what’s been on their mind from day one!

Getting ahold of the holy grail of soccer is something they are prepared to do anything for, including spending tens of millions on Ronaldo’s wages.

Back to Real Madrid for CR7?

This does sound like the most logical scenario. Real Madrid is where he had spent almost a decade before deciding to move to Italy.

From 2009 to 2018, Ronaldo achieved such feats with Los Blancos as the following.

  • Winning five Champions League titles
  • Winning UEFA Super Cup on two occasions
  • Being crowned the best player of La Liga
  • Winning Ballon d’Or five times
  • Scoring a total of 311 goals in 292 games in Real Madrid jersey

Some good memories he has from his Madrid days, so going back there doesn’t seem like a crazy move. Plus, Real Madrid fans simply adore him!

They’ve been loving him from the very moment he decided to pen the contract with the club in 2008.

More than 80,000 fans came to the Santiago Bernabeu to attend his presentation, thus breaking the record set by Napoli fans in 1984 when 75,000 of them welcomed Diego Maradona.

Mom Says Go Back to Portugal

Ronaldo was 12 when he signed for Sporting CP, a team from the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. He moved there with his mother from Madeira, an island off the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean.

After skipping through youth ranks, he was made Sporting CP’s first-team player in his mid-teens. From there, we saw him quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Obviously, they would love to welcome him back. The problem, again, is the money. The Portuguese champion doesn’t have the budget to give millions of dollars to Ronaldo.

However, they might not need to do so. According to his mom, she is going to do all she can to persuade him to return to Portugal.

If there’s someone who has an influence over Cristiano, it’s his mother, Maria Dolores. She was the one who had taken a lot of sacrifice to make her son’s dreams come true.

With his father suffering from alcoholism (which led to his death when Cristiano was 20), Maria practically had to bring up Cristiano and three of his siblings on her own.

China Could Be Ronaldo’s Gold Mine

Moving back to his boyhood club would mean accepting a heavy pay cut. It’s very likely that Sporting CP could not afford to pay even one-tenth of the wages he’s getting at his current club.

So, instead of going straight back to Portugal, he could make a detour. Where? To China!

In an effort to make soccer more popular in this country, the clubs of the Chinese Super League have been on a spending spree over the past couple of years.

They’ve been signing players from over the world, paying them crazy amounts along the way. For instance, the former Chelsea midfielder Oscar, got almost $27 million from Shanghai SIPG last year.

Knowing that Ronaldo is a way bigger star than Oscar, he’d probably get
a way bigger salary.

There is one problem, though. China doesn’t think that showering soccer players in cash is a sustainable strategy. As a result, they’re thinking of introducing a salary cap starting next season.

Of course, they would probably rethink it if Ronaldo were to come to China.

CR Coming to America?

Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham have a lot in common! Sure, they’re both handsome guys, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

What’s more important is that they both played for Manchester United before moving to Real Madrid. Both also played in Italy in their thirties.

Unlike Beckham, Ronaldo has never played in the MLS. At least not yet. But he could decide otherwise, especially if he’s offered a similar kind of deal as Beckham had.

When he signed for LA Galaxy in 2007, Becks got more than just a lucrative contract. He also got to start off his own MLS franchise (which he did with Inter Miami).

It would be hard to say no to such a deal, don’t you agree?

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