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Betting Odds and Analysis for Yan vs. Sterling (UFC 259)

| February 9, 2021 3:07 am PDT
Early Odds for Petr Yan vs. Aljamain Sterling

Petr Yan vs. Aljamain Sterling is scheduled for UFC 259 on March 6, 2021.

I’ll be looking at the early Yan vs. Sterling odds below, as well as providing a little pre-fight analysis of the fight. I’ll be picking out the best odds for Yan and the top odds for Sterling online, depending on who you are backing.

It’s crazy that this bantamweight title scrap is not the main event of the UFC 259.

If you’ve followed any of my pieces geared at betting on bantamweight fights in the UFC, you’ll know the sheer quality in that weight class. So for these two to be playing support to any other fight is mind-boggling.

But more on that a little later.

First, we’re going to check out the Yan vs. Sterling line and see where the early betting value is. If you are yet to check out the online odds for UFC 259’s bantamweight title scrap, I got your back.

Best Early Odds for Yan vs. Sterling

  • Best Odds for Petr Yan to Win -130 (MyBookie)
  • Best Odds for Aljamain Sterling to Win +110 (BetOnline)

There is a lot to be said for shopping lines when betting on UFC fights, as it can often lead to higher returns.

Ultimately, it’s a good idea to see which of the best online sites to place bets on Yan vs. Sterling are offering. At the time of writing, MyBookie is running with -130 for Yan, which is a great price.

If you’re betting on Sterling, I’d pay a visit to BetOnline where you will get an appealing +110.

I expect the betting line for Yan vs. Sterling to close around -145 for the champ, and somewhere in the region of +100 for the challenger. So, I’d move early on these odds, regardless of who you are backing.

If you’re going to hold off, check out these other recommended online sportsbooks to bet on Yan vs. Sterling at UFC 259.

Now we’ve got the odds for Yan vs. Sterling covered, let’s move on to how either man can really win this fight.

Let’s kick things off with the “Funkmaster” Starting with the contender.

How Can Sterling Beat Yan?

I love watching Aljo inside the cage.

The 31-year-old is on a five-fight win streak that has lifted him to the #1 contender’s spot in the official UFC bantamweight rankings. Since his last loss, which came by way of a vicious knockout loss to Marlon Moraes in December 2017, he has markedly improved.

Sterling is an excellent mover and a really entertaining guy all round. Stylistically, his wrestling and jiu-jitsu pose problems for any fighter out there, including Yan. But if he is to beat the Russian, he is going to need to utilize every single tool in his arsenal.

Aljmain Sterling’s Record by the Numbers
22 Fights 19 Victories 3 Losses
Decision 9 2
KO/TKO 2 1
Submission 8 0

First, he is the bigger and rangier guy. Even still, he isn’t the greatest at closing the distance.

Against a polished, acute boxer like Yan, Sterling will need to be very careful when coming forward in fits and bursts. The same applies to exiting the clinch, where Yan’s hooks could catch him cold.

But an overcautious approach by Aljo might diminish his chances here. I mean, his unpredictability is, in a sense, what makes him so dangerous. So giving that up could work against him.

It’s such a tough fight to call. But if Sterling is to win you your bets at UFC 259, he’s going to need his striking to be on point and his takedowns to come off.

Can he do it?

Sterling’s Best Attributes

  • Strength
  • Size
  • Athleticism
  • BJJ
  • Wrestling

If you’re gambling real money on Sterling to beat Yan, you’re going to be hoping that he can control the fight.

We know he has great attributes and unpredictable nature. He is explosive with his striking and takedowns, but I don’t see this one turning in his favor on the feet, nor do I envisage the bout going to the ground.

How Yan Can Beat Sterling

The perfect example of a bantamweight that does the fundamentals right, it’s always a pleasure to analyze Yan’s fights.

He’s what you would call the fighter’s fighter, given how well-rounded he is in the cage. Now, if that makes him sound like a mathematician, I’m leading you down the wrong path.

Yan is a savage.

He is a pressure fighter that has some of the best boxing in MMA. He is a master at controlling the tempo of the fight and is always waiting for opportunities to pierce holes in his opponent.

The process of his gameplan will be at the heart of everything he does. Expect him to be looking to keep the fight on the feet and basically grind the life out of Sterling.

The Russian’s timing, power, and ability to find openings will be key to his chances of winning this fight.

Petr Yan’s KNOCKOUT History
Opponent Result Date and Event
Jose Aldo Win by TKO UFC 251 – Jul 12, 2020
Uriah Faber Win by KO UFC 245 – Dec 14, 2019
Douglas Silva de Andrade Win by TKO UFC 232 – Dec 29, 2018
Teruto Ishihara Win by KO UFC FN – Jun 23, 2018
Matheus Mattos Win by TKO ABC 71 – Sep 23, 2017
Artur Mirzakhanyan Win by TKO PFN 10 – Jul 5, 2015
Murad Bakiev Win by KO SL 41 – Dec 20, 2013

Yan’s Best Attributes

  • Boxing
  • Muay Thai
  • Takedown Defense
  • Strength
  • Durability

We put together a guide to betting on Yan’s fights in the UFC, and I would suggest reading that once you have finished this piece. There is a lot of additional information on him that will come in handy whenever you are betting on or against him.

As for placing bets on Yan vs. Sterling? Well, I’m not going to get into my prediction for this fight until a little closer to the night.

Who Wins Between Yan and Sterling?

The line for Petr Yan vs. Aljamain Sterling proves that this fight is a tough one to call.

Remember, I shared the best early odds for Yan vs. Sterling online a little earlier. Feel free to get on them right now. If not, you could wait a little closer to the UFC 259 for my pick and predictions for Yan vs. Sterling. I’ll also be covering the best odds and bets for the big fight.

I’d suggest checking in on our UFC blog and UFC picks sections, where you will find the latest odds, predictions, picks, gambling advice, and everything else related to betting on UFC fights. Some key clashes are coming up, so don’t miss out!

I always like to leave you with something else to read, so why not check out the following popular content, below?

As for who wins between Yan and Sterling. Who have you got?

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