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Betting on NYSL $100K WarzoneMania (Call of Duty)

| December 17, 2020 8:39 am PDT
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When the New York Subliners announced the NYSL $100K WarzoneMania tournament, the Call of Duty community was extremely excited, and for a good reason. The competition includes some of the best players in the world who were distributed in different teams after a live draft.

The early odds for the winners are out and I explore them in this NYSL WarzoneMania betting guide. The post also includes important details about the tournament, a list of top betting sites, and my thoughts on the likely winners.

Where to Bet on the NYSL WarZoneMania

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They offer high odds and juicy promotions too, as well as other perks like fast payments, a smooth mobile version, and fast customer support service.

That’s why I recommend them to anyone looking for a place to bet on the NYSL $100K WarzoneMania.

More About the NYSL WarzoneMania

The New York Subliners let the world know they were organizing a big Call of Duty tournament back in November and that immediately drew plenty of attention.

The competition is called NYSL $100K WarzoneMania and features a prize pool of $100,000. Some of the best players in the world will play in the event that is scheduled for December 19-20.

19 captains were selected before the start of the competition and they had the opportunity to draft two players to complete their teams from a pool that consisted of some of the top pros out there. Here are the final squads, named after their captains.

Team Members
Team Attach ShadedStep, Aqua
Team Aydan Superevan, Jkap
Team BobbyPoff Rallied, Almxnd
Team Clayster Frozone, Neslo
Team Crimsix Blazt, Skyz
Team HusKerrs Joewo, Optic Jorge
Team IcemanIsaac Excachtt, Warsz
Team MissesMae OPMarked, Kvon
Team Mutex Biffle, Zer0
Team NuFo Katie Bedford, LEGIQN
Team Pamaj Yungstaz, Octane
Team Scump Wagnificent, JR Smith
Team Symfuhny ZLaner, OceaneOPZ
Team Swagg GDBooya, TTinyy
Team TeePee Merk, Slasher
Team Tfue DouglsRaw, Newbz
Team Tommey Rated, Enable
Team Vikkstar Jukeyz, BennyCentral
Team ZooMaa Mack, Hydra


Check out the full draft below if you want to watch how the captains selected their teams.

The exact format of the NYSL $100K WarzoneMania is yet to be announced, but the early indications suggest it will be a kill race over the two days.

You can watch all the action for free on the official Subliners Twitch Channel and many of the players are likely to stream the competition via their own channels as well.

If you decide to observe the show, you have the chance to win a share of $25k in subscriptions.

NYSL $100K WarzoneMania Odds

  • Team Tommey; +250
  • Team Aydan; +300
  • Team Mutex; +350
  • Team IceManlsaac; +450
  • Team Tfue; +550
  • Team Crimsix; +650
  • Team Symfuhny; +900
  • Team Vikkstar; +1400
  • Team ZooMaa; +1400
  • Team Clayster+1400
  • Team Swagg; +1400
  • Team Attach; +1600
  • Team TeePee; +1600
  • Team Pamaj; +1800
  • Team Huskerrs; +1800
  • Team Scump; +2000
  • Team Bobbypoff; +2200
  • Team NuFo; +2500
  • Team MissesMae; +3300

As you can see, the online betting sites are struggling to determine the NYSL $100K WarzoneMania likely winners and that’s only natural considering the format of the competition.

The individual skills of the players are a good starting point, but you also need communication to succeed which is why plenty of teams will feel like they have a strong shot at winning the upcoming COD tournament.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the NYSL WarzoneMania top contenders next.

Evaluating the Likely Winners

Here are the five teams that I view as the most likely winners of the NYSL $100K WarzoneMania.

Team Tommey

There’s little doubt that Team Tommey is one of the most dangerous squads in the tournament. The captain managed to draft Rated and Enable who are his teammates on 100 Thieves.

That should give the trio a significant advantage over the rest of the competition in terms of chemistry and coordination. That’s the main reason why Team Tommey is the top favorite of the betting sites and I can certainly agree with that assessment.

Team Tfue

Tfue wasn’t able to pick his own team because of connectivity issues, but the casters did a great job on his behalf. With DouglsRaw and Newbz on board, this looks like one of the most balanced squads in the NYSL $100K WarzoneMania.

All three players have the talent to contribute on Verdansk and that makes Team Tfue a potential winner of the tournament.

Team Aydan

There’s little doubt that Aydan is one of the greatest players in the competition, so drafting solid partners like Superevan and Jkap solidifies his chances even further.

This team will be lethal and if the three players communicate properly, they are among the favorites to win the trophy.

Team IcemanIsaac

A squad that features IcemanIsaac, Excachtt, and Warsz could easily be the top favorite in this tournament based on talent alone.

The problem is that Warsz will be playing from Europe, while the serves are in North America. The ping disadvantage might cost his team, but this remains a strong squad that could beat the competition.

Team HusKerrs

I simply can’t ignore HusKerrs who’s probably the best player in the NYSL WarzoneMania. Sure, Joewo and Optic George are not the strongest teammates, but the captain alone could carry this squad to great lengths.

The price of +1800 for Team HusKerrs is absurd and I believe this might be the best value available before the start of the competition.

Final Words

I hope you found my NYSL $100K WarzoneMania betting guide helpful. Let me know if you agree with my opinion about the top contenders in the competition by sharing your thoughts through the comments below.

I also recommend that you visit our esports picks section regularly for more previews of various games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, VALORANT, and others.

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